iam crying as i type this ..i lost my baby coco( cocker spaniel) on 23rd may 10 7:30 am. he went for his usual grooming with my dad. doc told him he had fever . my dad went ahead with his hair cutting maybe they gave him anesthesia , iam married and live away from parents so iam told he was brought home at 6 pm after which he had 3 convulsions in the next 12 hours ,he puked black stuff with chunks in it , he was rushed to the doc 2wice in these 12 hours he cried , he threw up blood he died in my sisters arms in the morning and all through this horror my family didnt inform me because iam 5 months pregnant with my first child . my husband told me at 8:30 am that coco is no more ...
i have a 13 yr old german shepherd too who i love a lot but i was prepared for him to go because he is showing signs of aging.. but coco ?? how could my baby die ..
i saw him day before he ate from my hands he was alive and happy and then i saw him lying lifeless and cold and i kissed him and blessed him and i have bin crying sinceand chanting in my heart for his blessed journey . but i cant seem to get over the what if's ..what if i was there what if my dad didnt take him what if my dad refused the doc ...what if they told me in time ..
my elder dog junior (german shepherd) is sniffing coco's bed , his toys ..maybe is looking for him too . my mom and my sister are as deep in mourning as me .. and my father is not at all sensitive towards our pain ..he is pretending that nothing has happened he is faking normalcy ..my husband is so worried about his unborn child that he is scolding me for crying and telling me it was just a dog ...
coco wasnt a dog.. i brought him up gave him baths fed him slepts in the same bed as him .. i kissed him i loved him ..i love him so much i could die ..what should i do ?? where should i go ??

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i lost my elder dog junior too he lived 81 days after coco , he took ill , his protrate enlarged , he had edema in his leg coz of which he cdnt walk .. in my 7th month i use to drag the mat he would sit on to the garden so he could pee , he would sit n poop , i think all the medicine all the hardwork stopped having an effect on him . me my mom n sister ran from 1 doc to another , got 100 tests done , got his walking cart made ... but it wasnt the will of gods he got maggots in his good leg ... he died on the 14th aug 10 ... i was told it was natural coz i was still pregnant nd my mom was worried that the shock might harm my unborn baby !

it was only last month mom told me she had asked the doctor to relive him from his pain . both my babies went away . i miss you junior i love you so much . i miss u coco i love you so much . u now have a little sister her name is mia . i wish u could have bin around to play with her . sometimes i call her by your names ...in the hope she would respond to one ...i wonder if she is one of u ...whereever u are please forgive me i cdnt save u . mom is very depressed to date she cries . please if u ever come back come back to us . god bless u babies


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