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My son....Patrick Spencer Silbitzer my first true Love 10-6-85 - 11-18-09 I love and miss him so. I cry oceans for him..

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Sweet Pea

Sweet pea,

I just walked in the door. Dad, Reesie and Cayden were on the couch. I said "hi", I heard nothing. No one even responded. NOTHING. All I could think on my way up the front stairs is that there would be no little feet running at me squealing "mama's home, mama's home, I missed you so much mama", no little arms wrapping around my legs in a hug of pure love, no one scrambling to get picked up to tell me that "I love you so much mama, so much". No one that would so excitedly… Continue

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I miss my dad today

Had a tough day. The guy i really liked for 2 years is going out with someone else. He was a friend who had been there for me when my dad passed away 2 months ago.

I was in love with him even before dad's illness was diagnosed. My friend knew about my feelings and we had kissed once.

And i find out from someone that he has been dating a girl for the past one year and he never told me. I am hurt and upset and i miss my father.

Every little hurt seems to go back to my father.… Continue

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i soooooooooooooooooo miss dancing with michael

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wedding anniversary

may 22 will be thirty four years since we were married...seems like yesterday...may 24 will be ten months since michael died...seems like yesterday...time is so weird...the finality of death is so unreal...i will never get used to can it all be over when it seems like it just started

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May is the New December

Have you noticed? May is the new December!

With the school year winding up, weddings around the corner and days celebrating everything from mothers to teachers (May 4), kites (May 12) and tulips (May 13), this spring month is rivaling the holiday madness that gears up at Thanksgiving. Like that frenzied four-week onslaught, much of May’s madness hovers around shopping: for moms, for teachers, for grads, brides and year-end parties, performances and picnics.



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Lost My Jim of 38 years,hard to make new life without him ,trying

Comment by M Walden just now

Delete Comment Husband Jim, 38 yrs,passed 1-24-09 Mal.Brain Tumor.Fought hard and lived 22 months.I left my job to be his complete caregiver.Brain Surgery,Lifetime Rad.then Avastin Chemo.Finally no cancer for 3 MRI's.Drs.stopped treatment for 24 weeks and Jim was doing so well.But I worried still.He lost an Aunt and Brother same tumor.Dec,2008 he changed quickly and was gone Jan.24th.My guilt comes from not pressing the Drs to do one more round of chemo to make… Continue

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When a baby dies

At a recent meeting, a business associate shared some dreadful news; a mutual acquaintance gave birth a few months ago and the baby died at seven weeks.

There is something profoundly tragic when a baby dies. The news is as shocking as it is rare; out of over 4 million births in the United States in 2006, 28,500 babies died before they were a year old.

You may have experience dealing with the death of adults and maybe children. But infant death is different and because of…


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i feel lost

i lost my oldest son in 1995 to this day i wonder why and will i ever be the same.i feel like my heart is still breaking in half.

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So terribly sad

I lost my husband on4/30 this year.he had a lot of health issues but he was assaulted and died from those injuries. He went to his appointment at 10am in the morning and I didn't know anything that happened until I got home from work at6:30pm. He dropped me off that morning and I never imagined that I would never be able to talk to him again. I just don't know how I am going to get through this

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Child loss

Ity will be 6 years for us this Aug. and they lied when they say time heals. Kari was a artist so I am surrounded by her work in our house. She would say at college the professers think I am a gifted artist and she was. She has sold paintings all over the world and I don;t care because Kari isn;t here. I miss her smile her laugh her dancing. She loved to dance when she was at college she said you had to get up every morning and dance before you started your day and it would be a good day. Her… Continue

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I have a very sad story I lost my daughter almost 6years ago and it seems like yesterday. She was 25 just getting her life stsrted went to college 5 years work so hard for what to dye at 25. I miss h…

I have a very sad story I lost my daughter almost 6years ago and it seems like yesterday. She was 25 just getting her life stsrted went to college 5 years work so hard for what to dye at 25. I miss her laugh her smile her always putting me in a good mood. she touched so many peoples lives. After her funeral 20 of her friends went to the tatto parlor and got tatoo;s of Kari's face. In the last year my mom;mydad and my sister have passed away. I really don;t know what I did to deserve all this.… Continue

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Leaving the Site

I think this site has reached the point where it's doing more harm than good for me. Up until today it has been helpful in various ways to read the posts of others, and see how others are coping. Maybe occasionally contribute something helpful.

Today I realized that it's possible for me to actually get angry when reading and replying to posts here, which means that it's time to leave. With all the cr*p that's going on in my life, in dealing with Dan's loss, I don't need to read posts… Continue

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looking for my friend JR he has been living inthe town of tahachapi in Kern county ,california he said he had a job and that he was doing good. Jr was on line most every day with out fail for well over 3 1/2 years and on april 3rd my sons birthday was the last time weve heard from him . I find that if nothing has happened to him bad he'd at least of been on every other day even if he had to walk on water .He drives a silver ford king cab f250 . If you just happen to see the truck or him he's of… Continue

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i have changed, i miss my father.

So i am sitting in office. Not much work today and i feel so lost in my life it is not funny. My father passed away 2 months ago and i was his primary caretaker for one year. I am a 23-year-old woman.

I stare blankly at this screen wondering where i am going in my life. My father was my rock in a way. Now i feel adrift.

I am doing fine though. not as bad one would imagine. But still there is a sadness sitting inside of me that refuses to leave.

I miss my father. I cannot believe… Continue

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Remembering You

Today it is 20 weeks! Why did you go? Why?

Your time on earth seemed all too brief

because I wanted you in my life forever.

And although I really miss you,

in my heart I know that you are at peace.

Still, countless times throughout the day

I find myself remembering you.

Although I cannot see or hear you,

I know that you are with me.

I'll feel you in the warmth of the summer sun.

I'll see you in the brilliance of autumn… Continue

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Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Occasionally, I am asked by students of the helping professions really compelling questions. Recently, a whole set of questions came across through the Center’s website. After responding, I decided to post my answers. What follows are the questions a student asked me along with my answers to help her complete an assignment.

1. What do you think about the phrase, “Time heals all wounds.”

Time in itself—unlucky for us—does not heal all wounds. I think it was Lilly Tomlin who said,… Continue

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My brother committed suicide!!

I just turned 37 yrs. old a couple weeks ago. On Feb.12 2010 my younger brother Jeremy who was 27 yrs. old put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. I was close to him, so was my other younger brother who is 32 yrs. old. He got an OWI on a Thursday and killed himself on Friday night. I'm DEVASTATED!!!! I can't get the lump out of my throat, and have a hard time dealing with anything... I'm behind at work, but don't really care. I have a great wife and three WONDERFUL children...ages… Continue

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I never knew this child only in my heart

my son found out that he had a daughter that was put up for adoption, the adoptive parents hired a lawyer to find my son and do some dna test. The test was positive, he was the father. The adoptive parents were looking for health history due to their daughter having severe asthma. My son had so many mixed emotions he himself having severe asthma knows the fear you live everyday,and how all the meds make you feel mind body and soul. the parents were grateful and sent him a picture, looking at… Continue

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God Heals

Remember when you heard the words -

and your mind went blank - you were in another world

God heals

Remember in your darkest hours -

when all that surrounds you is pain and sorrow

God heals

Remember friends' prayers - your family's encouragement

- glimmers of hope from everyday angels

God heals can hear Him now -

always there - yet never this close

God heals

It's just another day -

yet everything has changed - and you… Continue

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