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cancer 6-30-2012 my aunty i miss her

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Helping Each Other Through

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Loss of a Sister

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Comment by jennifer bayless on December 1, 2012 at 5:05pm

to jennifer lilttlechild, hope you can see my comment.  I know exactly how you feel. I have my husband, and I am very far away from the family left. They are all in South Africa. When it was the day of the service for my mom, I wanted to run after the coffin, but couldn't.  People can't or won't extend themselves to care - I don't know which one is closer to the truth. Keep on being yourself, just take care of you.  Do what your Aunty would wanted you to do to take care of you.

Comment by Shane Everes on November 28, 2012 at 2:31am

My name is Shane I lost my Dad to cancer (brain tumor).He passed away in October 2012 he was ill from April 2012 to october 2012.its been nearly 6 weeks since I lost him and I miss him so much.It was so hard to watch him go from a healthy 67 year old man to a very sick man.R.I.P dad 

Comment by jennifer littlechild on November 27, 2012 at 1:54am

i am not ok i am hurting and the ones i live with dnt care how i feel they dnt care that i am greaving over the death of my aunty i dnt have any one to talk to or to be there for me to talk to my aunty past the last day of just of this year i am still hurting i am angry i and pissed off i wantto run and keep running tell i cnt run no more i dnt have the support i need i dnt have it at all i am still hurting months later wtf where i am i to go to get the support i need to stop feeling the way i do i dnt at times all i want is for my bf to come to me and say im sorry she past and to hold me and let me cry i ahve no one i am geting more upset about her death i have to forse my self to do things everyday when all i want to do is stay in my pj's and be on the sofa or in bed talk to no one not eat ect but i dnt i get up and i do what igot to do every day.

Comment by Sandra Leese on October 31, 2011 at 9:35am

At the age of 85 my mom was in amazing health, and then one day she just went to bed and was too tired to get up.  After 2 weeks in the hospital they finally diagnosed her with Terminal Leukemia.  She was sent home to live the time remaining with her family.  Mom was a fighter and amazed her Dr when she passed the projected time of her passing.  Somehow her body had put itself into remission and she could possibly have up to 6 more months to live.  Unfortunately, she injured her foot and was given pain medication that made her nauceous and she couldn't continue to eat the high fiber diet.  She was out of remission just as soon as it started.  She lived her final days at Dove House and with her family surrounding her she passed on. 

I have had 3 back surgeries in the past 4 years and she was the one who drove me to Dr appt's and stayed with me all night.  She was my strength to make it through this final and worse operation.


She had 3 children and 4 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren, all who she was active in their care.  She went to sports and watched the little one's play.


We are estranged from our father.  Without my mom I feel so lost and am not sure how much longer I can act like I am so strong and dealing with her loss.  I can't stop crying when I am alone and wonder why she had to leave and not someone who didn't deserve life.  I am so doubting my religion and am weighing all options.  How am I supposed to make it through the next year of agonizing physical therapy without her by my side?  She so wanted to live, she was so worried about us on her death bed instead of her shortened life.  She was such a beautiful person inside and out. 


I really don't think that anything that someone say's will ever matter in helping me to grieve but just having this oppurtunity to write my feelings out and not hold them inside helps for this moment.


Comment by cassy Sandnes on September 8, 2010 at 6:35pm
I lost the most inprotant man of my life my best friend my left hand my protecter my life my big brother i pretend im ok i pretend im fine but im not he got cancer over a year ago and was doing really good then it just went down hill and i dont kno how to express my feelings only through writing i still just wanna wake up and have this all be a dream i cry here and there but i havnt let it out he was only one i i could run too with out being judged or anything he was my life and now im so alone with out him i dont kno what to do he past on aug 13 2010 ihave looked at my phone so many times just to see if he txtd me to see how his neice is or me and there isnt anything he didnt have n e kids of his own he finally found the love of his life and now he is gone im only 21 and i really just dont no how to say how i feel about this cuz im blank inside i hope someone can help me through this or tell me what to do cause im lost with out my brother
Comment by Lorraine on September 3, 2010 at 11:47am
I lost an most important person in my life and i dont know if i could handle it its been 5 months now and i still dont understand this...I feel alone n i have many siblings a really big family that i share the pain with..i have tryed to be strong and pretend i can handle this but in the real i cant!!! so lost an alone i miss my gramps sooo much... he raised mee hepled me into the women i am today i wouldnt be anything if God hadnt blessed me with him as my gramps (my DAD)!!!!
Comment by Hope Reid on February 26, 2010 at 12:15am
Dear Diane,
Possibly it was just the grief your boyfriend's sister is going through at this time. But I can thoroughly understand how it had to have made you feel. Especially after all the time you spent with the family. Hang on the memories of the love that his mother felt for you. I too have a young person in my life, a friend of my son's, whom I have "adopted" as my other child, and I swear I think I would come back and thump my son or his wife if they acted that way toward her after I was gone. Cherish the love she had for you and the good times you shared, and if you need someone to talk to, here I am.
Comment by Diane Haskins on February 25, 2010 at 7:37pm
We just lost my boyfriends mom. I loved her as though she was my own. I joked often with her that I had "adopted" her as my mom. She had numerous medical issues and had gotten to the point that she could not drive. I was in a position that I was able to take her to many of her appointments. She had a son and daughter and Trish took her to many appointments too. Sometimes, we both went depending on what the appointment was. I took a job on the side of town that she lived on so I could be close to her so I could take her to these appts. I loved doing it. It was working out quite well. Long story short, she had many issues that deemed her to be in the hospital. One thing led to another and she became worse over time. This past Monday she had some medication that pushed her over the edge, no fault of the meds, or the administrator of the meds. She just never came back. There was an infection that we were never able to combat and her daughter put her on a ventilator to see if we could battle the infection and then take her off. She continued to not improve and the Dr finally told us that there was not enough brain activity to make us think she was fighting to come back. She was advised to get the family together and make a decision about the time to remove the ventilator. We did that and about 48 min later she passed quietly. Earlier that day I was going to drive by her home and just get a little peace and imagine her asking me to come on in. As I was going I ran into her daughter and son-in-law. She seemed very
upset that I was there and I heard Gene say, "what is she doing here?" So I told her that I was at my nail salon and had the urge to come by and see the house. Knowing that she goes by at least every other day I thought if she was there I'd be able to go in and look around and just feel Jan's presence. But I didn't go on since I saw them, I just turned around and followed them to the hospital. Upon getting there the entire rest of the day I got the cold shoulder. Could not understand why she would be so upset. Didn't find out til the next day when she was upset to the point about my name even being mentioned in the obit as Michaels girlfriend. Even though I have been in their lives for the last four years and Jan herself calling me her "other daughter." Michael backed me 100% and tried to explain to his sister what their Mom meant to me and I don't know if her got through to her or not. But he is leaving the "girlfriend" status in. No matter what the future may hold for us, that is the status that I was to his mom. Does anyone have a comment, I'd sure welcome them.
Comment by Hope Reid on February 24, 2010 at 10:36pm
I just returned home from my mother's funeral. We never had the best of relationships, though I loved her dearly. But I can't seem to feel anything now that she is gone. It is so strange. I guess eventually it will probably hit me, but at the moment, I don't know how to act.

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