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Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Its been a while since I've posted any thing, but like Frank I can't ignore all of you here. You've help me though some very tuff times. To everybody new, I am truly sorry you have had to find this place, but I can tell you…"
Dec 24, 2014
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Hello Everyone,   I'd thought I would drop by and say hey. Sorry I been a while since I've posted anything or checked in. I still read your post mostly late at night when I can't sleep. Which is most nights. My doctor wants…"
Oct 20, 2014
Mark Jackson and Mark Moran are now friends
Oct 20, 2014
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Hello everybody   I haven't been here in a while, as I was in a very deep and dark place. A place were I just didn't care what happened to me or anything else. A place I don't ever want to go back to. It took a while for me to…"
Feb 7, 2014
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Kathy I sorry to have to welcome you to this site. It's a place none of us want to be, but glad we found it. For myself it's been a life saver. I lost my wife of 33 years, Cathy 3 months ago and I'm still just going though the…"
Jan 1, 2014
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Marsha  I know just how you feel about your friends. My pastors birthday is the 1st so they always have a party on new years eve. This year they sent me a text asking me if I would like to join them. I text back and said yes and asked for there…"
Jan 1, 2014
Cynthia Murphy replied to Mark Jackson's discussion Getting though the viewing and funeral service in the group Bereaved Spouses
"Mark, my husband and I agreed that we would be cremated instead of our family trying to deal with the expense of funerals and burials. I was afraid of what his family would say but sometime while I was at work he had told them of his decision. His…"
Dec 31, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"This is the worst day yet. I feel like I've just lost Cathy all over again. It's our 34 wedding anniversary. I thought Christmas was a hard day to get though. I think the worst is the people that said and I quote "Your not alone.…"
Dec 29, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Not a good day today. It's been 3 months since Cathy went to be with her mom and dad. I thought that with working today it wouldn't be that but, I had to drive about 250 miles and that just gave me a lot of time to think about every…"
Dec 24, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Helen I don't care for the word widow/widower myself, and I'm not single. So I just use widower if needed. I can't tell you if it was a sign or not. It's what you feel in your heart that we'll tell you. If you feel it was a…"
Dec 8, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
" Cathy and I were together for 33 years. I still say we, us, our, and probably will continue to do so. I see no reason to stop. As far as filling out forms, I still put Cathy's name down for spouse, and If…"
Dec 8, 2013
Helen Duncan Hutchinson and Mark Jackson are now friends
Dec 7, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Susan, I'm not sure. I received some of his work at my group the other night.   "
Dec 6, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Here is a link to Dr. Alan Wolfelt web page. Also look at the articles by Dr. Alan Wolfelt. I really like the way he explains things. Hope it helps. Mark "
Dec 6, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"First I want to say that I am truly sorry to welcome the new people here. It is sad that you have to be here, but this is a place where no one will judge you. You can shall we say "let it all out", there are only words of encouragement…"
Dec 4, 2013
Mark Jackson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"I'm sorry some of you had a hard day yesterday. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be., there were moments though.  Cathy did the cooking with me in shall we say a supporting roll. I looked forward to spending the day with…"
Nov 29, 2013

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At 3:05pm on November 21, 2013, Loralynn W said…

Ooops I am so sorry!  I mis-spelled your Cathy's name!! sorry!

