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Obituaries 2.0: Today's Death Notices Sometimes Take Nontraditional Approaches

The new year brings a clean slate and with that comes a new outlook on how to fill that slate. As with everything in our fast-moving, quick-change world, anything related to death, dying, obituaries and grieving is up for updates, nontraditional approaches and ways of dealing with all the emotions that come with…


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How many is too many?

How much is too much?

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I feel like my whole life has been spent moving from one death to another. At age 6, my mom died. Age 13 I watched my grandpa die Christmas morning and was unable to move. I guess I was just so horrified, I froze. My aunt Shirley, who helped me out a lot when my mom died, passed away herself three days before Christmas when I was 21. I need to mention here that my mom was an unwed mother, so I had no… Continue

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Male Breast Cancer

 Male breast cancer is rare but real. So if you find an unusual lump on your (men) small breast tissue, please go check it out. We all look forward to a time when no one will say I am sick (Isaiah 33:24)

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Hi My name is Sunnie and I have 2 brothers in Spirit.

I have 2 brothers who have transitioned to the after life. I know there is an after life because I have the ability to communicate with deceased people. I was very shy about revealing my mediumistic gift  for a long time. However, when my second brother Bruce passed in March of 2012, and came to me a day later making such an impression on me that I KNEW what I was to do with the rest of my life: Help others in grief know that we do not die, we transition from the physical world to a…


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Have you ever said: "Why should I go on?" Some studies have shown that for every death by suicide, 200 people have attempted suicide and 400 other people have thought about it." ----THE GAZETTE, MONT…

Have you ever said: "Why should I go on?" Some studies have shown that for every death by suicide, 200 people have attempted suicide and 400 other people have thought about it." ----THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL,CANADA.

There are many reasons why a person should go on living: (1)Circumstances can change. (2) Because there is help. (3) Because there is hope.


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How to Help Another Widow

Q. My friend’s husband died several months ago, and she’s having a very hard time. She’s on the verge of becoming a recluse and won’t consider a bereavement group or counseling. How can I help her? I’m a widow myself, but I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Not everyone is open to joining a bereavement group…


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When bad things happen

It happens to all of us; someone we know gets a scary diagnosis, has an accident or their cancer returns. What can we say and do when a friend, loved one, colleague or community member gets bad news?



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Helping Your Child Through The Grieving Process

In helping your child to cope with bereavement, you may encounter situations that puzzle you. What can you do? Please consider these common questions that may come up.


It is natural to want to protect your child from any emotional expressions of grief, be they mild or intense. But is it wrong for your child to see that you are grieving? Many parents have found it best to be honest about their sorrow, thus showing their child that it…


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Are you okay?

I am in just a state of mind that I cant hardly be alone. When I am left alone with my thoughts, then it's like I go into zombie mode. I didn't tell him I loved him enough. I didn't spend enough time with him. I just want to know that he is okay. I want to know that he is just not in the dirt. I don't like leaving him alone out there when I go to leave the grave site. People make me feel like I should be on the track to getting on with my life. Why would I be? He was a huge part of who I am.…


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Suicide: Risk Factors And Warnings

Risk factors for suicide among older persons differ from those among younger persons," observes THE JOURNAL of THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Those risk factors include a higher prevalence of alcohol abuse and depression, greater use of highly lethal methods, and social isolation. In addition, older persons....have more physical illness and affective disorders." The book Suicide, by Stephen Flanders, list the following risk factors, any of which deserve attention.



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The Bible's Viewpoint On: Suicide

The tragic news of a suicide does not close a chapter in the lives of relatives and friends; it opens one---a chapter of mixed feelings of pity and anger, sorrow and guilt. And it raises the question: "May we entertain any hope of our family member or friend who took his or her life ever receiving mercy and forgiveness for the act of suicide from God?

Although self-inflicted death is never justified, never the right thing to do, the apostle Paul did hold out a beautiful hope for even…


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There Is Hope For The Victims And Survivors Of Suicide

Many wonder if their loved one who has died from suicide has committed the "unforgiveable sin"?

While the idea, thought, and act of suicide is repulsive and saddens most people and God, it, the act of suicide, is highly discouraged as a last resort or option for those who are contemplating this deadly act. We as individuals should never make snap judgments concerning someone who has succumb to suicide. That is Jehovah God's call. However, there IS POSSIBLE hope for those who have…


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In Time of Loss, Parents and Children Grieve in Different Ways

I never doubted that my parents’ grief for my sister’s death 20 years ago was different from mine. However, it wasn’t until I began to speaking about grief and loss, specifically about suicide loss, that I began to really see how the losses are different. And it wasn’t until I found myself working in the field, particularly doing advocacy work, that…


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The Plateaus of the Grief Journey

Do you feel that you’ve reached a plateau in your grieving, and are you frustrated that it seems as if you’ve stopped moving forward?

Take heart! The plateau is a place where you can rest after expending all your energy on what needed to be done. Stop chastising yourself for being there. Everyone needs to rest when they are working hard. This caution extends to physical work as well as emotional, spiritual and mental work.

Instead, on the flat ground of…


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Feeling lost and lonely after losing my husband unexpectedly

My husband was recommended to have surgery for a preventative cancer, which was not serious enough to do immediately.  He decided to have it done since the doctor he saw said it can turn to cancer in years.  He was referred to a surgeon at MGH by his doctor, because of his complicated medical history.  He was in his 50's and had MS for years but was starting to have medical complications, not because of his MS.  He had his surgery and was recovering slowly but well.  In exactly one week of…


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The 11th

Tomorrow is the 11th and it will be one month since I buried my brother. I am very sad mostly because his 11 year old son just had a birthday and I know he really Moses his dad. We all do! I keep thinking how I wished I had spent more time with him! His 7 year old daughter keeps asking when he is going to be home. This breaks my heart! It's been a few weeks since I cried hard looks like tonight will change that.

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30 days or 30 years

I found myself on New Years Eve excited about going out with some friends for the first time in years.  My drive was about 30 minutes and within 3 minutes of getting into my car I started crying.  Out of the blue, I have no idea what triggered it all other than grief. 

You know, sometimes it just hits you like you hit a wall.  BAM!  Really? 

I cried for 27 minutes.  Then, I became angry.  I have been battling grief, sadness, depression and now...anger.

I read a couple of…


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A Widow's Dilemma: Should I Ask About a Potential Partner's Health Status?

Q. My husband was very sick for years before he died. Although I loved him dearly, I’m now ready for a new relationship. But I’m not willing to be a nurse again. I recently met someone and want to know about the state of his health before I get too involved. I need your advice on…


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When it rains..... it's a deluge!

When it rains, and you are alone, it can feel like a deluge!

I had an automobile accident Saturday (1-4-2014 lovely way to bring in the New Year with a bang, right?).  My van is totaled. I have NO IDEA how I will go about replacing it!

 At least I still have John's car, right?  I thought so, but this morning when I go to use it to keep my doctor's appointment. ... nothing, not even a clicking noise.  Gas? Yes, over half a tank.  In park? Yes.  Sigh. One more attempt. Click, Now…


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