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Barbara Rieger posted a status
"Melinda, it's normal for you to have a hole in your heart. Any mother who has lost a child may feel she has a hole in her heart. Not unusual"
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"Melinda Thanks I enjoy our conversations too! I like to hear about your sisters and brother. Glad you'll be with Barbara more soon."
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"David your words R a pick up. Colors of Friday Flowers put a smile on my face. Thank You!"
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"Yes David you're right about that. It is always difficult especially during the holidays. I like when I hear a song Joe liked in stores."
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"A couple of years ago my husband gave me a bouquet of flowers 4 my birthday with lupins. I didn't know the name of the flower with the roses"
Jan 12
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"Wow a stately Chrysanthemum! Couldn't wait until morning to see what flower you'd put up. Thank You David! I never saw one like this b4!"
Jan 11
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"I never heard of a Crazy Chrysanthemum till now! I doubt I'll confuse Saturday's floor with the Friday flower! Good Cheer to You David!"
Jan 11
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"What is name of Friday flower? Thank You David. It gives me something to look forward to early in the day as I think you posted a flower!"
Jan 11
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"David it's really creative of you to call the trees in Goldstream Park Bernie's Cathedral.At 1st it baffled me when I saw the trees."
Jan 7
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"David was the beautiful bonsai you posted 1 of Bernie's favorites? It was lovely to see. Thank You for this posting."
Jan 7
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"Yes, I like to believe that no news is good news!"
Jan 5
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"David I hope Nate doesn't live in your home. May you both be safe during the day and night with goodness of the love of our Heavenly God!"
Jan 4
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"Heavenly God I pray to keep David Safe. Dear God hoover over Nate with prayers he comes 2 his senses & sees the good of life on earth."
Jan 4
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"A Peaceful New Year to All will be great!"
Dec 31
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"David not necessary to get back your mind. Friday & Saturday flowers are as beautiful as I've ever seen. Thanks. Happy New Year!"
Dec 29, 2018
Barbara Rieger posted a status
"ROFL Yes, Indeed it is a beautiful rose! I have my moments but like Bernie I like to always stay cheerful! Lord knows you cheer people up!"
Dec 26, 2018

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At 1:05am on December 2, 2018, Sara McNamara said…

Wow,  I did not at all think that anyone would care to read, let alone respond to,  my post.  I don't have anyone (other than the Lord) I can talk to to help me get through this experience. I truly cannot tell you how much your responses mean to me.  I know that God will never leave my side, but knowing that there are people who I've never met that cared enough to respond to my brokenness gives me additional hope.   The range and intensity of emotions I continue to feel since my father's passing on October 24, 2018 makes me wonder if this will ever get any easier.

At 4:34pm on April 22, 2018, elyse said…

Barbara,continuation ,still trying to navigate .I get cut off and have to start again.What I was going to add was that I go to Bereavement group and I'm unable to speak of my feelings,so through this site,it makes it easier.Family doesn't want to hear of my grief,they don't know what to say.

At 4:28pm on April 22, 2018, elyse said…

Barbara,Thank you also for your suggestion about the group I was asking about,I was able to figure it out after awhile and so I created it under"Words to our Loved ones",your welcome to join,unless like you said you do that on FB,I don't have FB,not familiar with it.So here I am able to have somewhat of a relief/release of my thoughts.

At 3:13pm on April 19, 2018, elyse said…

Barbara,Do you know how I would go about creating a group on here ?

At 11:28pm on April 16, 2018, elyse said…

Barbara,Ty.I'll try to add it to "Sibling group".

At 8:07pm on April 16, 2018, elyse said…

Barbara,I read your post and David 's,where is the column "Words to Our Loved Ones" ? Thanx

At 11:55am on April 10, 2018, Kathy Manning said…

 8 years without your son. Birthdays and Anniversaries are hard. You are an inspiration. So true yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. Live for today. I hope the memories and the love you shared with your son got you through. That's all we have now. Going into my 9th year without Brittney; my only child. Still so hard to believe. Please continue to post. You inspire me to go on. Thank you.

At 2:03pm on February 12, 2018, Tracie Williams said…


I am truly sorry to hear of your losses.  I was unable to reply Friday.  I am glad you have been on this site and are comfortable with it.  I will be sporadic on when I log on here. I am at work/lunch now and have a few minutes just now.  I really appreciate your reaching out to me.  You must be a very strong woman; I know you must grieve everyday yet must find a way to continue life.  Warm regards back to you and hopefully I will be able to get into a habit of visiting this site for strength and support.

At 1:33am on November 4, 2017, Ken Smalwood said…

Thanks Barbara, yes I am still on the PC myself.. you would think I had enough after this week, lol. 

The opiate overdose epidemic is completely out of control and so sad:( David had several physical ailments as well. COPD, Diabetes and Cardio Vascular disease. 

The week before he passed away, he was diagnosed with Diabetes. He was prescribed Suboxone just 3 days prior to his death for chronic back pain. This medication is an Opiate agonist that is prescribed to individuals that are withdrawing from Heroin but can also be prescribed for chronic pain as its not suppose to be addictive like other Opiates are. When I found him the first thing I had thought of was a possible accidental overdose, however, the medical examiner claims it was natural causes, even after we requested a toxicology be performed. I just wanted some sort of closure and understanding. I am fairly certain it was the COPD but if the medication assisted in anyway, I guess I will never know. 

I believe I had read that you had lost your son? I cannot even imagine how devastating that would be and I am so sorry for your loss!  One of my biggest supporters through all of this lost her son 2 years ago on Oct 23rd. He was 24.

Since moving back home in 2010, its been rough to say the least. I lost my mom in 2011, A great friend since the early 90's in 2013, his partner in 2015 and now mine. 

Here is hoping that 2018 will be much better for all of us:) 

Again, I am very sorry for your loss and would love to hear about him:)

You have a good weekend as well!


At 11:47pm on November 3, 2017, Ken Smalwood said…


It's somewhat ironic because we moved in together over Labor Day weekend in 2011. 

I have been working remotely from home now for almost 4 years and because I am a very social person, the isolation has been rough but bearable while David was here. Now.. I am not sure how long I will be able to stay with this job without going back to an office. I actually look forward to the many conference calls I have just to be able to talk to someone:)

I have several friends that want for me to consider moving back to KC for a fresh start. We will see, I know that right now, I am not ready to make any major changes but who knows what the future will bring for me. 

Well, hopefully I have not been too long winded:) It was great hearing from you again and hope that all is well with you. Hope to chat again soon.




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