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Posted on October 18, 2009 at 8:21am 5 Comments

Mom passed away February 25, 2002 and I miss Her every day and night and She was/is my best friend. She was very kind and sweet. I am older now and lived with My Mom all my life or She lived with me..............doesn't matter which way as we were together 58 years. I can't get past the denial stage and go to a psychiatrist and a therapist. I take medication however none of that really helps. I am very depressed and have many friends and do go out and attempt to be okay however coming home is… Continue

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At 3:53pm on November 6, 2009, white dove said…
Hi Gail! We have gone thru some changes here... our dear friend (my surrogate hubby) passed this sunday. He was a liver transplant patient and he had leukemia. Both went haywire and attacked his entire body. He was extremely brave. He always tried his best to make jokes to cheer us up. Well guess what? NOW i must honor his courage and be upbeat even if its hard. Also, i went to visit his wife after and her house was a mess. I have never seen it like that... so this motivated me!! SHE had a reason! I call it temporary insanity shortly after losing a beloved. I thought i lingered SO long in putting my moms things away.. im going to do it today!! And i got it done the other day. Hard yes...... But it has helped Me in learning from others... Today my daughter and i are sick... i think with that dreaded swine flu. Staying home as to not expose others. Feeling orphaned still........ how are u doing?
At 7:43pm on October 24, 2009, white dove said…
Hi Gail, there was no picture... just that box with a sillouette of a person. found your name and clicked on it. this seems to be working o.k. (for now;) I was thinking about u and was wondering if you have moved the furniture around a bit... and made any changes in your home? I am thinking this change may help just a little to give u new thoughts??? let me know what u think about that. Now.. im not the best one to give suggestions here... cuz i Still have boxes strewn around our apartment of my moms things. I found a card in a kitchen drawer to my daughter from her gramma. It made me cry.. just to see her signature! Which changed drastically over a year... SAD..... so now i know why i still havent gotten up the courage to unpack her nick nacks.... planning on using them tho! I still have pictures all over of my mom too. Love the ones where shes smiling. Its funny but, she and i had very difficult times during our lives in trying to get along... but, in caring for her, we for the first time in a very long time reconnected and became very close. Im not sure what is worse? Finally having love and they leave.. or a not so good relationship and a departure. My father is next to leave and with him.. there was much abuse done to all of us. I have forgiven him, its his burden, however, i hate to say this, his passing will be easier on me. Nothing like a swift kick in the u know what to send me on my way... away from him! His choice.. but.... again.. makes me feel as if he planned it this way so i wont grieve as hard???? How are u doing today? Please feel free to share anything. Blessings to u dear. "Paula"
At 8:56am on October 24, 2009, GailM. said…
What picture was there as I didn't place one in the computer? Now I can't find "Missing Mom" messages.
???????? Thanks.

At 9:57pm on October 20, 2009, white dove said…
Hi Gail, i went into Members and found u and clicked onto your picture and your page came up. then i wrote.. and clicked on "add Comment" and it seems to have worked! but if u want to put your messages out there for all.. just go to missing mom and click on reply of the last poster and type in what u wish. Good Luck!!
At 3:20pm on October 20, 2009, white dove said…
K im back trying again! i found your name under "members" and clicked on. and found your blog. After i type this out i will hit add comment. If u search for me.. i think im on the first page.. click on it and mail me this way. We live in WI. My mom lived next door to us in this apartment building since the summer of 09. She had a few medical problems.. one being Alzeimers, but i got her into the doc and she was put on meds which helped very much! But she was very frail... diverticulitis, slight cases of empahsema, and copd. osteo... anyway, her leaving was a night mare. And sometimes it gets repeatitive in remembering.. so i started blocking those memories... I am working part time.. not alot now. I have some medical issues myself that i HAVE to get checked out asap. Until then im taking things slow. My mom was our buddy. I miss her saying "everything will be alright". Many things have come and gone and i still dont feel its "alright" but i must go on. If it wasnt for my daughter living with me.. id be probably a mess. My friends hubby is now facing some things that i must get strong for... them.... he has leukemia... and his liver is failing.. so all treatments are going to stop. So unfortunately i see many who are going through worse than us.
My critter population is growing outside.. a possum (sp?) has joined the group... lol. when ever i feel down, there is always a animal that does something silly to make me smile ;) my mom is still here in spirit.. and im sure she will remain until her kids lives are going smoother. How are u doing today? Hoping o.k. see if u can hop on my page and leave a message K?
At 11:53am on October 20, 2009, white dove said…
Gail, i hope this shows up.. then we can chat one on one. I tried to post a message another way but it didnt work. click on my name and hopefully u can mail me that way. I clicked on your profile for this message. Let me know if it comes up K? thanks "white dove"

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