We were together for 11 years married for ten we have three beautiful children ages 10(boy) 5(boy) 17mths (girl) and I feel like my life is over. I am angry, sad, confused, scared and so many other things my head is like a bee's nest buzzing around and around. How do you just go on and live after something like this??????

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My heart breaks for you!!! I don't know that there is any advice anyone can give you except turn to God and ask Him to give you peace and the ability to get through each day.

You have a big responsibility with your children but they will be the very reason you will survive this terrible crisis.

I will pray for you and your children! God Bless You!

I am so sorry....you ask how to you just go on....you do go on and yes you live...you have to for your children and for yourself.  Yes be angry be sad be scared....these are normal things that you need to feel...I hope you have support to help you thru this...this site is very helpful..it will help you with the grieving and the healing.  I don't know your  situation...but the fact that you lost someone who meant so much to you and your children is enough...my prayers are with you and your family


I am sorry Jessica, so sorry.  I do know how you feel.  Life isnt easy anymore,everyones got some sort of problem, situation, confusion they are dealing with.  Hes got a family to provide for and apparently felt hopeless in whatever caused him to go this far.  I would feel lonely too, like somehow what did i do or not do to create the situation if i did anything at all.  But with suicide i had to realize, they chose that course, and when they go there it is and was nothing anyone can tell them.  If caught in the act, maybe they can be retrieved.   It took me a long time to accept, "I didnt contribute to it"  In time, and take all the time you need, but things will begin to look better.  Youll see,  I never thought I would get to where I am now. it just takes time and youll wear a pretty smile on your face too.  God Bless

Please also look at this group for anyone who has lost a partner by suicide. I have belonged to the group for 7 years. My fiance ended his life 8/15/02. This group has meant so much to me. They remember Bob's heaven date, birthday, my birthday. SOLOS-partners-owner@yahoogroups.com

If you want to say that Ann told you about the group. I also attended SOS survivors of suicide in person meetings the first 3 years. http://www.afsp.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.viewPage&page_id=...  Click on state you are on to find a  meeting. They are online too. I think someone is there 24 hours.

There is help out there. I survived and you will too. Most people don't understand unless they have been there themselves. You have a shock and the first year is usually the worst. Reach out to others. I care.


Dear Jessica,

Your life isn't over.  Those children will lead you on.  My husband committed suicide at 24, leaving me with two small boys 4 & 1 1/2.  I couldn't imagine how I was going to go on.  The sadness and confusion overwhelmed me, too.  But I just did what I had to do.  You will smile again.  It may be brief and the first few years will be dark, that's no lie.  But you are the one that is strong now.  Remember that for your kids. That doesn't mean that you can't cry.  You go ahead girl, you've earned it, but then you move on and do what you need to do.  Just my your photo and your writing, I can see your beauty and your strength through that pain.  You can do this.

OMG,, I am sooo sorry! I know exactly how you feel! i was with my husband for 10 yrs going to be 11 and he committed suicide on oct 3 2011 and i found him! i also have 3 kids one from a previous age 16, and 2 little boys with my husband ages 4 and 1! I dont want to go on and i feel so horrible for my kids! because deep down inside i want to die! i hurt every moment of every breath i take!!!!!! i am mad sad lost traumatized and dont want to do nothing but curl up and stay that way for ever! so again i am sooo sorry for your loss!!


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