I'm missing you and can't stop replaying in my mind the last time I saw you two days before you went missing,missing from our lives FOREVER,I'd've hugged you and kissed you and told you to stay longer.But I'll never have that chance.WHY my brother,WHY? Could I have saved you,I'm sorry didn't,I hope you forgive me for I haven't forgiven myself and how could I.Your life was more important than mine can ever be.When I replay in my mind as we were children,we had so much fun together and as adults we also did fun things.And thinking of the future,we should be side by side for each other,but you won't be there and I say again WHY.I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU ALL THE DAYS LEFT OF MY LIFE .

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Well I guess no one wants to join,it's ok.Maybe it's too private to "speak" on here to your loved one.I didn't see any group like this so I thought it would be useful.There are so many things I want to tell my brother.Most of all I want to tell I LOVE YOU BROTHER.

This past Sunday,had a family get together,some came from out of state,of course it will never be the same not having you here.Most of the time I sat alone,sometimes I can't bear being amongst the family,just seeing /listening to the interactions between each other and knowing your not here to enjoy these times,being now an only sibling is a heartache.I wish you were here L.I wish alot of things,but can't go back,wish I could.It's not the same without you,never will be.Sometimes I wish I wasn't even here.I love you L.


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