My daughter passed suddenly by a tractor trailer driver killing her a little over 2 months ago.  Her casket had to be closed and she could not be embalmed.  It really bothers me.

However, I take comfort in having had a vivid experience prior to her death of her coming to me in a bad dream telling me she was in an accident and pounding on the door so loud and so real it bolted me out of bed. I ran to the door after looking at the clock. Now I realize it was about the time of her death. I felt her presence say its me Mommy, I am home. I was horrified and felt like I was going crazy I looked out the door she was not there. I had trouble sleeping after that and tried to call her cell but no answer-straight to voice mail. About five hours later 2 state trooper came to my door and gave me the horrific shocking news.

Now the saying knocking on deaths door has new meaning fo

me. Also now I do not think people are crazy that say there loved ones visited them in a dream or whatever.

I find comfort if others have had similar experiences.

My daughters picture is attached she was a 22 year old senior in college.

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 On the night of my grandson's death, his sister, my wife, and my mother-in-law fell asleep at her (M-I-L) place. I went home to care for the dogs and slept on the couch. Sometime later, I felt his hand on my face and telling me..."It's OK papa, it's OK." The next day, the ladies said the same thing happened to them. I have never shared this in public, and I know I'm not alone to "happenings" after a death of a loved one. I do know that when times get rough in my heart, I think of his voice and these two words, and it helps heal the pain. ~Len~

Dear Bonnie,

Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your 22 year old daughter a senior in college. My favorite son Joe; he'd say mama I'm your only child!

This April 5, 2016 will be 6 years ago that one police officer from the town the drunk driver took my son and a police officer from the city I live in came and rang the door-bell at about 8am. That was when we learned my son's unexpected fate.

Sometime shortly afterwards I had a vision. I actually walked out of my computer/tv play room and into the living room. There is are two steps down to the small foyer from the living room. And when I walked out of the room looking straight ahead I saw Joe standing there with what he was wearing the last time I saw him alive. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black shirt with the NY Yankees emblem, with a blue jean jacket and his black NY Yankee hat. I only saw him for a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, I did see him. Whether it was my mind being over active and my desire to see him standing in from of me it was incredible for me. I believe he just wanted me to see him or maybe he came came to say goodbye. I have a couple of other stories but for now I can only manage this one.

Bonnie, I think it's an incredible connection that you had with your daughter with the vivid experience prior to her departure. I understand about feeling the presence of your daughter. I understand about not sleeping for a very long time. Go to sleep or waking up thinking of my son Joe. Crying screaming and feeling like I was going totally out of my mind. It's a mere 2 months for you and I there just aren't any words I can say to help you feel any better. Except that I can connect with you on a level that you and I have experienced. So many people have not had the privilege as we have had. I've had some incredible dreams but not lately. They were really good. Maybe another time. I need to wash the kitchen floor and then write my article for the newspapers for my garden club. The reason I mention that is because it was my saving grace that helped me focus and have some peace to keep sane. That's another story.




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