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The Angels In Flight Inc. organization is designed to help those who are grieving the loss of a child.

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Angels In Flight Inc. was inspired by the loss of our 6 year old angel, Robynn. It was hopeless finding immediate help that focused on the death of a child in Memphis; because of this, we felt compelled to fix this issue. This site is created with love, with high hopes of reaching others who miss their children and are looking for similar people who understand.

Robynn's Legacy is a charitable organization that is operated by Angels In Flight Inc. My daughter always wanted to help others and spread her love to anyone around. I am continuing her legacy and hopefully making the lives of others better in the process.

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Comment by jean jenkins on December 22, 2009 at 7:04pm
I wish I knew how to do this. I never thought I would have to have Christmas without one of my children.I am finding it very hard to even talk to people they don't understand. I miss my son so much I have been crying if m eyes were open since yesterday morning. I want to be happy with everyone else but it's just not there. I go to the cemetery and stand in one spot and there is my mother,son,brother who died in a 5 week period and my step dad all in one place.Sometimes I feel ashamed because I know I am not crying for my mother,son,or brother, I am crying for myself.I have never felt so much pain.I try my best to stay away from people so I don't make everyone sad. I feel like I am caught in something that I can't get out of.I do hope that everyone here has a blessed Christmas.I know you are all struggling as am I and my Christmas wish for you is that God gives you peace.
Comment by jean jenkins on December 3, 2009 at 7:25pm
This has been a realy bad year for me and for my dad. On Dec2,2008 my youngest son Jason went into the hospital and spent all but 8 days in Neuro-ICU had 9 brain surgeries and was discharged the last time on Feb13,2009. On Feb14th he went to his wife's work to take flowers for valentine's on his way home a 18 wheeler started moving over into his lane Jason lost control of his SUV was ejected thru the drivers window hit a guard rail before landing in the grass across 5 lanes,the SUV cont. moving until it hit a concret wall. There was one of his friends and his friend's 5yo son in the SUV. They praise God were not hurt at all but three and a half hours later my baby died. They knew when he got to the ER he had a very slim to no chance but because of the ignorance of one doctor I did not get to see my baby before he died. One mounth to the day before that my mother died,and one week after I buried my son I found my brother dead in his bed. That was the worst 5 weeks of my life and it is not much better now. My mind is so full of thoughts of Jason I have yet been able to grieve for my mom and brother. I have never felt so much pain. I spent 8 days in the hospital because of deep depression and the dr. was not sure I would not hurt myself. Even though I have thought it would be easier if I just went to sleep and never wake I would never do anything like that because my son left me 3 beautiful grandchildren that are my reason for living. My brother was the 4th child my dad has lost and he needs me. I have had to move him with me because his mind is bad and he needs help. I miss my baby every min. of every day and his birthday is Sat Dec 5th Thanksgiving was a nightmare and I know his birthday and Christmas and his son's birthday Dec19th will be the same.I can most of the time hold myself together when my grandchildren are around but the rest of the time I am sitting looking out the door thinking about my son crying every day. I know that everyone here is in the same hell I am in and I pray that all of us find some kind of peace someday
Comment by Brenda on November 14, 2009 at 2:08am
I lost my daughter in a car accident July 12, 2009. The worst day of my life. She was such a joy to have as she light up a room when she walked in it. When I found out I was preg with her I started crying as she was a much wanted child. I had cancer before I got preg. She was my anniversary,birthday and Christmas present all rolled into one. She was a very giving and caring young lady. She loved people and every one loved her back. At her service here in Tn. there was over 100 people and we had a memorial service for her in Fl. and was over 150 people there.
We had just moved from Fl. last March and she didn't want to move with us as she had her friends, a job and didn't want to leave them behind. Her brother talked to her and told her that he thought it best she come to Tn. with us and if she didn't like it she could move back. Well she didn't like it at first as we took the city girl and put her in the country. But after awhile she loved it here. We use to set out in the back yard and look up at all the stars, she said to me one night mommy I do like it here, it's so quite and peaceful.
I dread the holidays this year as it will be our first without her. My b-day is Dec. 4th and hers was Dec. 17th. Then here comes Christmas.
Before we moved from Fl. to Tn. I couldn't imagine my life without her here now I have to live it with out her and the pain is so unbearable at times. It's been four months since her death and it still feels like it was yesterday.
