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At 6:34pm on August 10, 2014, LA-Greg said…
today...and this week...has been especially hard. i feel the despair and hopelessness about my life, or life in general. i feel a lack of hope for love and a relationship. i wonder how much this despair runs in my family. my brothers suicide seemed very tied to it. my younger brother suffers from it, too.

i feel a serious lack of the old abitions i once had, the old hopes even. is this transient, or a new , worse pattern for me since the loss of my dad and oldest brother. my brother was a suicide. my father a heartattack. sometimes my heart feels funny and i get scared, tho things have checked out physiologically.

my brother was a doctor. my father a social work clinician. i once wanted to go into therapy training. and i once wanted to write creatively. having accomplished only part way in both disciplines i feel at times like these a failure. and yet should i feel a success having worked so hard on my own issues in therapy that i didnt follow my brothers road? i have succeeded there, but i dont feel a success.

i have succeedeed in being a friend to others, but that doesnt sustain me today. i have succeeded in keeping my own demons from destroying me, but yet i feel such despair today and loneliness.

why is life so hard? are we creatures doomed to self destruction? every beautiful thing we create seems destined to be torn down or perverted into something cheesy or cheap or empty. and every amazing, gandhi, martin luther king, bobby kennedy...who seems on the brink of stimulating a real cut down and destroyed...almost as if by their nature they attract the most desperately aggrieved and vicious, the worst in us.

i guess losing hope is part of life, and one must come to accept this pain, see it as an emotional experience we must embrace, lest our rigid resistance to it turn us dangerously cynical, bitter, vindictive, or just depressed...or anxious, like my ex brother...ourselves.

so hard sometimes to hold onto that very thin thread of truth...that its an emotional experience we must pass through, like a storm, not to be equated with who we are...

makes me think of what a wise person once said...that we become desperate, sometimes dangerously so, where we cannot bear to feel our despair.

i feel that today...the line between them. and it scares me. hopeully scares me into just letting go more, even tho i am all alone and even scared to call a friend i fear wont be able to just be there for me and not judge me...

im so sad, and the sadness takes on a universal quality when i let go and feel some of it. and its overwhelming... so overwhelming it feels like dying a lot of deaths.

sorry if im sounding depressing as hell. but im not sorry, too. life is what it is, and it seems to me so much of my own misery, like those i read of others here, is in the fear and shame and holding back.

im gonna try so hard to not hold back. to let go. i know im not really alone. the more i read here, the more i know least where we dont fight it so much. cause then we know how much we are bonded in suffering in this life, and it should bond us more and more. cause the more i let myself feel all of this, the less i feel alone. like magic.

like a magic thats so often so hard to get to, tho its right in front of us all the time. just let go and you will come back to life, a wise mentor once used to say. its just life, she said.

yeah. this crazy life. one day at a time. get.

but on days like this its all i can do to give in and cry. it feels like im gonna die.

maybe we sort of do. many times in this life. and maybe life is about being less afraid of all these little deaths the older we get. is that maturity, in a manner of speaking?

if so, heres to being a little mature today. i feel like such a desperate child. i want something and i cant let go into the truth of not having. but so much of life is filled with that...with not having

so that the moments we have are worth living for.

At 3:19pm on April 15, 2013, Joyce M Rubacky said…

Greg, I completely agree with your statement regarding the importance to let them be what they are....something more than just a dream. When I experienced this, it was my reality at the time. There is no reason why I can not store it in my brain along with all my other good memories, to be pulled out now and then and find comfort in it.  Along with the death of my brother, I also have lost my father (and mother). I thought losing parents was tough! After that happened to me I thought "I know how to handle greif".  But the death of a sibling is a totally different loss.  But here you are, you lost your father then 6 months later your brother. How can you deal with the first when you are hit again so soon? I don't want you to feel loneliness, I want you to know that I will listen to anything you have to say about your father and or your brother. I understand and I also care.

At 5:12pm on February 15, 2013, Theresa Sweaney said…

Hi Greg.  I wanted to say also that I have found local grief support groups in my locale to attend in person, and that too, has made all the difference for me.  It doesn't work for everyone, and every group is different, but it is definitely a valuable and potentially helpful resource.  Google grief recovery support groups in your area, especially with key words suicide (like in Survivors of Suicide) and hospice (which will be more general grief support, but I have still found mine to be so wonderful).  I even made one ongoing friendship through the group that is so strengthening to me.  She and I meet outside of group to do coffee or lunch visits.  I read a lot too, everything I could find on processing grief, understanding mental illness, brain disorders and suicidality.  The information has been invaluable to move me through the guilt feelings that dominated during those first several months.  I took up hobbies that got me out of my house and reclusiveness.  I made a pact with myself to not turn down invitations, even when feeling depressed or without energy, because I knew that if I did, I would just turn in on myself, and that is not the way to healing.  I did not want to be stuck in this funk any longer than I had to, which is what propels me forward whenever I get 'stuck'.


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