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loss in 2021

I don't know if my mic will work on here but I'm about to go through another major loss again my mum has not got long left 2 live before she transitioning into the split world from the earthly plane

I am um I am dreading there's Sully Commons when my dad was alive or three phone calls and no your dad's dead but it's still…


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Another Christmas without you

Since i did better last year with christmas i thought id would be easier each passing year. It isnt. It sucks. My emotions flow. this year was not pleasant for weeks. COVD really didnt help matters. I dont miss the chaos of my brother drinking at xmas, but god i miss him. I dont know if i ever wont. Life has gone on. Im well, life is beautiful. this part seems so hard.  I get to help others not end up like my brother so that is a blessing in itself. Happy 2021 All

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Hey y'all, l am new to this group.l really do not know what to do so l will begin with my loss. My husband, Leonard, passed away on March 29,2020. I knew he was getting weaker, you see he has had hea…

Hey y'all, l am new to this group.l really do not know what to do so l will begin with my loss. My husband, Leonard, passed away on March 29,2020. I knew he was getting weaker, you see he has had heart disease ,diabetes and was having trouble with his back . l knew that probably he would die before me. I was not prepared on that Sunday morning he would die.I fell apart. With the Covid 19, we didn't have the support we needed. My sons fell apart. We could only have a graveside service.  Since…


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We can still love in the "Now" and discover its' beauty

With all of the widespread illness....we can still love in the "now."  Discover those little things that can bring one natural pleasure.  The beauty of a garden, the creation  of the "heavenly sky,"  There is so much we can now sit back and observe in our stillness.  

Loving our families and friends and treating each other the way we want to be treated is full of so much beauty.   We can only love and admire the creation our Heavenly Father has put in place.  Do enjoy the love and joy…


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Deja vu


This past Saturday, my husband John walked out the door to do a quick freelance job. He had recently been laid off as his employer closed the company permanently, owing my husband major money. Despite this, my husband worked with the owner gratis, trying to sell the company’s warehouse of video equipment for him.

People who met John called him a force of nature and Renaissance…


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Proverbs 27:12 (Covid-19)

With this new virus - we are cautioned from all angles to be careful.  If we follow the advise at Proverbs 27:12 - "The shrewd person sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences."

We all know the danger involved by not protecting ourselves  from this virus and we also know that the constant barrage of "media hype" can bring about undue anxiety.   What we can do is keep a calm heart and do what is medically sound to do to…


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What time is it again?

Another day, another count of those who have lost their lives to this new and deadly virus - COVID-19.  However, is this all there is to life?  The comings and goings, the up and the downs.  No!  For those who believe that we have a God - a higher being - this is not the life he has intended for mankind to live. 

Read Isaiah 33:24  where it states "And no resident will say: "I am sick." The people dwelling in the land will be pardoned for their error.   Also we can read Psalms 37:…


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My brother would have been 40 today

My bother mike would have been 40 today. its almost been 8 years since he died. its still so hard. this bday is a little harder. maybe because he didn't see 40. i still so hard. less gut wrenching, but so hard. i miss my brother

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My father's Birthday

Many memories and thanks to my dear father who died 2012 and has his birthday January 31.  I miss him so much as he always protected me.



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Love in the Now!

We live in a world where everything seem to be going faster then yesterday.  The old year out  - The New Year in.  Some of our love ones are still here.  This is the time to let our love one know - just how much we really love them. 

In a world filled with so much turmoil and confusion - we can come to appreciate loving those who mean so much to us.  Loving them now while we still have them near us.  We all yearn for those who have left this life and left  us with so many beautiful…


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2nd Year

I am finding the 2nd year after my husband's death to be significantly worse. I guess I was in shock. Busy with insurance and wills and bills left me little time to feel things. I also was in griefshare but when I returned to TX my griefshare was no longer available and others just weren't at convenient times. 

I have narrowed down the biggest problem. My husband's physical condition when he had his accident was horrible. So as quality of life goes - I knew he was in a better…


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lost my soul mate could use some advice

Hello not sure where to start lost my soul mate 6 weeks ago and everything is a blur

 any advice is welcome

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Is This Life All There is?

No matter how hard we try, we have not been able to escape the effects of aging and death.  The question that many may wonder is - "Is This Life All There is?"  

As I have often stated, life is a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father - however, this life is not all there is for mankind. Our Heavenly Father have provided a way for mankind to reach out to him and to worship him.  Through one's worship, one will come to learn of the beautiful promise recorded at "Revelation…


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Life - A Gift From God!

Life as we know it - is truly a gift from God!  How we use that gift is a personal choice and decision.   Absent of life is death - which will in time befall us all.  When we lose our loved one to death - the pain is one which can't be compared to any other emotional pain or hurt.  It pull at the innermost cord of our emotions and stir up a sense of emotional lost.  

However, death, is not the end of it all.  We are promised a time where all of the pain and suffering of today will…


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Our Memories - A Beautiful Gift From Our Creator!!

When we loose a love one - how beautiful it is to know that we can reflect and cherish those memories that brings a smile to our face.  The gift can replay itself over and over again; we laugh, we cry, and we rest for those thoughts that goes back to the days when our love one was there by our side.  How, I miss my Dad....but I often replay the memories of a younger father - with energy and spunk.  His wise counsel that aided me in making wiser decisions.  

Life as we know it now is…


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Trying this again

I've had a lot more healing to do since 2014, when I first found Legacy Connect. I've been busy working with other survivors of suicide loss, writing about survival, connection, and hope and creating/updating the website that is right for me.

Now seems like the time to come back here. I still miss my husband, who ended his life in 2007 after a valiant battle with depression and bipolar disorder. We were married for over thirty years. But he is still part of my life. He made that kind…


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Calm after the Storm

The month has been beautiful in the mountains. No need for a/c - just open a window at night. This year I have been joined by my best friend James. He loves NC as much as I do. Is having trouble finding a job - overqualified for everything. Have had some problems with the dogs running away-- again. I guess all the wildlife here is irresistible. I will post a new picture of the puppy - he is bigger than my german spitz already. Charles and Steve - hope your anniversary was wonderful.…


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Soon be 6 months.  This site gives me a place to unload with people I don't know.  It has been healing for me. 

In just 3 weeks, 2 neighbors have died.  Lat night it was a teen in an auto accident.  I will be here for his mom.  I will be saying those soothing comments I have read on this site.  I will help as I feel lead to do, but won't attend the funeral.  I think it will set me back.  Pray for my strength as I comfort someone who has gone through a horrible loss.

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My journey to find that normal

My husband enjoyed a good laugh. I was thinking how much I missed his happy, blue eyes. Sometimes when I talk to him at night, I hold a teddy bear he had as a young truck driver, but Jingles has no eyes. Lo and behold, on an errand, I found a bag of google eyes!!!! I colored them blue, and glued them on the teddy bear. Big eyes, big bright movable eyes. I can not help but to laugh out loud when I come into the bed room. The bear represents him. Just like him, it made me laugh. Have a good…


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Here I am again reflecting. Thank God I have a full life, but yet, I don't feel complete. A huge part of me left 5 months ago. Although I continue some of the things we did, those moments are bitters…

Here I am again reflecting. Thank God I have a full life, but yet, I don't feel complete. A huge part of me left 5 months ago. Although I continue some of the things we did, those moments are bittersweet. I have him in my thoughts, but long for his physical presence.

As I let go of some of the pain, I try to make room for others who were not as blessed as I to have had a partner that enjoyed going out and doing simple, and not expensive things. This week, I heard a woman say she had…


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