I'll never forget the morning of July 12, 2009. A THP knocking on the door asking if Bronda lived here, I must have had a funny look on my face as I didn't know what to say to him, as she had a outstanding speeding ticket and I thought he had come to get her. Then I glanced over his shoulder didn't see her car. I said she lives here but she's not home right now. He then asked who I was, I said her mother. He said come here I need to tell you something. I knew right then something was wrong, I looked up in his face and said she was in a car accident and he said yes mam and she didn't make it. I was in such shock I couldn't breath all I remember saying was oh my god no my was like someone took a baseball bat and hit me as hard as they could. Then I remember going around and around in circles saying something I have no idea what it was. He said mame do you need to set down. I said no I have to go tell her daddy. I walked in the house or ran woke him up and said sweetheart there is a HP out here saying that Bronda was in a car accident and got killed.
I came set down at my computer and just started crying. My husband then called his parents in Fl. to tell them and I called my son in Cuba and told him his little sister had gotten killed. I don't know how my husband drove to the hospital for us to identify her body. I prayed all the way there that they had the wrong person but it wasn't. She had went to see a friend of hers that was moving back up north the next day. And if she hadn't gone that night she wouldn't get to see her. She was a assistant manager at Hot Topic and worked at Bath and Body Works too. She was off work Friday and we were dying the bottom 1/4 of her hair purple as it was her favorite color. We didn't leave the stuff on her hair long enough to bleach it out so the purple dye didn't show. She said we would redo it Sunday.
Last time I saw her was Friday night when she came in to give me good night kisses and I love you's. She had to work Saturday and we didn't get up with her as she was 23 and got herself up for work. She called me around noon and we talked for a few minutes she said well mom I have to get back to work, I said okay baby I love you and she said I love you too.... That's the last time I talked to her. I didn't get to say my good byes like I would have wanted. She went to see her friend and as she left her house she turned the wrong way as she didn't know the area and just drove off a boat ramp into the Tn. river. There was no signs that the road ended in the river at a boat ramp.Every time I see the river I get so angry cause of this. I will never go swimming in it again.
I don't know how I will handle our birthdays or Christmas this year. I take 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour and 1 day at a time. She loved purple and the Disney princesses and she has a little Christmas tree with them on it and it's done in purple. That will be the tree I will put up for her this year.
The hardest part of all this was going threw her things her clothes I am giving to friends and the rest will go to a mission for others to wear as she would want it that way. Bronda was a very giving, loving and caring young lady. I did keep some of her favorite clothes. We had her cremated and I wear a tear drop necklace all the time with some of her ashes in it. When me and my husband die we will have someone mix all our ashes together that way we will always be as a family and together.
We never discussed with her what her wishes were if she happen to die before us cause thats not suppose to happen. She loved the idea of me and her daddy's ashes being mixed together so that we will always be together. She sets on a table in the living room in a purple urn.
I hope I haven't rambled on to much here. If I have I am so sorry but things just start flowing out sometimes. I just miss her so very much!!!!!
Comment by jeremys mom on November 4, 2009 at 3:20pm
Gosh the firsts really are the hardest. On my son's birthday last February we still had a cake, his wife and daughters and I all went to the cemetary and took him things that he loved, like the monster energy drinks that he drank constantly. I can't imagine not celebrating his birthdays, although as you point out it's a double edged sword. I'm so happy to have had him all these years but miss him so much every minute of every day. And even after a year and almost 5 months the pain is still so unbearable. We have the holidays coming up and then his birthday again, it's so hard.
Comment by Marina Angel on October 23, 2009 at 6:47pm
Hi Tami I will continue to celebrate mijo's b day aug. 12 'cause like u it was one of the happiest days of my life the first year is very tough 'cause remembering does bring the pain of loss and tears do stream but for me now after a year the pain does not quite hurt so much- i thought of u and ur Joey this week and got quite emotional but that is living and loving and that is right- experience all that God has given u- count ur blessings to have such great love He is at peace now -i think mijo now helps others who have passed over Take care Marina
Comment by Tami on October 20, 2009 at 9:58am
I miss my Son so much, It will be 4 months on Oct 22, His 19th Birthday is on Nov. 2, How do you "Celebrate" a Birthday when they are gone? I cant just let that day pass without cake, I have never not had cake for my childrens birthdays, It was the happiest day of my life, the first Grandson after 10 grandaughters for my parents... I am so hurt that he isnt here. He is the love of my life, my Baby Boy.


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