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Tommy Scott Tynes III

Open your mind to it and know in your heart you can get a sign from your child and they will be there. Tommy was only 23 when he passed on Christas Day to hypothermia. He got stuck on his way home and tried to walk home, it was far too cold and nobody would help him because it was so late. It was a rural area and nowhere to get out of the cold. Tommy you are so missed and we love you with all of our hearts. We will see you again in heaven where you are because there was never a sweeter angel here on earth.

I did have a sign from Tommy.   He came to me and told me he was alright.   I was not sure I was dreaming or not, but when I opened my eyes it had only been 10 minutes since I went to bed.   I layed in bed praying... I was praying for that sign like you are wanting.. I prayed to Jesus, God, and then all of the family and friends who I knew had passed on, asking each one of them to get word to Tommy to let me know he was ok.... Strangely, I could see each of their faces so clearly... as if they were in the room with me as I prayed...when I am fully awake in the day... they are foggy and it is hard to remember them clearly.  Well... I saw them all in my mind and begged and suddenly Tommy was there...  I screamed and cried and reached for his hand... he put his cheek on my forehead and held tightly to my hand...  I screamed for David to wake up and see Tommy... "David Tommy is here.. David!   He heard me screaming...  Tommy said I have to go mom... and I asked him if he was ok and he said "I'm ok Mama"  he had a sad look on his face like he knew I was hurting.. then he was gone...  I opened my eyes as looked at the I said it was only 10 minutes.. I know I was not asleep.. somewhere in between.   I had a heightened sense of awareness for about 10 minutes afterwards and my heart was pounding really hard.    That is my experience... I pray it was real.Delete Comment

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At 11:43am on January 5, 2014, Warren Washington said…

Dear Shannon,

I am very sorry to hearabout the loss of your beloved child.  The death if a child is one of the mkst painful and devastating things you could ever face.  One of the things that comforts me in the face of loved ones ive lost is Gods word the bible.  One of my favorite scriptures is John 5:28 and 29, where Jesus stated that all those in his memory will be resurrected.  

At 9:57pm on December 10, 2012, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Hi Shannon.....I never see much posted by you.  Hope life finds you somewhat good.  You and I share the same Angel date of our sons.    I will be thinking of you this whole month of December.

Susan    Donny's Mom Forever

At 3:01pm on June 25, 2012, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…


I haven't been on a lot lately, but wanted you to know I've been thinking of you and your Tommy.

I hope  you're hanging in there!



At 9:44pm on May 8, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Shannon just wondering how you're doing? Me jusy making it one day at.a time missing my son can't believe it's going on three years! 3 year's without seeing jesse just so sad! Thinking of you Hugs to you ALICE Jesse's Mom
At 12:21am on March 24, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

Shannon I saw your son's picture and it caught my eye because I saw a boy who looked just like him when I tried to get away to the beach a week or soo ago. (I also saw one who looked just like mine)  In the course of a short conversattion I remember my friend or I making some comment regarding something he said or did of "Oh aren't you a cutie" and he grinned and said "My momma always said I'm precious" lol ..that's what brought me to your page.  I am soooo sorry for your loss.  NO Parent should have to see their child go before them but when it could have been so easily prevented..well, forgive me, I'm in the "anger" stage I guess.  I can only imagine what you have or will feel when you did or do hit that stage.  Please feel free to write to me.

Then reading what you wrote above..I just wanted to tell you I totally believe it was your Tommy.  At the risk of sounding crazy, I've had experiences people refer to as being a "sensitive" all my life..many others can testify to as coming or being true.  And I had a very similar experience with my brother after he passed.  I also hear my Andy speak to me..and some of what he has said has shown us that it was him by him telling me about something ahead of time.  He's told me "it's AMAZING there, indescribably AMAZING".  That makes me happy for our son's.  I does ot however take away my deep deep longing to feel his hugs again, to have him physically here with me..we would talk all the time.  If he was away we would text or skype.  I pray all the time that the Rapture come very soon.  Andy told me that we would all be with him soon..but said he could not say what "soon" was..or how soon.  Sooon God's time?  Or soon our time?  He said "Soon mom real soon".

