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When will the suffering end?

Jesus gave a "sign" to indicate when the end would be near. Present world conditions threaten man's survival and show that we now live in "the conclusion of the system of things." Read Mattew 24:3,  7-14, 21, 22.

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Good News #2

Good news that God.......God has a living purpose for mankind. the Scriptures explain how man's privilege of living on a paradise earth was lost early in human history and how a paradise will finally be restored read Revelation 21:4,5

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Fear of Death at Big Parade

So, now I hear on the news that their is a terror alert because of the big parade down town... Now, things are hitting home. Things like this happen every day in other countries. Sadly, we turn the other cheek. Despite police and governments best efforts we still are going  to have death because of wickedness. Our schools are not even immuned any more. I pray for peace and security worldwide....and no man or woman can do this. Things are getting worst and I know it will get better…


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Good News

Few things are as fascinating as the good news from God. Yet, some people are indifferent to it, and others are even annoyed by it. Do not be discouraged. Your hope of enjoying everlasting life depends on your getting to know God.

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Have you ever been through something so dramatic that it changed your life forever? I have experienced this in my life all too many times. None had ever been as drastic as the event that left a lasti…

Have you ever been through something so dramatic that it changed your life forever? I have experienced this in my life all too many times. None had ever been as drastic as the event that left a lasting scar in my life. The day I’m speaking of was the day my mother left this world, in other words the day she died.

December 28 2013, began with quite a start. The night before my brother, father, mother, grandmother, and I had planned to leave Zephyrhills and head back to Melbourne for a…


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Baltimore Grief

So I learn today that the homicide rate has gone up at a alarming rate in Baltimore. My family lives near this city....My sympathy goes out to all the families that have recently loss a child, as son, a mother, a sister, a father, a brother in Baltimore. All part of Bible prophecy....God wipe this wickedness away soon. I know you will. I weep again today. May we comfort one another in this time of sadness.

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Still Grieving after a Year

I have never posted anything so personal as this in any kind of chat

rooms or anything similar, so if it seems that I am going on and on and on

it's because this, I guess, is my way of coping and hopefully part of the road  

to my grief recovery.  I lost my gay  life-partner and my soul-mate a little

over a year ago.  Many people have told me that it gets easier with each day

that passes.  I have to agree to a certain degree.  Some days it seems that…


Added by Keith Lindbo on November 16, 2015 at 11:31pm — 1 Comment

France & Kenya Deaths

My  heart goes out to those families in France & Kenya.The world is going from bad to worst. I pray for God to wipe out the wickedness very soon. I look forward to the time where meek shall inherit the earth and wickedness will gone forever. I weep today..

(Psalms 37:10,11)

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Lost My Angel

Im new here and hurting bad lost my amy april 22 2015 our anverisity was april 27 were were together 16 years.But in the last year we were together 24 hours a day fighting cancer.God I hate cancer a diease that is so unfair.I just feel so lost without all started out she was getting forgetfull and confused finally got her to go to hospital. me being a guy I just thought it was a thing women go thru boy was iwrong they found a mass on the day shes getting brain surgery.She…


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Bereaved at the Holidays

Mourning the loss of a loved one is hard work and it can feel even tougher when you add holidays into the mix. Our holidays are laced with traditions, memories, and familiar faces. When someone is missing, what do you do? Celebrate as you always did or bury your head under the covers and hope the day and season…


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The color still faded and dull even 4 years later. The sky not so blue, the grass a faded pale green and the yellow of your roses you cherished, pale and washed out. You were my light, my vibrance, my reason. The world is so lonely without you.

I love you and miss you Mom! You are forever in my heart.

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My love has gone

After 13 years together  my beloved Alberto died on Aug 16. He was a shy but very charming man who loved his family and who loved me. 

I have lots others whom I loved dearly parents, a nephew, and best friends. No loss prepares you lose the one to whom you come home every night. He will no longer kiss me when I walk through the door at the end of the day. He will no longer tell me simply "get some rest" as I head  up to bed. He will no longer press his cold feet against me and say…


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My Response to a Kindred Griever

I (finally) wrote back to an acquaintance who is in very similar shoes as myself.  I hate to cop-out & be lazy with a copy-paste, but the content is pretty much the same.  The update:




The only option we really get is to just muddle through it as best we can; discovering who we are again without our other halves; realizing all the ways we let our others complement our selves over the years. I can barely…


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How To Deal With Insensitivity After a Death

There seem to be no conversational boundaries when it comes to death. The bereaved are often subjected to inappropriate comments and questions that can shock, hurt, or leave us speechless. We are often left wondering, how can friends, family,…


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Use Your Gift To Encourage Others

Many feel like there is nothing they can do to encourage others especially when it comes to death. It is alot that we can do. One way is by reaching out to others by saying encouraging things like we continue to do on this webite.Yes, those with even the strongest faith get depressed and I know our loving father realizes that. That's why he has give us the gift of our tongue. Some of us carry heavy burdens daily.....but here on a daily basis we console one another with encouraging thoughts.…


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Caring for Parents

Parents may be aging and sometimes they get frustrated anxious and at times resentful. At times I want to get frustrated too. I should not get upset because this is a part of aging .We neeed to remember that "love" is patient and kind (1 Corinthians13:4). I also remember that senior care is something that needs to be planned in advance. Cooperation with family is essential. I want to love them and treat them with the honor they deserve.

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Strength in The Time of Distress

My mother just called and said two more people have died that we sad. We need the strength of God in this time of distress. We can not do this alone- NWT Psalms 46:1

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Blog- Speak up and Help Our Aging Friends & Family

So, I recently took one of my 75 year old friends to the doctor's office. She wanted me to come because she felt like she would not ask the right questions. When we got there she was given this I Pad to collect health history. This was very dificult for her , So, I ended up helping her with her health history. I am so glad I went with her.

Then, I read an interesting article about how a daughter ask about her father's blood test. They found two abnormal test. She was so glad she spoke…


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Healing With Stories

The son of a public figure had lunch with several of his father’s former colleagues following his dad’s death. The stories they told painted a vivid picture of a father he did not know. He was so grateful to better understand his dad that it motivated him to seek out even…


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When a Death Seems a Blessing: What Not To Say

Q. I was recently at a funeral for a relative with Alzheimer’s disease who died in a nursing home. I happened to overhear someone tell the deceased’s son that, “It’s better this way.” The comment seemed inappropriate to me, especially because the speaker was not someone who knew the family well. The son also received some condolence notes that made similar statements. Your thoughts?

Many people think that words…


Added by Florence Isaacs on October 22, 2015 at 9:49am — 1 Comment

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