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Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Mary Jane....I'm glad you've been feeling better.  What a wonderful video your daughter put together for you.  Thank you for sharing it with us."
Sara Murphy replied to Chris Sky's discussion My love is gone... in the group Bereaved Spouses
"Chris.......I'm am so sorry for the loss of your wife.  I also understand your feelings of something that was supposed to help ended up taking away your most important, special person.  I lost my husband in January 2016.  He was…"
May 15
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Tiffany.....My own opinion is that it's WAY too soon to get into another relationship.  As you said, you didn't break up because this relationship wasn't working, he died and if not for that you and he would still be…"
May 3
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Thank you Chuck and Marsha for your kind words.   My Legacy family is always by my side with an understanding like no other.   I hope to be able to help Sara in a way that no one outside of Legacy could help me.  With the…"
May 2
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Tonight I'll go to the wake for the spouse of an old high school friend.  He was only 48 yrs old.  I feel like I'm re-living the early days of losing Ken.  My friend Sara lost her husband Steve last Thursday.  He had…"
May 1
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Marsha....I'm just stunned that your nephew said that to you.  There is absolutely no excuse for being so inconsiderate.  His parents should be ashamed of him (and he should be ashamed of himself).  I'm sorry that your small…"
Apr 26
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Chuck......thinking of you on this sad anniversary.  That was a beautifully written letter to Larry.  I wish I could take the pain away.  Know I'm giving you a cyber hug. Love, Sara"
Apr 21
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Mary Jane......Yes, fear is normal but knowing that doesn't make it easier.  When we lost our spouses, we lost a huge part of ourselves, we lost our support system, we lost the one person on the planet that we knew would always be…"
Apr 21
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Debbie.....I'm glad to hear you're maintaining your smoke free status.  I hope you're feeling better because of it.  I can imagine the weight being lifted after selling this last property but it must be bittersweet as…"
Apr 16
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Steve.....I haven't seen that poem before.  I absolutely love it and have printed it out.  Thanks for posting it."
Apr 11
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Thanks Steve.  I had no idea who sang this song.  I think it's been said that animals and young children can see the spirits of our loved ones.  This accounts for the imaginary friends that kids have.  I have no doubt that…"
Apr 10
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Steve......I remember you telling this story of your meeting an Angel and I like reading it again as a reminder that Angels do walk among us.  They reach out when we need it most. I've had several signs from Ken and dreams of him but never…"
Apr 10
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Mary Jane......I believe in Mediums, Angels and the eternal life of our spirits.  I recently began reading a book by Sylvia Brown who is (was) a Medium.  I think she's passed away by now.  In it she talks about things I have…"
Apr 10
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Mary Jane......You absolutely can discuss signs or dreams you've had of Bob.  We have all had signs and periodically mention them.  I've even gone to a Medium twice since Ken died and he came through both times.  Not…"
Apr 9
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Marsha.....I'm so sorry to hear this news of Tootsie.  My heart is breaking for you.  I wish I had that magic wand and could make this okay but all I can do is pray for peace for both you and Tootsie. Love, Sara"
Apr 8
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Mary Jane.....Yes you are making sense.  Our comments post chronologically so regardless of what page you're on, you have to post on page 1.  Glad you solved your mystery.  It must have been driving you crazy."
Apr 6

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Posted on February 28, 2016 at 1:58pm 1 Comment

I lost my husband Ken in January after 26 1/2 yrs of marriage.  He was the love of my life, my everything.  Now I don't know what comes next.  It's a struggle to get through each day.  Only those that have lost their life partner can understand how excruciating it is.  I'm hoping this group can somehow help.

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At 7:44am on February 18, 2017, LARRY WALD said…

Thank you Sara

At 9:16am on October 13, 2016, virginia mckinney said…

Thank you Sara ,I am sorry is not good enough to say to you,there are no words ,Micah is my son, he was 32 when it happen, I am the daughter of a preacher and never doubted god , but living with my husband 53years ,saying ,it's a fantasy that people want to believe,and all the other of his beliefs it is hard for me to think which way is right (I am problem not making sense,idont these days)

At 2:21pm on July 21, 2016, Marsha H said…

Hi Sara ...  Nice to be your friend.  My honor!


