I don't know what to say here,I only know that I am hurting so much

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I am so sorry Byron... I know the hurt your going through and what it feels.. I lost my bro to Suicide a year a go and it hurts so much... I hope you dont mind me asking what happened?? Do you have any siblings?? We are here for you and you can write whatever you feel as we all know what pain is and I pray that God will give you the strength and Peace of mind you will need to face the days ahead... Pl do write. Lots of love and a big Hug, Joanne.
My mother had been battling a mental illiness for several years.My dad died 28 years ago and I don't think she ever got over this,he died on Jan 15 the same day she took her life.I feel guilty about not not staying with her on the night of the 14,I feel like if I had stayed with her this would not have happened,This is in my mind at all times,I don't now if I will ever get over this,I feel so much hurt,pain and guilt now.
A loss of this magnitude does leave you speechless, but honestly talking about it truly helps. Im very sorry for the loss of your Mom. Everyone here gets it. Please know that you are not alone. Even tho suicide ended their pain it created a whole world of hurt for those left behind.Im sorry you have reason to be here but glad you found us. I hope we can help. Your Mom battled her depression for a long time, Im sure she tried her hardest Im sorry she lost the fight. Im sorry too for the loss of your dad earlier. I hope you have some siblings or good friends to lean on at home.Take it easy on yourself this is not your fault.
Byron so sorry for your loss my son took his Life 2yrs ago Jan 17 . I share the same feeling If I had only stayed home. If you had stayed it may have happened another day. I have lost 3 family members to suicide. We all have the what if I had done this or that. Know that she loved you and you were there when you could be. Its hard to help people when the mind is in a realy dark place. Talk to family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
I want to Thank everyone who replied back to me,It still hurts but I know my mom is not in the pain she was going thru,talking with my friends and brother has helped,I am so sorry for everyones loss that are in this site,I pray for me and all of you every day,and I now God will help us all.


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