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MY Mom

It has been going on6 months since I lost my mom It has torn me up in so many ways and I need to be strong for my little girl it is sooooo hard I cannot even explain how hard it really is my mom was an everyday part of my life I remember I used to sit and cry before she even died worrying about the days that I wouldnt have her anymore it was so scary. Now everymorning I wake up and the first thing I say to myself is ( another day without mom) and the tears come still after 5 months! My mom… Continue

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Feeling useless

I am a christian woman and raised my kids to be the same. I do not believe in suicide so let's get it straight. I picture Chris in Gods arms holding him and keeping him safe till I can get there but what I don't understand is why am I still here? My heart is so broken and my soul in sorrow. Most people tell me that with time things get easier but the heartake never goes away. I don't believe God's purpose for me is to live the rest of my life so miserable. Everyone is so full of advise but for… Continue

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i need to know how to comfort my fiance

my fiance lost his mother in 2008, he was only 18 yrs old. he lost both of his grandparents in 2005. these 2 people helped raise him and this past july 2009 the only aunt that cared passed away as well. he gets angry alot and lashes out at me no one else just me but later he cries uncontrollable sayin he doesnt mean it but it happens so often i cry alot. i do understand but the only person i have ever lost was my baby godsister when i was 10 yrs old and i was close to his aunt so i am grieving… Continue

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Missing you silly!

Silly I miss you every single day since we went our separate ways. I always figured we'd end up back together like we always did. You promised we were gonna grow old together silly and then you left me. I don't understand I can't raise the lil stinky by myself wtf I need you here. I didn't make him on my own why should I have to raise him on my own. Silly I still loved you with all my heart, you were my heart. Lil stinky misses you but he never admits… Continue

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It's been 19months and I feel just as lost as I did the day he died. I attend church, do the regular things, but it"s over-whelming to me. I will never understand or accept this. I too have questioned God's plan. Was it to punish me? I feel totally alone in this world.

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Mark is in so much pain. I hope he reads my blog because this site and the twinless.org site is very helpful as we try to heal and more on through our grief.

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Now what

We took my son back to where he was born and baptized in order to do a memorial service. I think it helped a little. But I still want my son back. I miss him. He was my best friend. We had to spend so much time together because of his illness it got to the place that we were all we had was each other. When he was sick you couldn't have company because he had no immune system and now he is gone. How can I go for the rest of my life and not hear his voice or see him? I don't know what to do with… Continue

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What do I do now

My Husband Damon died Nov 4 2009 after 31 years of him being part of what made me me ( I never realized that before) but true right now I'm so Lost and confused I really don't know what to do.

Added by Theresa on January 4, 2010 at 11:10am — 2 Comments

January4, 2010.

First day completely alone since my husband past on December 28,2009. Grandchildren back in school, son and daughterinlaw back at work.

Added by Paulette on January 4, 2010 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

Making a difference in times of loss

We’re often shocked and hurt by the insensitive and inappropriate things people say and do. But lots of people get it right and seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to supporting and comforting the bereaved. I’m going to start the New Year off on a positive note and share some of the real-life kindnesses you’ve reported to me:

• “In the year since my husband died, my daughter gives me a surprise every month on the anniversary of his death. It might be a candy bar on my…


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i miss my mom so much i don't know what im going to do she was and is my best friend..

my mom passed away dec,13,2009.my mom had lung cancer since jul,2002.my mom was a very strong women and she would tried to hide the pain she was in the last couple of months of her life .my mom went in to the er nov,20,2009 because she was having sortness of breath my mom never made it back home.my life ended that day too.my mom was and is my best friend im 25 i lived with my mom all 25 years of my life we were like room mates.i could talk to my mom about anything.now she gone and i dont know… Continue

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Sleeping, Reliving the Last Hours, and Dreaming.

My Mom died on Valentine's Day '09 and for about a month now, I'm reliving the last hours of her life, especially before I fall asleep. It seems that I even go into very vivid dreams of her when I am asleep. I've been advised that I should think of Mom as she was as her vibrant self and our happy moments on earth instead. But they too make me cry because I miss her so much. My Mom was in so much pain (even though she had her medicine) that you couldn't touch her even to the point of changing… Continue

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Loss of my grandson

Hello everyone. I have just now discovered this site. I lost my grandson, Kyle Gavin, on 7/1/08. Kyle was only 12-1/2 yrs old and his death was totally unexpected. Kyle was a very healthy, happy,smart,popular and athletic kid, who had just a week prior had pitched in his all star game and attended basketball camp at Clark University, Worcester, MA.

We had just spent the July 4th holiday with Kyle and the rest of our family. On July 10th, Kyle got up out of bed and went right to the floor.… Continue

Added by Pat Gavin on January 2, 2010 at 1:18pm — 1 Comment

I lost both my parents

I lost both of my parents 2 years ago today. I got a phone call from my sister telling me that my father shot and killed my mother and then shot and killed himself. I am so angry at him and haven't yet been able to mourn him but miss her with everything I have and that will never go away, I feel for everyone who has lost a parent, I was 31 years old a few days before they past away and feel like I was cheated from so much. I don't know if any of this will change.

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Loss of my son

December 19th was the worse day of my life. I got a call from my ex-husband telling me my son was dead. My son was my life. He has 2 beautiful children that i adore and struggle to see because of his ex wife. My son was loved by many but was troubled inside. I saw that in him and worried about him 24/7. He lived here in NC for the past past 5 months trying to get his life together. He missed his children so much he wanted to go back to NJ to be with them but ex wouldnt let him. John was only 33… Continue

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