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At 12:15pm on August 10, 2009, Elaine Banks Phillips said…
Hi Ingrid,this is Elaine Phillips,well the problem is my youngest grandson Kory,Kris youngest son needs plan B and C. The last time on July 3,2008 you ask for the young men ages. He Kory is now 5 years of age,where he was 2 years of age when his Dad was killed in the car accident. Would you believe that after three years my grandson cried and told me that he missed his Dad so much and wanted to know when his Dad was returning home from work. This really broke my heart so bad not knowing that my grandson was still waiting for his Dad to return home from work. All Kory knew was that his Dad had passed. At 2 years of age what do he know about passing. Just what he thought That his Dad had passed by the house after work and he missed him and went back to work the next morning. He would say that his Dad was in heaven,but he thought that heaven was at work. He was use of hearing when Kris was at work they would say oh Kris is in heaven now. A FireFighter was Kris dream since he was attending daycare. My words to him was that yes your Dad is in heaven,but not at work and that your Dad was killed in a fatal care accident and that will not be returning home from work ever again because your Dad is dead. This took so much out of me to tell this 5 year old that his Dad will not be returning back home. I felt like crying but it was his turn to get it all out. I didnot cry at my son funeral,because I had so many to hold up for. My daughter was 5 month pregnant,his fiance,two grandsons and his brother. Many nepews,2 nieces and cousins who looked up to Kris as a role model in the family. Kris was so well respected by many,friends and family members. They would say call Kris he knows what to do. So someone and somebody had to be strong. But I really think this is where my sickness fell in. Holding in everything trying to be strong. So Ingrid I really need plan B and C or maybe E and F."Smile" Elaine
At 2:14pm on July 30, 2008, Debby Cacioppo said…
I just figured out that there is a Lodi NJ, as well as a Lodi ca. I am in California, although my huisband is from Chicago and eventually we will be moving there. Right now we are taking care of my mom who's health is failing. Thanks, and God bless
At 1:12am on July 29, 2008, Debby Cacioppo said…
Thank you Ingrid,I am ok... just a little lonely sometimes. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a message. Thanks for the kind words.
At 5:24am on July 15, 2008, ingrid Mapson said…
Good Morning Everyone! Hope all is well. Have a great Day! Always remember... God Loves Us All. :-)
At 6:43pm on July 14, 2008, BarryWHK said…
Thanks for your kind words Ingrid. Sorry for not responding sooner.
At 4:21am on July 12, 2008, Daisy M said…
Thanks Ingrid,, its me Daisy. your words are very true and I do believe it will be okay.... thank you for reading my heartfelt words
At 8:08pm on July 3, 2008, ingrid Mapson said…
Hi there, believe it or not, Dealing with Children isn't the easiest thing :). We both raised grown Children here.. My Son and I really didn't get along since he turned 15... more like he was smelling his oat's so to speak.. As a result we have had an off and on relationship since then. I can explain more... I'm at Anyway, I still worship the ground that both Him and My Daughter walks on. I always will. This is how I know that you do the right things in life especially with your Children. I allowed them both the life of Morals and Civil know how!. One thing I know, If I should ever close my eyes, no matter what.. They will be ok. Whether now or later.. e-mail me. We can talk. Hope the family is good... Now... u bar b que ing tomorrow or you have a family function on Saturday? Either way, what is you speciality? I love to cook. We can share some tips :)
At 1:45pm on July 3, 2008, Elaine Banks Phillips said…
Hi Ingrid you are so right. I have been talking to the boys,bringing them to church and they have so much to remember they dad with. Now their Mom is great with them and do let them know what a great dad they had. Kris do remember good times with his dad that he speaks of now. I think he was most angry about is that he never had a chance to say good-bye. Their Mom is now a New Orleans Police Officer. I hear Kris all the time stating my dad was a hero and now so is my mom. So I created a coloring book with there mom the police officer and their dad the firefighter. Also a picture of the two together stating my mom & dad our heroes.
At 7:24am on June 28, 2008, ingrid Mapson said…
got to work on yr Grandson!. Now is the time to let your feelings go for a minute and get this young Man and his Brother on the same page and grow up so confident, they can be Super Hero's like their Dad :)
At 7:11am on June 28, 2008, ingrid Mapson said…
Good Morning... my computer had some crazy moments on it's own yesterday. I guess the heat. How are you doing down in Orlins. Hope you are hanging in with a snmile :). I was hoping to come to the Essence Awards down there, maybe next year. I'm going to get my Husband to download my picture so you can know how you are writing to. You have to come to New York... In time. How are your other family member doing? I have a good Friend who lives in California, she had a lot of family in New Orleans, and they have been displaced. She is still searching. You know family is so important, no matter how much drama :). My Son is in Iraq, and Everyday I cry. I have a Daughter also, she is 30 next month and still considers herself, Mom's Liability...hahahahaha. She's good to go though. I have a beautiful Grandaughter who is now 8 Months old, from my Son and his girlfriend. From the time she was born, I named her Miss America.
can't wear no jewelry around her though. She snatch's and her hand and fat fingers have a grip that is tighter than a machine shop grip.

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