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Mary. Jane commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"That was beautiful, Chuck"
Charles E. Nelson commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Hello dear family, I ask a rhetorical question, because I know the answer for all my Legacy family is “yes”.   Have you had a thought – a memory – so completely and unexpectedly overtake you that you temporarily lost…"
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Mary Jane...the pillow is 12x16 so it's not too big.  I ordered it from Shutterfly"
Jan 16
Chicago Beard commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Sara What an amazing pillow! Very cool!"
Jan 16
Mary. Jane commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"That is WONDERFUL! I’ve never seen anything like that, and it came out very clear! The fabric must be very special, to have such clarity and color.,How large is it? Beautiful."
Jan 16
Marsha H commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Sara ...  What a beautiful pillow!  A great idea and I love the words and the photos."
Jan 16
Marsha H commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Sara ... I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Youtube and am a believer such as I am.  All those things that happened to your friend Diana, I am sure is Ken getting a message to you.  Most of us expect our spouses to just show signs to…"
Jan 16
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Pillow.jpg  I'm not sure how well this picture will come through but it's a pillow i ordered for myself, kind of like an anniversary/memorial gift for me. I attached the pic as a link and also attached it in the body of the…"
Jan 15
Sara Murphy commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Marsha....I looked at the video and I've always been a believer, even before losing Ken but more so since.  In fact, on the 5 yr anniversary Wednesday, I was wondering if he was going to send me a sign that he was there.  He made his…"
Jan 15
Marsha H commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Dear Trina ... It is wonderful to see you post and I know how you long for Joseph as I do Ernie and the rest of us here all feel this most of the time.  I try to remember what I learned from Ernie throughout our years and the good spirit he had…"
Jan 15
Marsha H commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"To my Angels on this forum: Many of us wonder if our spouses are close and this video says it all.  So, please, listen to that silent message you may receive and act upon it like this man did.  I am a believer that in one form or other our…"
Jan 14
Trina Mamoon commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Dear Marsha, Glad to see you on this forum again. Hope you're doing well and keeping safe.  What you say is so true! Our beloved spouses are embedded in our heart, and no matter how many years go by, they will forever remain there. For me,…"
Jan 14
Trina Mamoon commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Dear Mary, I, too, talk to my darling Joseph every single day even though it will be 6 and a half years ago on February 4th that he passed. Like Marsha says, it doesn't matter how long ago our soulmate left us physically, they will forever live…"
Jan 14
Trina Mamoon commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Dear Sara,  The anniversaries are the hardest to face. Five years, and yet it seems like it was the other day. My heart goes out to you. I hope that it was not too brutal yesterday living through the day you lost your precious Ken. Sending you…"
Jan 14
deborah peck commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Sarah, so sorry that you are going thru the anniversary date, its so hard, my sis just passed the 1 year mark with her husband, its just so overwhelming sometimes to think that time just keeps going on when the whole world should be feeling our loss…"
Jan 14
Marsha H commented on Steve Cain's group Bereaved Spouses
"Dear Mary ...  Bob is there because he is embedded in your heart and your mind is filled with wonderful memories.  I often feel how sad it is that some never experience the love all of us have had and the good memories.  At times I…"
Jan 14

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Just a quick note to thank you all for supporting each other. When I started this I would have NEVER thought this group would grow this big and have the amount of activity that it does. It's great to see you all supporting and helping each other. With 3 jobs it is hard to spend as much time as I'd like but it's good to know I don't have to spend a lot of time here administering things. Just remember I'm around if you need me. When something gets posted I do get an email and I will respond as soon as I get that. Thank you all for taking care of each other and remembering your loved ones here.

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At 9:10am on August 12, 2017, Joanne Dobrow said…

My Jack was my world. It has been eight months since I lost him and yes somehow you go on but I will always be half of me. I have lost half of what made me me.

At 11:08am on June 18, 2015, Cynthia Murphy said…

It has been a while since I have been here. My husband died 19 months ago after 17years of suffering from diabetes related problems. I didn't think I would ever get better but I have. Eight months into a horrible grief a friend called and asked me to come over, her brother was there. I dated her brother in high school. He had lost one of his sons in 2001 and grieving as much as I was. We've had so many discussions about what we have been through and where we are now.. We are dating now and loving life again. We still talk about our loved ones we lost but we remember with smiles and happy memories. I don't know what the future holds for me but I have to trust that God is leading me in the direction that was meant to be for the second half of my life.

