I am wondering how many parents do not see their child or their grandchildren...if you happen to be one who is experiencing this please reply.

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I'm one.  Or my husband and I are two...  It has been two and a half years and I still have great sadness.  We have two grand daughters we are not allowed to have contact with, and life just seems pointless.  We have one other grandchild, a grand son of 15, who we reach out to and remember on holidays. But he has always been a strange one and doesn't respond very often.  We were close to the grand daughters - so very close.  I lost my parents to death, four months apart, and two weeks after my dad passed, my son kicked out his wife, and we have been denied access to our grand daughters.  We are not allowed to call, write, or come visit.  When our son has them, we might or might not get a phone call. Visits have been unexpected, unplanned, and just for a couple of hours (they live four hours away).


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