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Stuffed Up Shadow

Nearly every child has something to take to bed with him or her.  It can be a favorite toy, or something else iconic, that will give comfort and a feeling of safety from nightmares or the monster under the bed or hides in the closet.  For a little girl it could be a doll, for a boy a G.I. Joe…it doesn’t…

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Emerging from Grief

As spring emerges, we may remember this as “the winter that wasn’t”  but somehow we still yearn for the daily dose of sunshine that lifts our spirits. The trees have lain dormant for months, their branches bare and without life. Soon blossoms will emerge and once again the leaves will appear, the birds will nest and the squirrels will climb about the branches. Full of life, the tree was never really gone, it just rested a while to regain the strength it would need in the months…


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Parent Alienation

Parent Alienation.  I found this phrase somehow comforting, like finally discovering the name of an illness.  However, unlike a cold or cancer, there are no pills or X-rays to help cure and identify the pain and suffering.  I've searched the web for ways to understand rejection and found the following helpful:

"Rejection assigns blame; it is by assigning blame that the party, who is rejecting the other party, is able to feel absolved and free of any responsibility to work on…

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A Season of Change and Anniversaries

It sneaks up on me every year. I’m lost in my life when St. Patrick’s Day and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament jolt me into remembering that March 18 is around the corner. I think of St. Patrick’s Day 1993, the last day I saw my sister Denise, and the NCAA Tournament, where I was when she ended her life. Then it's April 4, Denise's birthday. I'm not filled with sadness; she’s with me, I know that well. Instead, this two-week period serves as a checkpoint of sorts, a time to…


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My dad passed March 6, 2012 at 3:30am

My dad went to the hospital on Friday March 1.  he could not breath, after doing a bunch of tests he found out he had pneumonia and he was put on oxygen.  He could breath real good with the mask on put once they took it off his oxygen levels would dip down.  We saw him Saturday, he seemed to be in good spirits.  Saw him Sunday.  My sisters and I tried to get his ring off cause his finger was swollen we tried soap, hand lotion,  ultra sound gel, nothing worked.  Since my dad can't hear well…


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1991 When we met I am carrying your Love with me

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How do you help a grieving boyfriend?


Firstly, I'd like to thank anyone with helpful words, and all of you with the kindness to acknowlegde my concern. My boyfriend and I have been dating for several months, and I feel a strong, lasting bond with him. With that said, he has endured a heartache of a broken bond like no other. The bond of brotherhood. Almost one brief year ago today, his older brother had passed away in a sudden accident. These moments, these hours of the day, since the tragedy of his brother, have…


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Waiting for a sign

My dad is my hero. He was a World War II Air Corp Pilot and waist gunner. He was the kindest man I knew. I have signs from my mother all the time. The street lights go out when we talk about her.
This is my dad less than a month before his death on Jan 10 2012. I miss him so much I just want him to send me a sign.

I love you all so much.

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A Legacy of Leadership Story - Will You Have One?

"Somebody needs to be in charge!" "Press on!" My Uncle Harris often advised me with those words in our discussions about family or work related matters. His words were rooted in wide, hard and celebrated stories of leadership, from which I learned much. The time to cement this legacy came on December 7, 2011 when the Lord took him home.


Many of us do think about 'what we will leave behind.' Whether its leaving a career, business or the finality of life; the…


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My Mother Mary's Final Drive Home - The Route We All Must Take One Day

"A person who has children does not die." Nigerian proverb

My mother, Mary Parker Brown, passed away in March 2010 at the age of 72 following a nine month battle with leukemia. I do mean battle; she fought with everything she had—grit, will and focused strength. In spite of this disease occupying her body, God had blessed my mother with a sturdy internal and external frame that allowed her to stand against this leveling leukemia for as long as she did.

When I…


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Losing my wife while having young children.


I lost my wife Lorie, the funeral was yesterday. I've had so many emotions, it's hard to explain. I have 2 children age 8 and 9 so I've tried to do my best to comfort them. The thing is I feel quilty for trying to do things to occupy their time and help them move on. Today I took them to school to visit before going back full time next week. We spent time doing things together afterward. It just seems cold to try to do normal things. It seems like the world should stop for a…


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Reaching out to the bereaved and getting no response

When bad things happen, it can be hard to know what to say or do. So it’s not unusual that many of us struggle over what we’ll say and how we’ll say it. We might spend a great deal of time crafting written messages when communicating with those facing loss, carefully choosing the words to use and the method of delivery. Or we might compose verbal messages, hoping they will convey our heartfelt sympathy.


So what happens when you write appropriate messages or verbally…


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no more tears

I noticed for the first time since my Peter left that I know longer wake up crying.  My heart still feels like it's being yanked out of my body.  I no longer cry but I still cannot get up in the morning.  I'm late for work everyday.  Thank God I have a compassionate employer.   Each day I put on a happy face so my children won't worry but it isn't getting any better.   My life consist of work and home. I'll be retiring from work in a few  months.   I just can't do it anymore.  I don't return…


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Why was he taken so young?

I lost my only son, Billy in a construction accident and to this day I still cannot believe he is gone.  He left a 22 month-old daughter and a 4 month-old baby boy.  He absolutely loved being a dad, and he was a good one.  He had a rocky road growing up, but when his life was taking a better path and his children were born he was on top of the world.  The question that haunts me to this very minute is why did he have to be taken away from his children.  They never got to know what a great…


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Things To Remember While Funeral Service

It is said about traditional funeral but one thing everyone has to remember there is no such traditional funeral. It is just the funeral homes who earn the profit from this funeral service operation. No one should be compelled to do the funeral service as said by the funeral director. It is your work what type of service you want so that it is affordable to you.

Many such funeral services are available by which one can show respect to the deceased one. It is not written anywhere that…


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Inviting the Bereaved to Lunch

Q. I’m thinking about inviting an old friend, whose mother recently died, to lunch. I haven’t seen this friend in a while and didn’t attend the funeral. Is this an appropriate thing to do? What should I say when I call? This friend often complained about her mother, who was very cold and critical of her.


Yes it is appropriate to invite the bereaved to lunch or dinner (or coffee, for that matter) a few weeks or more after the funeral. By then the calls of…


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Saved Voice Mail and Dominoes

There some days I listen to my voice mail messages.  I have a voice mail saved from Timmy from two months before he was killed.  I sit and listen, save, listen, save again, listen again...some days afraid that if I don't listen to the voice mail, it will be gone.  I also have the message from Mayor Nutter calling me to express his condolences.  I can hear his voice…


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Tonite as I'm sitting here on the internet keeping myself busy playing games,I came across a thought that I needed to post about. I remembered how at the end of each day , I'd get my Dad to bed , mak…

Tonite as I'm sitting here on the internet keeping myself busy playing games,I came across a thought that I needed to post about. I remembered how at the end of each day , I'd get my Dad to bed , make sure the covers were covering him well so that he wouldn't be cold in the middle of the night , sometimes I'd give him a kiss on his forehead, then I'd say " good night Dad , see you in the morning ". Something that was jus part of my daily routine , and 1 year and 5 months later , I'm thinking…


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Comfort and hope

There are really no words that we can speak that truly expresses the pain in ones heart when we lose a loved one in death.

When just one person dies it generates unspeakable pain in many. Parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and sometimes even the general public when something happens on a grand scale. (ex: Chardon High School)

Everyone handles these things in their own way with their own faith. (even atheism is a form of belief and… Continue

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