At 2:19pm on September 1, 2014, Karen W said…

Joyce, welcome to the site.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I lost my husband Ed almost 9 months ago and I have found myself back at this site often looking for comfort, encouragement, understanding, or just to vent my feelings.  Everyone here has been where you and I are and understands what we are going through.   I wish you strength for each new day. 

At 10:45am on September 1, 2014, Joyce M said…

I too am new to this site...and am not sure how to post a comment...I have read so many comments by others and have found some small measure of comfort knowing that what I am going thru is so normal...I lost my husband just 3 weeks ago and every day is so hard right now....

At 9:44am on May 26, 2013, Jan said…
How do I talk to people on this site? I posted and did a blog and no one responded. Maybe I didn't do it correctly.
At 9:02pm on December 7, 2012, Babs said…
I just realized I posted
I have read others post and it seems no matter whether the loss of our loved one is recent or years ago What I am feeling is what others have posted
I feel a large piece of my heart died when he did I feel like I have to be another person at work and then go home to our home we shared for 45 years and feel so alone I just crawl in bed and zone out to movies or sleep When I think about how much I miss him and being there when he took his last breath it's like I have to put my feelings away because its too hard to deal with them. I get mad then sad and cry I just want to go to sleep and wake up and he is back home with me. The question I have is I feel bad when other family members call with problems they are having or if they are sick. I feel like I can't handle it or be sympathetic and say the wrong thing to them. I really don't want to talk to others I feel bad I can't listen to there problems Does anyone else feel this way. I have always been the strong one helped others and was able to fix my problems. This grieving I can't fix me. I know everyone says it takes time but this is the worst thing to go thru and I don't feel I will ever be me again. I married Mike when I was 18. Moved from my patents house to be Mikes wife then became a mother and now 45 yrs later alone. I was always a wife and a mother never a me I don't know how to be me. Mike and I were friends too and did everything together I really don't have friends Sorry my post is so long. Mikes birthday is coming up then Xmas. Thanks for listening
At 8:40pm on December 7, 2012, Babs said…
Hi. I am new here how do I post a question My husband of 45 years passed away 10 months ago tonight I don't feel it will ever be better I miss so much. GOD BLESS EVERYONE
At 2:35am on September 13, 2012, Marilyn kroge said…
I am facing the 1st anniversary of the loss of my beloved Jim and I still can't accept that I am alone for the first time since I was 18 years old, almost 50 years with the same man and my only love. I wake in the night to sounds that I realize are coming from my very soul. I find myself calling out to him, begging him to please come back to me, that I can't go on without him and I can't stop the tears that won't stop and I don't want to stop the pain I feel because that would make it real, it would mean that I finally know that I will never feel his arms around me, that I'll never kiss him goodbye when he left each morning. This man I met for the first time and we knew that first meeting that love at first sight really happened and we were together from that moment until I kissed him and felt his last breath, warm and so amazing that I felt his breath as he closed his eyes and so quietly left me forever . I know how maudlin my words sound but I so need to finally tell someone of my pain. I'm not allowed to say any of this to my sons or anyone in my family. Their grief became anger and so this has been my life, alone and terribly hurt that no one wants to hear what I've said here where I feel safe sharing my deepest thoughts. Thank you......."m"
At 9:13pm on September 12, 2012, Margie Thrash said…

I am coming up on my second month without my rock (Scott) it is hard but I do have good friends that check up on me every night if I dont contact them so I am fortunate that way.  Had to already go thru his birthday without him was very hard to do.  Then we always did a 100 mile horse ride week of labor day did it this year by myself with a few friends and was hard but I did it.  Not a day goes by I dont cry.  One of his last text to me was please dont get depressed like I am right now (he had 3 months to live from diagnosis made it 3 1/2).  So I try to think of that text everytime it gets too bad and I go outside or work around the house and listen to alot of music.

At 2:21am on January 10, 2012, Rowe said…

Welcome to all new members. I Lost my first husband 31 yrs ago at the age of 38. Remaried 6 yrs later and lost my Late husband after 10 yrs. He has been gone for 15 years. I am living proof that after the grief, Life will go on.  Not at first, but about 5 yrs later you will be living again.. even though you thought it would never happen. I Recommend that you do not try to avoid the grief.. you have to deal with it because if you dont it will be waiting for you to come back. I am here for you if you need to vent, or just want someone to give you an ear.


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