At 3:37pm on July 7, 2016, Reponsa Bias said…
Hi Sara
I'm truly sorry for your loss if I could I'd wish it all better for you. Hang day at a time.
At 8:27pm on July 2, 2016, Karen said…

Oh, my Sara, I think I understand what you're saying - all this time - ugh.  Thank you - well, it's too late now bc Daddy's been gone 6 yrs so I'm doing much better - wow.  Thank you for the info!

At 7:57pm on June 24, 2016, Harold McKinstry said…

Hi Sara

My biggest struggle is I know Diane is gone and not coming back, but there is a small piece of my brain that won't accept that. The idea that I will never get another kiss, hug and I Love You More from her just doesn't seem possible or real. None of this seems real to me how could it makes no sense. I find I do best if I don't look too far ahead, when I do I get depressed and anxiety sets in. Then the reality sets in of being alone for the rest of my life without the love of my life. Maybe not looking to far ahead is my brains way of keeping that piece of my brain that can't accept happy. I try not to think of it to much. 

At 9:08pm on March 21, 2016, Joann Sueing said…

Hi Sara,

From reading the posts, you and I seems to be the only ones who have recently lost our spouses.  Have you returned to work yet?  I haven't.  I am looking for something new.  I can't go back to that place.  

The weekends seems the hardest to me.  Sunday just wouldn't end. I pray for strenght every day.  I haven't been able to go through his things.  I wear his pajamas, socks, t-shirts and anything else that I can.  I miss him so much.

If you ever want to talk one on one, just let me know.  I think I would find comfort in talking.


At 8:13pm on March 19, 2016, Joann Sueing said…

I'm having one of those moments and anxiety as I type.  I will ask my doctor for some meds.  I am 4 months from my 57th birthday.  He made them so special.  I, too, wish that I could be with him but yet know that my children need me.  I feel stuck.  My emotions are so out of control right now.  I just want my heart to stop aching.  

I hope to talk to you tomorrow.  Let me know what range of time would be good for you.  I plan to go to church for the first time since his funeral.  I am going to take something to help me sleep.

Talk to you soon.


At 7:38pm on March 19, 2016, Joann Sueing said…

It's been recent for both our losses Sarah.  I feel so restless and just don't know where to turn.  My husband and I had only been been married for less than three years.  He was the love of my life, and it is so surreal speaking of him in the past.  I am so lonely.  My adult daughter and son has both moved in with me for a while.  I could not imageing living here in this house alone.  I know we will get through this, but I just can't imagine my life without him now.  God help us all.


At 12:32pm on March 12, 2016, Charles E. Nelson said…
Thank you, Sara - I'm not very familiar with computers, not on facebook, and generally Larry and I were viewed as dinosaurs by friends and family alike. I was always a bit suspicious of this form of meeting people - how do you know they are who they present to you? I threw that out the window and posted here the first time unsure what, if any, response would come. I cried when the first post welcomed me and offered sympathy on the loss of my husband - suddenly I felt safe and accepted, which unfortunately is not, nor has it always been the case for either Larry or myself. As a couple we felt the "safety in numbers" and knew we had each other's backs. Now here I am, with gay friends far away, and feeling exposed and vulnerable, an old habbit formed over 62 years or rejection and sometimes abject hatered. Finding myself mourning my beautiful Larry and feeling afraid to trust anyone, this little piece of heaven is magical for my soul - and you are very much a part of that - again, thank you - I don't "invite friends" beacuse I never want to put anyone on the spot as it were, having to accept for fear of offending me, so I stay back until someone like you, my friend, offers a hand. Hello, friend - let's walk this walk together...
Love, Chuck

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