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Missing My HUBBY

Posted on May 6, 2012 at 7:56pm 0 Comments

Hi, everyone. On Friday my daughter & I retrieved the ambulance report for my husband Jessie. I have been putting it off for weeks. The horrific details(the time line) left me sick to my stomach. My Jessie fell about 8-10feet from his work truck and hit his head.  I can't eat and definitely have NOT slept a full night since March 3.I miss him immensely. My heart is truly broken. My Jessie did as many do each day. He got up and went to work to provide for his family and never came home;…


Missing Mama

Posted on January 15, 2010 at 11:49pm 3 Comments


My Mother died July 22, 2009 and my life hasn't been the same since. She passed from complications of COPD. She was my girl.... my bff. I can definitely relate. My Mothers sister is now ill. I can't bring myself to call her. I guess I am not ready to deal with this. (My daughter and I were the main caregivers for 2 years). People just don't understand that to a certain extent you just want to be left alone. Not having to answer to the all too familiar question "How have you been… Continue

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At 4:10am on May 1, 2012, Jane P. said…

Dee, My heart aches for you as you begin this encounter with his employer.  They will take advantage of your vulnerable state of mind that is why you need to document everything.  It is not easy to grieve and yet they push you over the edge, but God will carry you through and give you the strength you will need, so stay strong.  NEVER sign anything and if you do always get a copy.  When it becomes too much for you, walk away and return when you mind is ready to handle it and you will be amazed at what you missed.   

My husband's, first of many being rushed to the hospital, his first and second line supervisors came for what I thought was a friendly visit here they came and assessed the situation and wanted my husband fired.  That was the beginning of our many battles. They were quoting procedures and practices they followed and I asked for copies of whatever they were quoting to me for them to make such a decision.  One time my husband was intensive care and I received a letter telling me they terminated him and he has no benefits.  I told his supervisor straighten it out or he personally will be held liable ... he straightened it out!  Bottom line I'm still waiting for a copy of the quoted procedures/practices.  Stay STRONG, it is about you and your children.  Many hugs, Jane P.

At 1:08pm on April 30, 2012, Jane P. said…

Dee, My husband was sick for 17 months and for 11 months I fought with my husband's company.  The bottom line for them is MONEY!!!!  The one time his supervisor called our home and I told him before we even started talking that if the call was monitored in any way it is a federal offense and I will prosecute, the phone went dead and within a few seconds he returned on the phone and I told him whatever had just transpired was underhanded so this conversation was over and I hung up.  Dee, get a special notebook and keep a good log, document everything, dates, times people's names, any phone call made or received, little things people tell you about that day when they were working w/your husband, everything.  Your case will be as good as the information you gather.  You will need to be strong and fight a good fight.  It is hard, I know I was there, but through all my tears and grief in the end I received what was rightfully mine.  Stay strong my new friend. Many hugs, Jane P

At 5:29am on April 30, 2012, Jane P. said…

DEE, I am so sorry for your loss and even sorrier you had to join this group.  I too am experiencing multiple deaths.  2 weeks after my father passed my mother was diagnosed with cancer she survived for 9 months , then 7 months later my husband was diagnosed with cancer and 17 months later he passed so I am now grieving them all.  My heart is so broken at times I cannot breath but some how I make it!

Loosing you soul mate is the most devastating to the list of losses.   There is no one to lean on, no one to share you inner most feelings, no one to laugh out loud with, no one to hold you and say it is going to be OK!  

You will experience a roller coaster full of emotions. Throughout this journey you will find there are no right or wrong answers, there are no time frames in which you need to follow, and it is a long road.  Stay with us we are all grieving but in different stages of grief.  We understand just what you are experiencing and at one time we have experienced these feelings.  You are not crazy you are grieving!  Come here often even if it is to read posts but please come.  Many hugs, Jane P

At 10:41pm on November 23, 2010, Henry Sawicki Jr said…
Hi Dee,
I lost my beautiful Momma on November 3, 2009 she was also my girl and my bff! I miss her so much that theres times I dont know if I can go on! but by the grace of God I do!
Take care,
At 9:03pm on March 8, 2010, Felicia said…
Hi Dee, I got your message. I completely understand. It can't "get better" in the way a lot of us need it too. I'm so sorry, that was a lot, to lose your job after what happened with your mother. I'm sorry for your loss. I sincerely believe in God and know that our mothers are there with him together. It's such a hurtful thing, I don't think you can ever get over the loss of someone so great in your life. There isn't anyone like a mother BUT a mother, and we each only get one. Some days the only thing that sustains me is knowing I will be with my momma again, and I won't have to miss her like this. It can't get better, but it may hurt less over time...I sincerley hope and pray. Thank you for your note. I appreciate having people understand my pain, and at the same time, wish that you didn't with all my heart. Anytime you want to talk, I'm here to understand you and listen as well:)
At 8:44am on January 21, 2010, Tamarah1271 said…
Hi Dee,

Sorry about your Mom. I totally understand my Mom was my bff, sister, mother, she was my everything all rolled into one. We will never get over the loss we will never really move on. I just think we will be able to deal and cope with the deaths a little better. ONE DAY... I don't know when my one day will be but I look to better days each day.

I hated when people would say "it will get better" I used to think ... no it won't how could it possibly get better.... sometime I just wanted to scream and say she's gone are you serious to tell me it will get better, she's never coming back and I will not see her again. I know they were trying to help but sometimes to me it sounded like a way to tell me get over it.

So at some point I just sd to people when they sd that to me ... thks but it's never gonna get better. My sister and I cared for my mom for 25yrs you just can't get over being with someone all your life (then 33yrs) and taking care of them for 25yrs and be able to say she's in a better place now i need to move on... Only people who don't care or have not experienced it themselves.

I miss her so much that it hurts my soul, somedays I can't breathe, somedays I just want to die so that I could be with her again. Somedays the wait is just too long... I don't just want her, I need her. She was the glue that held us together even though she was the one who was sick. She made everything ok when my world would crash on me... she was always there to console and ocmfort me. She made me feel like I could do no wrong and when i made mistakes she she didn't criticize she helped me keep my head up and be proud. I can only hope to be the same mother to my son as she was to me. Her spirit was wonderful.

We are all in this together here in this forum, maybe we can start to heal by leaning on each other. Today I am not doing as well as the last 2days but i know this road is going to be a long journey. I thank you all for listening and anytime you need to talk pls write me. Stay strong and may memories of your loved one place a smile on your heart today.

At 4:13pm on January 20, 2010, JunePeony said…
Belated happy birthday. I am sorry for the loss of your best friend and mother. I don't look forward to my birthday in June because Mom was always there for me too. I know birthdays will never be the same. All the very best to you. Again, I am so sorry.

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