Poco  was 2 years old when I got her. She was a sweet dauxy beagle and knew all her commands in Spanish because her previous owner was a Spanish teacher. So, my first task, besides bonding and reassuring Poco she was safe and I would provide her a good home, was to teach her everything in English.

We moved several times. I still dream of her that she is alive and has found me. I had to have her put to sleep when she was 16 years old. I always hoped she would just curl up and die in her sleep.

Before I knew anything about service dogs especially for seizures, she reacted when I had a seizure. I was living with a young couple. One was an RN and every time I had a seizure, Poco would run to her to get help for me.

When I was driving from Lousiana to WA, she rode in the back with her head over my shoulder watching where I was going, like my co-piolet. As years passed on, she got very arthritic. I was hoping I could at least hold her on the way to the vets. She was in so much pain, I had to let her ride on a blanket on the front passengers floor.

My now x husband and I curled her up in a box w/ a blanket and buried her between 2 trees we had planted in our back yard. I was in so much emotional pain, I told my ex that I couldn't make any more decisions. I felt so bad. I told him I needed him I needed him to take care of the children and the household. I couldn't leave our bedroom because I couldn't stop crying.

Eventually, I recovered.

Here is to Poco.

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Thank you for sharing this. I read each sentence hanging on to your every word.

Hi Robbin,

I just read your post about Poco. It was rather touching. My son Joe had brought home a pup while he was in college. He was so cute and Joe was so happy to have this puppy that grew into about 140 pounds dry. One afternoon I was at work and when I came home Bill told me that Joey was taken to the hospital. His dog who had to live outside bit him on his wrists. I was concerned about the dog because I knew that would be the end of the German Shepard, Japanese Akita, Timberland Wolf that I had grown to love. I had fed Wolf when Joey wasn't home. I had to give Joe a fee to have Wofie put down. I had wished I could have gone to see him but Joey went and didn't think it would have been a good idea for me and Wofie to see each other. He said it was a good thing that he didn't bite me because I had such small wrists. I still think of the dog and wish that my son would have heeded the warning from Woflie  about the young woman he lived with until they got married. I believe my son would still be alive had he not been so afraid of the witch who would come over and bother him. She had a boyfriend who was a cop. The witch was so mean to my son. She didn't deserve my son. It's painful that I lost both of them.

Still love Wolf and will always remember him. My son is always with me and sometimes hurts even more now as time goes by.


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