It's bothered me because lately I haven't "heard" from him as much.  I'm sure I really sound crazy now but I'm not the only one in this house who he has made his presence known too and some are in funny ways.  I had smoked and quit. (My kids hated that I smoked) well..stupidly I started again with all the stress.  BUT with him gone it's like he is sitting there going "HA!  how about that!  I can DO something and you can't stop me!" and my cigarettes always have to be relit at least 3 times...that's not husband started again too but he wasn't having any problems so I literally said to andy "Hey now this isn't fair!  Why do you put mine out but not Dads????!!!"  Gues what happened?  My husbands started doing the same!  Your Tommy was with were given a very special gift. ;)

I hope someday God shows us WHY things had to be this wy..

I apologize for my rather scattered introduction here.  I'm usually a quiet person who finds it hard to know what to say so I  stay to myself but for some reason I couldn't this time.  ((((Sending hugs from one mom to another who knows the pain))))  Lori

At 9:21am on March 22, 2012, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…


I just read your post on my page, thanks for writing.  Even though I wish we didn't have to, I'm glad we can share our losses and be able to talk to each other.

I read on the main wall about the forum you went to.  I found it to be comforting and hope you did too.

A part of me would love to do it, but another part of me is so afraid to hear what could be said.  I guess I have the rest of my life to decide, huh?

I hope you're hanging in there.  Lately for me has not been good.  It's getting more difficult every day to put on my "happy" face.  I've been told, this will pass too.

Anyway, thanks again for your posting.  I think of you and your Tommy all the time.



At 11:26am on March 10, 2012, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Hi Shannon....we are all anxious to learn how the forum went for you.  We are all hoping it was both comforting and healing.   I am going away for a few days but will return on Tuesday.  Let us all know....

Hugs, susan

At 11:26am on March 10, 2012, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Hi Shannon....we are all anxious to learn how the forum went for you.  We are all hoping it was both comforting and healing.   I am going away for a few days but will return on Tuesday.  Let us all know....

Hugs, susan

At 10:29am on March 7, 2012, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Morning glad to hear from you!!  The Legacy site has been so quite lately.  Yes I am in one other one with Starr and Tami.  It is very private on FB with other mothers who have lost children.  Both are really a very important part of my healing process.  Everyone on these sites have helped me plug along in this grief journey.  As you know my "other" friends that have not lost a child just don't understand our sadness and loss.  so these sites let me really post what I feel.   Please keep in touch as I do feel a bond with you losing our boys on the same day.  I keep trying to tell myself that they must have been very special to be chosen to leave the earth on such a sacret day.....kinda gives me comfort.    Donny's real birthday was last Sunday so we did a family dinner for him.....still unbelieveable I will never see him again.     Thanks again for thinking of me!!   Keep in touch...


At 12:09am on March 4, 2012, Barbara Rieger said…


I want you to know that I forgot to tell you that I haven't gone after the farewell and it will be 2 years April 5th. When I went to visit my dad I was on my knees weeping and then became very ill and learned I had a chronic disease;underlying bronchial asthma.

I believe that my son lives inside of my heart and that of his family, friends and anyone who talks about him remembering him because they love him.

I came across the following poem that I want to share with you:

We thought of you today
But that is nothing new
We thought of you yesterday
And will tomorrow too
We think of you in silence
And make no outward show
For what it meant to lose you
Only those who love you know
Remembering you is easy
We do it everyday
It is the heartache of losing you
That will never go away.

I believe that this is how all the members on this site feel. Too bad the individual that wrote this didn't sign their name.  It made me feel a release and each word brings a thought that I'm not alone someone else wrote exactly how I feel.

With Love,



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