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TIME healing Wounds? not this kind of wound : (

It said, “Time Heals all Wounds” I say I miss you that much more!

I lost my beloved last year. He was not sick, he passed away in his sleep due his heart rate went too low. Dr. said he had arrhythmia. He left me so suddenly. He was truly a one in a million person, literally. I miss him so much I feel lost, lonely, hopeless, sad, angry, confused and soooo like I am not alive anymore (as I knew it).

Those around us try to say the right words. Some say time will heal this. I also…


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Kevin Francis McKool ~ Always in my Heart

Today I say farewell to my Godfather, Uncle Kevin McKool. Kevin died this morning in Dallas after heroically fighting Leukemia, going into remission and fighting again when he relapsed several months ago. He was an amazing man and many hearts are heavy with the news of his passing.

I love you Uncle Kevin. I miss you and will never forget you.…


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Featuring Fun in Obituaries

Over the past 15 years, I have been a dedicated reader of obituaries. I would say a voracious reader but that doesn’t sound quite right! During that time, I have watched them evolve in many interesting and unpredictable ways.


Oh, they still include the basics – born on, lived in, learned at, worked for and left behind – but there is much more to celebrate about lives these days: traveled to, cooked for, partied with, danced to, loved, collected and…


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Attending a Muslim Funeral

Q. My colleague, who is Muslim, just lost his wife. I will attend the funeral, but feel uneasy because I’ve never attended a Muslim service before. Can you educate me on what to expect and any etiquette I should know about?


In our fluid multicultural society, more and more of us are attending funerals that may include unfamiliar customs, rituals, or prayers. In the case of a Muslim funeral, Islamic law prescribes that the deceased be buried as quickly as…


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Entertaining for the First Time as a Widow

Q. My late husband and I used to invite friends over for dinner occasionally, but I haven’t “entertained” since he died. Part of me wants to try it, but the rest of me feels overwhelmed at the thought. Any suggestions?


First realize that it’s natural to feel daunted. You’re no longer part of a couple, and everything is different. Yet you’ve somehow handled many new situations since your husband’s death. Entertaining solo is just another step forward in…


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This is the Longest Journey I have even been on and I have even left my Home

Missing you so very much hun

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   Remembering back to our first vacation together we took the boys to Nags Head North Carolina. I had taken the boys there a couple times before when I was single and we wanted to show Jim why we loved it so much. Now Jim is more of a mountain man then he is a beach bum and I don't think he really enjoyed it as much as we did but he was a good sport about it. He even got into the water with us once. Being the sweet man he is he decided to take me out into deeper water. See I am only…


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seem stuck

I lost my husband of 32 years 18 months ago and can't seem to get past the guilt and the denial. After 2 months in ICU and him being paralyxed on one side of his body including becoming blind in one eye  from the stroke, I took him off the ventilator. He died two days later. I have gone for counseling and at times think I did what was best for him. He ws the kind of person who would not have wanted to live n a wheelchair and need people to help him do oeverything. Part of me knows that but…


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Worry not Marsha.   I am older than you so you relax.


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Support Group on Facebook!

We have support group on Facebook for Bereaved spouses that was created approx three years ago.  We would like to invite new members to join us if you need to chat on one to one basis or you need some extra support.  Stick with Legacy connect because it's a tremendous help but if you need a bit more.  Come to us for that.  Hugs to all of you!https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bereaved.Spouses/

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The New Guy...

Hello. This is my first post.

Although I'm not one of the Legacy Connect Experts, I am a source of reference and help.

As well as a freelance writer, musician, songwriter and artist, I've been a funeral, cremation and cemetery expert for many years. I've helped thousands of families with the often-overwhelming details surrounding funeral, cremation and burial arrangements after the loss of a loved one.

Having lost both parents (1998 and 2010) I've been on both…


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The Water is Wide

The water is wide, I can not cross over,

And neither have I wings to fly.

Make me a boat that is made for two,

And we shall row, my love and I.

                               -old English folk song

Yesterday marked one year since I lost Todd. He was…


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My Devastating Loss

My name is Debbie. I am a mother of 3 grown boys. I'm married,33 years in August. We lost our oldest son a little over 5 months ago. He was in a single car accident. Our family is devastated. We are trying to figure out how to go on,but we know that we must. I am looking to hear from positive people. I know that I will experience hills and valleys throughout my grieving,but I really am trying to find peace and comfort. I know that my son is in Heaven and he is waiting for all of us to be… Continue

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Thoughtful actions large and small

A friend faced a difficult cancer diagnosis and refused all phone calls and personal contact. Other than cards, it was impossible to reach her. I thought a lot about what I might do to help her and then remembered how much she loved the personalized cookbook I made my daughter. While looking through it she mentioned that she wished someone had made one for her. I decided I’d make her a cookbook and combed through my recipes, selecting ones I thought…


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Grief is but a word

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary online, Grief is either (a.) a deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement or (b.) a cause of such suffering. Every time I read that I sit in wonder as to who might have written such a profound and enlightening definition. Of course, I am not using a medical dictionary, nor am I referencing an encyclopedia or Wikipedia for that matter.


I sometimes wonder, too, how words become words. A few are easily determined. An…


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sad moment at petco

I had forgotten my petco rewards card,so they asked my last name,to pull it up on the computer.She said,"Christine?"and I just went into shock,and felt the room spinning.I was not expecting to hear my sisters name.The horror of thinking of her innocently shopping at petco for her pets,and that she still should be here.And why am I the one who is alive and still trying to enjoy a sunny day and go to the pet store.Just devastating.that moment at the petstore thinking of her shopping and…


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Grief is such a terrible thing.  So selfish sometimes to feel grief, I feel guilty at times feeling so despondent over the loss of my son, I can't imagine truly terrifying feelings he must have had before his final moments.  Despite the logic in me telling me there was nothing I could have done to save him, I still feel that I failed him as his father to keep him safe.  Oh if I could just hold him again and kiss him and love him. 


People say that time…


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Rough Weekend

Hurt so bad all weekend- just aching with sadness.  Want answers but I know they will do nothing for the pain even if and when I get them.  Want to sleep all the time.  It's just easier to sleep these days.  My stomach hurt all day long. 

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Why I Am Here

I am looking to connect with others who understand what I am going through. My husband of 39 years passed away on May 3rd of this year after a six month illness. He was the love of my life and soul-mate. We loved each other dearly and told each other often. We did almost everything together and it is hard to think of going on without him. We completed each other. At times, it feels as if I have been cut in half. 

In addition, in 2006, we lost our 32 year old son suddenly and…


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Instant sympathy via Facebook

News travels fast through social media so it’s no surprise to hear about a death through Facebook. Blasts of news are so frequent that we’ve become adept in responding in similar fashion. Why send a sympathy note when with a few clicks of the keys, you’ve said your peace? With seemingly ease, people react immediately to sad news.


While I’m not a fan of posting condolence messages on Facebook, I’ve become aware of just how comforting the immediacy of support can…


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