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At 12:19pm on March 20, 2010, white dove said…
Hi Christy. I was thinking about u and wondering how u are? Blessings to u today!
At 9:16pm on December 7, 2009, white dove said…
Hi Christy, I was wondering how your doing? I know the Holidays are really rough on us all. And ive noticed there hasn't been alot of posting of feelings, especially when we need to talk most. Please just let me know your o.k.
At 10:16pm on November 23, 2009, Christy Ante said…
Oh and I do not know of any tribal people in Alaska, but I will be searching.
At 10:15pm on November 23, 2009, Christy Ante said…
You know that is what I am just so afraid being taken advantage by someone who knows I am vulernable in the first place.. Thanks so much for the always I read every little piece of it. How do you feel about James Van Praugh - I know he know longer does readings but there are folks that he recommends.....or should I just sit back and quit trying so gosh darn hard to make it happen. Thank you for everything.
At 7:07am on November 17, 2009, white dove said…
Hi Christy, Wow you live in Alaska? Brrrr. :) I have heard the warm seasons there are beautiful tho~
RE: Mediums... I have run across Many people of "the light" in my life. And i have to say i only think 2 out of all have God given gifts. So many are like gypsy fortune tellers, grasping for answers.. Like John Edwards on tv. Have you ever seen him? I had one experience with a gal that left me with the residual of... i would Never let someone in like that again. So, that's a very hard call. Some prey on the mourning and vulnerable, which we are. They even put up negative blocks infront of us so we stumble..
However, the two that I know, one is a long time dear friend who is and has been quite clairvoyant, medium, psychic etc etc. He is "way out there" but has been very helpful many times;) for example, my mom went through so many "stages" of leaving... some where scary etc.... at one point she saw someone of the dark. Black robe, hidden face.. She wanted him OUT immediately~ In knowing my dear mom i just couldn't imagine a negative spirit coming for her like this. so i spoke to my friend... put out an urgent HELP~~ He told me he experienced this with a good friend who was a reborn Christian (of all people right?), and he went on to tell me that this was the Grim Reaper.... and that he came in for some, especially those that needed their soul to be disconnected from their body... hence the sickle over his shoulder. No human has ever looked under his hood for they would be permanently blinded. Under his hood is the Light of Jesus! Oh..... i felt so much better afterwards u just wouldn't believe. For i was frantic before....
The other person was or is a Sacred Pipe carrier of the Lakota Sioux tribe. He spoke to me without words. He met my mom also. And his message to her was: "Don't be scared"! WOW did he nail her personality! And, she was scared of many things, including passing. Again, she hung on for a long time in a state that im sure she really wouldn't want any loved one to witness~~ And he told me: "I have a message for you also, but i have to go back to the Elders and smoke on it first".
A few months later, (after having been fired from my job in oncology) a dear dear friend and patient came to me in a dream. Oh.. Christy, she was so beautiful! I cried in my dream... and she told me, don't cry because then i can't come to you! So i listened intently, she asked that i contact her husband, and check on her girls, for she left so quickly, she did not have the energy to prepare her girls for her departure~ It took me a week to get ahold of him FINALLY. I asked if he was sitting down, he said yes, and i proceeded with the message to him. He assured me that the girls were of course mourning their mom, but all in all, were looked after very well and a lady neighbor was helping also.. then he asked Me if i was sitting down, I told him Yes, he said, "Donna's best friend on this earth had called him with the very same dream". So, I have felt... many different things re: spirit, only with people I have known, many still pass through me, ex: my ears ring right off my head! I may smell someones cologne or perfume and have to stand back and feel who it is... Would you happen to know any tribal people in Alaska? It's funny, you wont' have to offer up ANY info, a true person of "gifts" will offer info to you! And, Beware of those who charge money for their words, for they are frauds too. I hope this helps in any way dear. Blessings to u!
At 9:07am on November 16, 2009, white dove said…
Hi Christy, I am trying to reply to u via clicking on your picture ;) I have yet another little story for you. (go figure lol) 4 years ago, i went thru a seperation with my ex, and we (my daughter and i) moved into a very old farm house. A barn was included in this deal so i could keep my horses.. This old farmhouse was so very old, and had many inhabitants ** Which didn't bother us because they were all loving! Well, most that is.. i didn't like to spend much time in the old cellar that had a dirt floor..and hand forged nails etc.. We rebuilt almost the entire upstairs and so much more. Our beloved friend came to our rescue then also.. well, one day on an adventure, my daughter and i stopped at an antique shop in downtown Milw. There- they must have bought out an entire stock of old ET and Eliot toys. ALL still sealed in their original containers. My daughter loved ET as a child and we bought one with the two figures. Kept them sealed tight! Well, one evening, my daughter and i heard something coming out of her bedroom- her closet actually. A voice yelling, "Get me out of here"...repeated a few times.. this raised the hair on our backs immediately! So i had to search for the source. This container was burried in her closet way back.. still sealed.. it was Elliot yelling from inside the container!!!!! The next day i opened that sealed container to find these figures had little batteries and magnets. To make them talk.. u would have to raise an arm or leg or move one of their heads!! Well in that sealed package they could NOT move anything! I thought on this for a bit, and while we reconstructed the upstairs, we noticed a growth chart on the door way. The chart stopped at a certain height. I do not know any history of the past of this house, but felt this little guy must have passed there. And he wanted to play with my daughters toys in her closet!!! So i suggested she put some more goodies out for him so he could have some more fun! Elliot nor ET ever yelled out again in the night. We prayed hard for the little guy. But it felt as if this old bedroom must have been his at one time, and he was revisiting.* this experience came back in my mind, after reading about your dear son. OH... i have so many other spiritual stories, that i store until they are needed :) Thank You Christy for your very kind words. p.s. i have another very interesting story of having worked in oncology (adults) for 2 years also. Very heart wrenching indeed~~ A little bit of peace to u dear today*
At 2:22am on October 29, 2009, Christy Ante said…
I lost my 8 year old son July 10th of this year (from a very sudden relapse of Lymphoma - he bravely fought for 2 years ) and I just don't know how on Earth I can possibly get through the shock and pain of it all. We have a 4 year old daughter as well and thank goodness I have her as she is the reason that I get up every morning. I decided to join and online support group in the hopes of seeing other families that are ahead of me ( as far as time goes ) and see that they are doing ok.

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