At 3:04pm on November 21, 2013, Loralynn W said…

Mark, I know what you mean about the loneliness... or at least I feel like I do.  John and I move here to the Carolinas from different places 16 years ago last month.  I had gone back to school after filing for divorce to a man who was as different from John as night is from day and I'm not just referring to color of their skin! After graduating I looked for work AWAY from where I'd spent the previous 21 years living in .... well lets just say it wasn't heaven.  When I was offered a good job here along with funds to help with the move, I took it!   I left my family, friends and nightmares in Georgia and he John left all his friends in Canada so that we could be together.  Basically for 16 years it was just the two of us.  I made a few friends and so did he... but for the major portion of our lives here was built around just the two of us.  Even more so, after I started having so much trouble with my back, hip, and knees that i had to go on long term disability from work and then almost exclusively after John retired from working at the same place.  When I wrote he was my world, I truly meant it, we had our own little world together here and there was seldom anyone else who entered in it more than a few hours, once in a while. The only exceptions where  when John's son came down from New York with his family or when He and I would go visit mine in Georgia.  Sometimes I'd go back and visit for a couple of days by myself but we spoke every night and sometimes several times during the day.. and with the internet we often chatted almost more than we would have talked if I'd been right there with him.  And he ALWAYS told me he missed me and I was ALWAYS more than ready to go home by the time I did, in fact more often than not I wouldn't stay the full time I initially planned..  I was always eager to get back home, to be with John again.  So I truly do not know what to do with myself now that he is gone.  I don't want to call people all the time, primarily because I don't wish to become a nuisance but also because they are who I want to talk to!  Does that make sense to anyone but me?  As much as I love them, and as much as I enjoy the company of my friends and family, they aren't John.  No one understood me like he did.  Yes, I too am lonely.  The nights are the worst..  its TOO quiet!  There is not one  to touch, no back to scratch, :)  no back to rub.. no hand to hold, no one to laugh at funny movies with, no one to discuss a good movie or bad movie with... no one to share anything with... no one..  just me and the quiet of a room without the CPAP machine running..  I listened to the sound of that machine and John's breathing for the entire 16 years!  And now there's nothing.  Most nights I leave the TV on low ALL night....  I'm looking at the photos of you and Kathy then just Kathy as I'm typing they continually rotate from one to the other. She has such a friendly smile.  I can very easily imagine that she would have been someone I would have liked to know. ... Was she a nurse?  I'm not sure why I'm asking, but something is making me wonder if she was, perhaps there is just something nurturing, caring about her 'aura'.  I'll be praying for you Mark.  Praying that God ease the pain of your loneliness and that he 'dull' the pain for ALL of us, as soon as its healthy for us.  I do believe we have to feel the pain for awhile... cry for a season, hurt deeply for a time, but I also believe he sends things to make us smile, to make us laugh and people to help us know we are still loved.   I'm still taking all of this an hour, a day at a time.  I can't take more than that.... thinking of the future or even trying to is FAR too painful and empty...  Each time I find my mind attempting to go there, I am so consumed with loneliness and vastness of the empty days ahead that I can barely breath.  Its too much,.. too painful.....  too empty.. too many unfulfilled dreams start flooding into sight.. So for now until I'm ready to handle more

At 9:32pm on November 16, 2013, Patricia said…
Thank you for connecting back. I'm glad yo made it through the night and your brother called.
Your candle continues to glow brightly out into the dark night
At 1:38am on November 16, 2013, Patricia said…
Mark, are you okay?
Been concerned since I read your post.
Again, know people really care how you are and especially on this roller coaster
At 3:55pm on November 11, 2013, cheryl holbrook said…

thanks for the friend request. Also for the sympathy on the board. Yes, we that have yet to go through the holidays without our loves is going to be very rough. Somehow, someway we will make it however the extreme we each deal with it will vary. It does help in some way to be able to share with others that can relate. Hang in there, one day at a time .. Cheryl 

At 10:50pm on November 10, 2013, Patricia said…
Can't quite figure out how to accept your frienship request. I'm hoping this is the way to do so
At 5:54pm on October 25, 2013, Diane C said…

Hi Mark,

I am more than happy that you friended me. Not sure that is a word, but in the cyber world I think it is. I wish you well on your journey through this horrible life course we are on. I can tell that you were a wonderful husband to Cathy and that she was a wonderful wife. I think only those of us who had a truly wonderful relationship with our spouses are on this site. I have been on this journey for 1 year and 2 months, so I have some wisdom to share. Others have been here longer and they have much more to share. Keep coming back and we will help you through it as best we can.

At 7:11am on October 22, 2013, Barbara Sullivan said…

Thank you, Mark, for your friendship.  I wish I had known Cathy -- she looks, from her picture, like someone I would have enjoyed.  What a lovely smile!  

At 2:12pm on October 21, 2013, Marsha H said…

Hi Mark ...  Thanks for inviting me as your friend and it's my honor. I enjoyed the pictures of you and your beloved wife. I can see why you miss her as her face says it all ... a happy person, gentle and kind.


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