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At 11:14am on December 21, 2010, Carrie L said…

Hi Sherre so much loss i feel for you. I am on here to talk to other sad people of course we laugh some but in our hearts there is the overwhelming sadness of our loss which is forever. we are all strangers but yet have the same gut sadness. which others don't possess.. alchohol and tobacco can be a crutch but life and laughter with our loved ones is better... loneliness takes hold sometimes. have a merry christmas.. it is here upon us carrie L

At 7:32am on April 9, 2010, Annie said…
Please go to your doctor and discuss your sadness. I know when someone who has lost a family member through suicide, the pain is unbelievable. You need outside support. friends, group therapy, family members. They might have support groups in your community. Go! Suicide scars you for life, you never forget, But it is how you handle it. You need support. Be kind to yourself, Be around positive people, laugh much, Remember the good times. Time heals, It has been 42 since my husband died. My life changed forever. Stay busy, work, volunteer, It really helps. But discuss this with your doctor ASAP. I am so sorry for your loss, Life will get better, believe me. Will it ever be the same? No. It is how you deal with it. Is it easy? YES & No.When someone has an incurable illness, you can understand, but when someone takes their own life, The question will always be WHY! It has been 42 years and I still cry and I ask WHY. The sadness does not consume me any more. If I can help you or answer any questions, feel free to write.
Take care, Plant a garden,
At 2:29pm on February 17, 2010, sherre Yager said…
feb 18 2010 justins birthday our first year without you would have been 28 tears tears tears sobs ......
At 9:44pm on December 27, 2009, Carla said…
Dear Sherre - Thank you for you words to me. Our son's name is Michael, he was 28. It is two weeks today. I find some comfort here because each person has felt this pain - like no other - some people are very sad for us, but they don't know what it feels like, and the depth of the sorrow yesterday was horrible, I didn't think I could make it, today was a bit better only becuase our daughter came to help with thank you cards. Sometimes, I just wish I was unconscious. Waking up each moring just starts it all over again. My husband, Larry, is so loving even though he is hurting even more; he and Michael were so close and Larry lost a daughter to cancer the year before we met. I know Michael was being treated for depression and panic/anxiety. His doctor was also sending him to a neurologist because of other symptoms he couldn't diagnois. We will not know what that might have been. I can't believe this has happened to the son who was our life.
At 10:12am on December 23, 2009, Debbie said…
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. My son, Joey, (in picture)was 26 when he committed suicide on June 20, 2008. My life and the lives of his family have been changed forever. We are still in shock and disbelief that he could have done that to himself. He seemed so happy, always laughing and smiling and having a good time. . .we just can't accept that he is gone. I guess it was another story when he was alone in his apartment in Boston. There is still not a day that goes by that I don't cry for him and for everything he is missing in life. This is our second Christmas without him, and there is no Christmas spirit in our home anymore. I miss him so much that my heart actually hurts. My love and prayers are with you and your family.
At 9:48pm on November 17, 2009, Pj said…
Thankyou so much for sharing part of your story with me, my heart breaks for you and I can relate to what you've said re: alcoholism, my Dad, my Mom (she died from the alcoholsim) I think that is a different type of suicide.
I am so sorry you too have lost your own son had just turned 26 a month before his death. We had lived with much tradgedy and loss and it just never seemed to stop...I cannot begin to express my sorrow and grief for those who come to this site, I am new here myself so bear with me...I am a little confused on the add friend and I even posted a response to Sue which did not publish, so maybe I'll get thing hang of it, soon.
It has taken me a little time to post again..I appreciate the kindness and support shown here by all I have read and I appreciate having folks to talk to and hopefully in some way we all can bring comfort to the other's hurting hearts and minds.
I am so sorry to hear of the struggles with alcohol, suicide and as a mother - a hug to you. Thank God you were strong enough to overcome the alcohol.
good thoughts and prayers to you.
At 9:55pm on November 16, 2009, SUE said…
hi Sherre
Im also havn problems adding a friend, seems to be a problem with the site itself, so its not just you, its everybody. You are on a board/group already. What you can do is post a comment or start a new thread (topic) on the discussion board,or post a comment on the comment wall or post a comment on your wall or another members wall. Hope that helps. Usually when I run into techy issues on a forum, I ask a moderator for help...unfortunately I havent seen any of those here yet. Sherre try this site on for size. Just click on my link and go. I think this one will be much better for you and easier to work with. Im on there as well.Click on the suicide grief forum when you get to the site. Good Luck
At 4:33pm on November 16, 2009, sherre Yager said…
i click on add as friend and an error comes up
At 7:36pm on November 15, 2009, SUE said…
Hi Sherre,
I got your mess but cant find it on the board. Technically what can I help you with? Im not the best but I can try to help.

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