I lost my fiance on June 28, 2010. He was only 44 years old. He died suddenly at work, no warning. He called me right before it happened and said he felt very sick to his stomach. He had to go into the bathroom and would call me back. I never heard back from him but just thought he couldn't call because he had to go back to work. About 2 hours later the police showed up at my house to tell us that he died at work!

I couldn't believe it! His son had just got back from a tour in Afghanistan and we were celebrating all the previous week. I am very grateful I got to talk to him one last time to hear him say "I love you". We were only together about 5 1/2 years but I miss him so much. We didn't have any children together but we each have 4 of our own. This has been very hard on all the kids. My youngest is only 7 years old. She took it very hard. She was very close to Bob.

My life has changed so much now. I used to be so happy. Now I drag thru each day and somehow make it to bed time. Sometimes I cry over some little thing and just can't believe that he is gone. I think this has to be the worst thing to go thru. When you lose your partner, you lose all your plans, dreams and your future! Some days it is very difficult to get thru. I have to work to pay my bills and support my kids. I try not to let my kids see how upset I am some days because it upsets them but I just can't help it because I miss him so much! I keep in touch with Bob's kids and try and help them thru this. I know it is very difficult for them too. I still have all his stuff in my room just like it was. I haven't been able to pack any of it away yet. I just wish we had gotten married before he died. His parents came in and took everything of his, except what was in my bedroom! I couldn't believe they did that. They even took tools that were mine out of the shed because they never even bothered to ask if any of it was mine. And I was in no condition to fight them at that time. They also took Bob to West Virginia to bury him there. So I don't even have his grave here to visit. I will go down there the end of June for the 1 year anniversary. 

Does it get any easier? It just hurts so much! I look at his pictures and I just can't believe he will never come home again.

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I lost my husband of 18 uears suddenly in front of me on 3/17/2010. We have 5 kids. I am so srry for your loss. I too still miss him so much and try and do my crying when my kids are not around to see me. People tell me it will get easier in time. I do not know the answer for you. I am doing my best just to live. My prayers are with you and your family..

my fiances mom took everything from me as well...and buried him far from me


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