How do you move on as a suicide survivor? It has been 4 1/2 years since my son took his life. I am a functioning person every day but I am also stuck on the day that he died. My every waking thought is a reenactment of how I was informed. How do others move forward?

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my niece also lost her son 4 years ago yesterday she has still good days and bad days right now she's going through bad days even though he was not my son I feel it also he was only 18 and there was nothing and no but he knew that he was depressed are considering suicide it was a total shock to everybody because he was so happy she is going through the same thing that you are and I don't knowhow either one of you are doing it I remember going in getting her and her son and taking them home from the hospital when he was born

My son will be gone 1 year on December 10th.  We go to many grief meetings each month.

Compassionate Friends, Grief Recovery, and Support Group for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One Through Suicide monthly.

Our county hospital had a 8 week spring and a 5 week fall gathering for those suffering from loss.

Read at least 10 books on suicide and gone to 2 speakers and will be going to the "International Survivors of Suicide meeting on November 23rd. 

We created memorials for Nathaniel at the county and state fairs as he was active in 4-H, I created a Shutterfly book for him and gave it to relatives and his friends. 

I helps to keep busy.  I would have stayed in bed when it happened if I didn't have to take care of the animals and work to supply health insurance for the rest if the family.

People say we are doing well but I still cry a lot.  I think it helps us to talk about it.

He was only 19.5 and had so much of a good life left to live.

Greeetings Julie.  I am so sorry for the pain you are experiencing. My son Chuck committed suicide Dec.22 three yrs. ago He was36 yr. old and in a bad relationship for over 14 yr. and had 3 children. Christmas is not the same. I try to focus on Christmas being Jesus' birthday.  I have  my moments but all in all I am doing okay.I belong to a prayer group on the internet and it helps knowing I have somany praying for me and others  . my email is if you care to get in touch. Do you have family? I keep busy as I have 3 grandchildren that live with  me. one 16 one 1 and one 11.Blessings Julie.  love to you

I can understand what you're saying about reenacting that day.  I also have a tendancy to do this.    What truly helps me is prayer.  I tell God that I don't want to obsess over this.  I want to be happy and move on.  He always helps me.   I may have to pray several times a day but that's OK, as Matthew 7:7 says, "keep on asking, and it will be given you.". Remember too that your loved one is no longer suffering in anyway.  He is simply at rest.  And God has promised that we will see them again.-Acts 24:15. Until then, we can rely on God who, "is close to the brokenhearted; and saves those who are crushed in spirit."-Psalm 34:18. Keep relying on him and you will find your way.


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