I lost my dear Mom when i was 40 and then my Dad died just less than a year later.  I am married with two children, but felt totally alone as well.  It wasn't until my parents died that i realized HOW MUCH closer I was to them than my two siblings were to them, so they weren't going through the profound feeling of loss that I was.  In addition, I felt an added loss of family as it was the failing health of our parents that drew us closer, texting each other many times a day, and then returned the "back to old times," when I am lucky to get a text once a week from my brother, and talk to my sister once every two weeks..  My hubby has never experienced any deep loss, and does not have a close relationship with his parents. He was not surprised by the grief i experienced on an hourly basis and then on a daily basis, until i could get thru one day and then a couple days before breaking down.  Now I can go atleast seven when hormones aren't influencing my emotions!  The hardest part is not being able to share on an everyday basis with my mom. So many of my kids'  friends have  young grandparents who remain very active in their lives.  My parents were 80 and 81 when they died, so there is that loss as well.  I certainly am glad they got some time together..

Hope this helps others feel they are not alone.

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Thank you Clara for sharing. I lost my mom 5 1/2 years ago and my Dad just passed away this past new years eve. I was closer to my dad so this is hitting me so much harder then when I lost my mom. I don't know if its because I have no one else or if its because my Dad was my sole care taker. How long ago was it when they passed? When will the hurt go away? I am so heartbroken and lost. I have a wonderful husband who lost his father a couple years ago so he is very supportive, but I also have 3 children without a Grandpa who are heartbroken also.

I hope things are moving forward for you. Im still stuck and fumbling.


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