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Wanted to look up something related to depression that I thought we could benefit from.....I found something that could give us strength and hope. Something that has been here all the time.... (2 Corinthians 7:6) I am very grateful.....

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Caring For The Elderly

Thought for today

"Long term planning makes future adjustments less traumatic"

Proverbs 20:18

Many of our parents are getting older and living longer. Some may need assistance. Advance planning on the family part will cause less trauma in the future. We do not have to make hasty decisions if we plan for the future. It is very important to get their input. You will rest easier because you know this is what everyone wanted......

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Venting- The Effects of Bullying

When I was younger I did not know I was a victim of bullying until now. Even to this day, I still carry a scar both emotionally and physically. Now, there is such things as cyberbullying. Wow, is this damaging and if not caught can lead to suicide. I am not a parent but I see and read the effects of this type of bullying. I hope parents get a wake up call and really monitor what their kids put on social networking websites. If I was damaged by one, I can not imaging the effects when you are…


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California Shooting

My hearts goes out to the families that lost their loves ones in the Santa Barbara shooting last week. Things are definitely getting bad to worse....Shootings are getting to be a every week occurrence! (2 Tim 3:13)

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new here! looking for support.double murder suicide.

on March 3rd I lost my best friend my sweet mommy and my unique dad and my 21 year old baby brother who never said a bad word about anybody or did anything unkind took the lives of my parents burns down house down then took his own life he left letters 24 the police where they would find it the house burn so long there was virtually nothing left my mom and I we're so close it had a special bond and this is virtually destroying my life family members lashing out on other ones and Blaine being… Continue

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The Basics of Hospice Care

Q. I’m going to visit a friend who is receiving hospice care at home. I don’t know exactly how hospice works, and would feel more comfortable if I had some basic information. Can you educate me?

As I researched the answer to your question, I was astonished to learn that about 45 percent of…


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Travel Histories Often Shared in Obituaries

The end of school, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, June wedding honeymoons and family vacations all signal the beginning of our traditional summer travel season. There is fun in the planning and prep as well as the journey and the final destination.

Some of these trips take on particular, poignant…


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What You Should Never Say to the Bereaved

While chatting with a friend I mentioned that my good friend had died this winter. She asked, “Is that your friend who was terminally ill?” When I answered yes, she said, “Well you knew she was going to die.” Speechless, I thought, what an insensitive thing to say to someone grieving a loss.

Anyone who has…


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Another Mothers Day without you

Life goes on.....

I awake each day still without you. You cross my mind so many times in a day. I see you in your children's faces and hear your voice in their laughter. As spring now turns to summer missing you intensifies. Warm weather meant your bike was out of storage and the sound of it pulling into my driveway. Time has not lessened the pain or the grief that surrounds my heart squeezing it tightly. So loved, so missed by Beautiful Boy xoxoxo 

Luv ya Hun

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lost my husband on April 1st. He passed away as I was trying to get him to the hospital. He was my best friend, soul mate and love of my life, I had ben married before and divorced. When I met my husband and was so happy at finding love at last. We only had 12 years together and he was only 49. My kids are grown and this is the first time in my life that I am all alone. I am trying to make it through day, but find it so hard to come home to an empty house. I don't know if my heart will ever…


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Loss of ex husband

I just recently found out that my ex husband passed 3 months ago. We were together 16 years and divorced for 5. Although the marriage ended, I always cared for him. His death was such a shock, but the biggest shock has been peoples attitudes! Everything from "SO? You were divorced" to "Why would you care?" I feel as though I'm supposed to be ashamed of my grief. I don't get condolences simply because we were no longer married. I didn't stop loving him, we simply made each other unhappy! I am…


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sudden death of my boyfried

3 weeks ago I lost my boyfiend and  best Friend. I feel like he world turned up side down on me, he was my everything, he made me happy, smile I would always get text message of him waking up in the morning. He died of Brain aneurysm, I talked to him at 12:45 pm and they found his body at 3pm he died working, I am in shock because I never said good bye to him. and the worst thing his family never knew because we had dated only 6month but we knew each other for four years.   I never got the…


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Advice for Widows on Philanthropy

Q. I’m thinking of leaving some money in my will to the college I attended. When my husband was alive, we gave more to his alma mater than mine, and I want to make up for it. Should I let the school know about my plan?  Or is it enough to just mention the bequest in my will?…


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Becoming accustomed to the Pain.

30 months ago you left us without a word. Vivid in my mind the hour is still, as if it were just a moment ago. The pain of your sudden departure has not subsided or dulled as so many had promised.…

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Hats off to Mickey Easterling for Her Flamboyant Funeral

Clothes are often mentioned in obituaries – as in “clothes horse,” “favorite dress,” “designed and sewed beautifully,” “fashion driven,” etc. – but rarely does the word “hat” appear in the very first sentence.

The Times-Picayune obit for a patron and party-giver was topped off like this: “Mickey…


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Missing Mom on Mother’s Day

No matter how old you are you are never prepared to lose your mother. Mothers play such a unique role in our lives and they are irreplaceable. When your mother dies, the grief can be overwhelming.

There is so much lost when you no longer have your mom. Who will ever remember your favorite cookie, cake or entrée? Not only remember it, but get pleasure in making it for…


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