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At 4:59pm on June 22, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Long time no see, Mary!  Hope the skate park becomes a reality!

At 2:34pm on November 26, 2012, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Great looking guys!  

Then If I didn't take both plates into his studio for supper, oh boy!

He took the plates out when we finished, hoped that the dessert was SOMETHING chocolate, and always found a programme on the TV that would keep me for another spell. Otherwise I got accused of making a 'pit-stop'! 

He was such a comedian. How I wish I could make another few dozen pit-stops! 

One day in March of last year he started getting confused, most unlike Bernie who would always remind me of what I had to do, or where to find something I had misplaced. Blood infection 'for at least ten years', mis-diagnosed for three months, gave him six months to live in June, and he was gone in less than three. Devastating. I still can't believe it.

At 1:33pm on November 26, 2012, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Mary, Please find comfort in knowing that you have two strong young angels protecting you. My Bernie was a bit older at 45, but he was a sweet guy, a nice person. I can't tell you how much I miss him every day. Even if he spent the whole day in his studio listening to some good jazz standards, the companionship was there. And I would look forward to when he couldn't stand the suspense any longer, and would very casually drift out into the kitchen to say, 'What are we eating tonight?' God love and keep them, yours and mine. David.

At 8:49am on July 27, 2010, Daryl Reynolds said…
Hello Mary, I understand what your saying. I get comfort in the work God and I have begun in their honor and also in the scriptures. I know from the human stand point nothing can change how we feel and unless anybody have experienced it they couldn't began to understand, but God knows and that has to be our source, he said he would never leave or forsake us nor would he put more on us than we can handle, Mary my friend we have to rest in that hope and live strong for our love ones. We loved them so much without question that's a fact but God loves them more than we did, so much that he took them home that they would be whole, to Glory,paradise to be with him my friend, so you and I must rest in that knowledge. If I could talk with my boys right now they would probably say pa,we know how you and the family feel and we love y'all but we don't want to come back, theirs no pain, no sorrow, no sickness, no worrying, no crying, no evil, no wanting. I want you to live right for God and the betterment of your heath so that when your time comes you can come where we are and we can be together again for all eternity.My friend Mary I don't know your religious status but I choose to say that I'm a faith man and that is what we must live by is faith in hopes that by our faith we will be with them again, God says weep when a man is born but rejoice when their gone,he also said that a man born of a woman , his days are few and full of trouble, but when they pass away we know that they have passed from death into life because they loved their brethren. He said weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning, find your morning my friend and your joy, they are gone for now but you still have their love and memory that you must and are able to live strong in until you see them again. This prayer is the gateway to where they are, repeat this if you want at any time, every time I pray I repeat it just in case I have sinned against God without knowledge." God I repent for my sins even the ones I don't know of, I believe that your son died on the cross of Calvary and rose on the third day with all power in his hand and I ask that you would come into my heart and be my personal savior" except him into your heart by reading your bible if you don't know,find the situation in your life at the time in the dictionary concordance of your bible, read what it says about how to handle it then we you pray, tell God what he said that he would do, he has to do it because he's a God that cannot lie, it's virtually impossible for him to he can't even have good intentions and not perform it. Mary he said that by his stripes we are healed not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well, receive that into your spirit and faith bank then act and live as such by faith. He said he wants us to come to him as a little child because a child will trust a parent even not understanding why we ask them to do certain things, they just do it, because they have faith that what we ask them to do will not harm us, that's what he wants, we can only please God by our faith in his ability to be all things to us, he is a show out God Mary he wants to do for and in us what we can't so that he alone can receive the glory, so when you turn it a loose he will began to fix it so that you will know that only he could have done it, and only he can get the glory out of your life and your praise unto him. When you pray ask all things in Jesus name every prayer every decree. He said speak those things that are not as tho they were, so say the things that you want to happen,speak to it and call it forth in the name of Jesus, and it will be so! God bless you Mary and be not weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap if you do not faint or quit.
At 11:36pm on July 23, 2010, Daryl Reynolds said…
Yea Mary I agree the feelings inside are horrible,There is a hell because I'm living it in a sense. Torment every day, and anguish and sorrow, dieing is easy now it's living that's hard.
At 9:57am on April 25, 2010, Carrie L said…
Mary I saw one of your posts. I need to talk to you. I am so sorry your sons are not here. My son is not also. Please write to me. Not very many people have this horrible thing happen. I am so sorry. carrie L
At 1:31pm on February 13, 2010, Chelle said…
Its normal to have doubts when you lose someone you love! But it shows spiritual strength to recongnize the state of your spirituality. You are always in my prayers. I hope Jehovah has comforted you by means of his holy spirit. It can be hard, someone is there one day and gone the next. It's hard because it isnt natural, and the grieving process is long for those who have lost a child, i cant even imagine! Its always comforting to read that we'll see our family and friends again and in your case you son.
Well I dont know where you live, but i hope you can keep warm this weekend!
At 9:22am on February 6, 2010, Chelle said…
Dear Miss Mary i'am very sorry to hear of your loss! I do not know the pain of losing a child, i do know of the painfrom losing relatives and friends. I have been told the pain is completely different. But i hope i can comfort you with these words from the scriptures. In the bible it talks about a promise for mankind. that promise is that God " will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. the former things have passed away."- Revelation 21:3,4. Do put faith in this prophecy! It is surely to be fulfilled. Many other prophecies have already been fulfilled, such as the sign of the last days in Matthew 24, that talks about "nation rising up against nation" "food shortages, earthqaukes" Surely we are living in that time. Draw close to Jehovah, he is a loving and gracious God for you, he sacrificed his only begotten son so that we humans could exercise faith in him and be saved by the hope for everlasting life, on this earth. Be delighted that Jehovah does not take away our loved ones for use of angels or tests. :) The bible makes it clear of his purpose for humans to live forever on Earth, the only thing that changed this was the consequence Adam and Eve subdued, after eating from the tree in Genesis 1:28/ 2:15-17.

Well is Miss Mary you are in my prayers! keep strong faith in Jehovah! <3
At 4:30am on January 15, 2010, Jonnell said…
Hi mary,
i havent been on here in a while but yours was the first story i read when i came back. I was curious to see how this happened. i am 32 and lost my 13 year old son in a car accident sept. 5 2009. i also keep busy, everyone says how good im doing and how amazing i am. if they only knew! the only thing that gets me by Mary, and i know its the wrong way to deal with it but i need to function for my 4 year old daughter is this. i beleive i will see philip again one day, its way longer than i would like but he is not gone, i pretend he is off at college for a very long time, school, traveling having the time of his life and when i get the chance i will go be with him. its crazy right ? it works for me, i have my breakdowns and he is always on my mind but in order to function i have to think that way, and in all reality it is kind of true, he is just away and i will see him again. i pray for your peace and happiness as i pray for mine. philip gives me strength and i long to see him. best wishes
At 7:20pm on January 5, 2010, Phil's Mamama said…
I am so sorry Mary. I cannot put into words just how sorry I am about the loss of your precious sons. I have no answer to your sadness. I lost my own precious son on Jan 16 of this year. I am very proud of you for what you are doing in honor of your sons. I am too sad to write more but know that you are in my prayers.
Always Proud Mom of Philip Dillon Lean

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