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At 4:46pm on April 6, 2010, Dominic Manzer said…
LuAnn, Hi

You said that you wanted to see what would be done. The answer is, not until Monday morning and not much. I could have told you this when you asked, but I didn't want to discourage you. What they did was remove all the messages she sent and her account, on Monday morning.

I was sending out warning messages as fast as I could, over 100, but she was sending new ones at about the same rate, so I was making no progress. After a while it was clear she was sending to the people who had most recently joined, the most vulnerable. I was thinking about changing my method of selecting who to send to, matching hers. I could get the warning to people before or at the same time as her messages. This was Sunday night (actually Monday morning 4 am.) when I went to bed. When I got up, Legacy had removed her, and my list of people she had sent to disappeared so I couldn't send to the reaming 400 that she had sent to.

I'm going to ask Legacy to send a message to everyone she sent to about it, or if they can no longer identify them, send a message to everyone. I'm also going to volunteer to help them implement solutions to this problem. Currently there apear to be no safeguards at all. In the overall scheme of things effective solutions can be relatively easily implemented, but I expect they will want to do nothing because doing anything will cost money and this service probably barley pays for itself through advertising if not loosing money.

Saying it costs money implies bad intent, that is not what I mean. The reality is any changes will be made by people who do web sight maintenance for a job, they need to be paid. This type of changes always take more time then even the people how do it expect. Even "simple" changes can take more than 2 or 3 days of someone's time. How much does a living wage cost per day including health insurance and other reasonable benefits? At least $150 to $200 per day, one simple change might cost $500, 4 or 5 changes can easily become thousands. Carol and I do some web work for volunteer organizations like the DAR, and the Sons of Union Veterans. Sometimes just changing the names of the elected officials can take weeks before all the unpredictable things are fixed.

After three days I found how to report these problems but it is well hidden at the bottom of the page. I received thank-you's for my warnings from about 10% of the people, more than I would have expected, but no one knew the link was down there. On facebook, every message has a button at the end to report abusive messages. They put a button with every message so all necessary information will be automaticly reported, making solutions easer and fair for all parties. This would be nice on the Grief support system. It will take money though. Short of this it will be a big help to put a report button on the top of the page ware it will be seen. Moving the button should be cheep to do, but I won't be holding my breath.

One other thing I don't like about this sight is that it is difficult if not impossible to find everything a person has said on the network. I'd like to know you're story but I can't find anything except what is on your wall and what you sent me. Even that I can't see in chronological order.

If you would like to tell me something, please do. I've not had a loss close to me, I came here to learn about what some friends of mine are going through. I hope you can tell that I do care about people who are in pain and will do what I can. I will listen. I don't think I can help much beyond letting you know I care.

At 9:38pm on April 3, 2010, Dominic Manzer said…
This is Dominic

I'm glad you knew this is questionable, most have not.

Concilia looks to be on a fishing expedition, the exact message you received was sent to me and at least one other person. I contains nothing specific to any of the recipient's profile and has nothing appropriate to the Grief support group. Do-not send emails to her, your email address or any other information that could be used for fraud. I'm looking into how to report this person

Concillia is online now sending out more of these, I'm trying to keep up and warn people.

I'm sorry if this is disturbing to you, but I cannot sit by and do nothing..

I'm sorry if my message is blunt poorly worded and disturbed you. I needed to get something done quickly. In a few minutes, I've received two replies showing that the message was sent to many people.

I put a message up on Concilla's wall and sent an Email to Legacy. I don't know how long it might take for them to respond.

This appears to be a variation on the a classic e-mail scams, "you have money" or " I need help.." but targeted to a very venerable group. I has the tell tails of internet scams, comes from a foreign country from a non native english speaker. Being in a foreign country makes prosecution or recovery of assets impassable.

The original message looks to have been written in Spanish then translated by a translation computer program and not edited by someone who speaks any english at all.

I'll admit that I could be wrong. But If I'm correct, someone could be badly taken.


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