I will never forget that Halloween night in the 70's. I cannot remember the exact year after all this time but I will never forget. My bio-mom, Anne M. Perez was raped and murdered in her own home. She had forgotten to lock the door to the apt. stairway in her home where she was renting the apt. to an 18 yr. old. He came up and raped and murdered her. When the police asked him if he had heard anything he said no. Later, he confessed. She had lived on Long Island NY in the town of Riverhead. She was in her 40's when this happened. I had just gotten out of the Army, Honorably discharged and in top shape. I still wonder to this day if I had been there, as she wanted, if things would have been different. Being in top military shape, I probably could have kept him away and off of her.

To this day, I HATE Halloween and do not celebrate it. I never let my children celebrate it either. And they never knew why.

When I was in my 40's, I kept wondering if I would live thru that decade. I was silently miserable. I am 61 now so I guess I made it but I wish I had her in my life....alive. We had only known each other for a year and I lost her again!

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