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Expressions of Gratitude in Obituaries

Over the past year, there have been an inordinate number of people on my radar – neither family nor very close friends, but certainly in my life – who will not be at their Thanksgiving tables this year. I suspect that’s true of many others. The empty chairs serve as reminders of the beloved souls – young, old, healthy, infirm – whom friends and family will sorely miss. Let’s…


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A Holiday Gift of Memories

My friend had a beautiful old watch that belonged to her dad, and she wanted to get it back in working order. She took it to a repairman, and while examining the watch, he told my friend he could tell a lot about her dad by the way the watch was worn. He mentioned her dad probably liked to fiddle with the dial and showed her the worn-down areas. He then demonstrated how her dad most likely kept his hand in his pocket based on the wear on the watch’s side.…


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Just What You Need

George Bailey reunited with his family in 'It's a Wonderful Life' (AP Photo) The myth that most suicides take place during the holiday season probably has been perpetuated by the film It’s a Wonderful Life, where George Bailey feels as if he has failed his family on Christmas Eve and seeks to end his life.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though. The reality is that as much as people might dread being with their family members for two of the biggest holidays of the year, being…


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Seven Tips for Writing a Condolence Note to a Widow or Widower

Q. My co-worker’s husband just died, and I’m at a loss for what to write in a sympathy note. She and I are friendly – occasionally we have lunch together with a group of other associates – but we’re not close friends. What should I say?


The death of a spouse (or life partner) is an extraordinarily complicated loss that turns a widow’s life upside down. She loses a…


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The Gift of the Present

I was speaking to a reporter about sudden death and how this type of grief differs from anticipated death. I explained that it was no better or worse, just different. No one is ever ready to say goodbye to someone they love, no matter the circumstances. Loss is hard and never invited into our lives. It comes to all, and our hearts yearn for what we can never have again – our loved one’s voice, touch, smile and laugh.…


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Happy Birthday Hun

Another year without out you .... I still hear that laughter and see that wonderful mischievous grin. Did I ever tell you that you were my Hero? You'd get such a kick out of the kids.Comics everyone of them. I look at their life ; you provided so well for them that it affords me the time to enjoy every moment spent with them. You would be so very proud. This does not get easier my son. Throughout the day you are thought of with tears love and memories.
Love you Hun xoxoxo

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Why Widows Need Their Own Bereavement Groups

Q. My husband recently died after a long illness, and I’d like to join a bereavement group. I have a choice between a group that meets nearby, which is for people who have lost any family member — and a group that’s further away, but is solely for widows and widowers. Does it really matter if I opt for convenience?

Yes, it does. The “general” bereavement group is likely to include many…


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Becky was an amazing woman. She was vibrant and funng. She loved her husband and children and family. She left three children age 10, 9 and 7. She would do anything for those boys. She was a nurse, an lpn and put her career on hold to take care of her boys. She got an embroidery machine and started a business. She was an amazing sister. She was my best friend and was always there for me. I lived on her couch many times when i was goig through change in my life like divorce and going back to… Continue

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I Miss My Sister

My sister passed away October 12, 2013 in KC,Mo, she called me around August 16th and told me the doctors can't do any thing for her and she passed away from cancer almost 2 months to the day. I'm not hurt she's  gone just glad she's in no more pain. I look at her fb page almost everyday and remember how she would call me with funny stories. Cynthia was beautiful, witty, intelligent, and with a great sense of humor.  What bothers me is her daughter made me feel as though she wanted my sister…


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How do you move forward?

How do you move on as a suicide survivor? It has been 4 1/2 years since my son took his life. I am a functioning person every day but I am also stuck on the day that he died. My every waking thought is a reenactment of how I was informed. How do others move forward?

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Notifying friends and loved ones following a death

When my mother began a phone conversation with “I have some sad news,” I knew what would follow. She would share news that a friend or loved one had died. Not that long ago, it was common to hear about a death in person or by phone. A letter or note was another way to notify us that someone we knew had passed away.


That’s what happened to me last week. I…


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Obituary Photos: Young or Old, They All Have Value

As an avid obituary writer and reader, it always surprises me when I miss someone in the local paper I knew but never saw the obit. Two that stunned me when I finally heard the news were easy to miss: no photo!


One friend was a kinesiology expert I had consulted for years, so I was shocked when I was unable to reach him on his office phone. Nevertheless, I…


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Leaving The Coins For Someone Else

When I started to post my coin findings on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), I had no idea it would be of interest to so many people until I began to think it was boring and started to stop posting them. However, when I would talk to people, they told me how much they enjoyed reading about how I would find them. Some people said it made them smile and brought them a lot of hope because of my belief that the coins are being left by my dad who died in 2006.

For me,…


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After Your Mate Dies: Decisions, Decisions

Q. Do you know how many widows work after the death of their husbands?  I’m curious because I’ve been widowed for eight months and find my job keeps me going. What are the experiences of other widows?

I haven’t found any statistics, except for some that go…


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I lost my beloved

It has been 9 months since my husband passed unexpectedly and suddenly after turning 70.  He had surgery to remove an upper left lobe of his lung which had a stage 1 cancerous spot smaller than a dime.  The dr assured him by removing the lobe he would need no chemo or radiation and the cancer would be gone.  It was a little more tedious surgery but he was recovering nicely according to all the…


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One month..

Tomorrow, October 2, will be exactly one month since my brother, Jerald (Boo) passed away from an accidental drug overdose. I believe the semi-numb haze of shock the past month is starting to wear off. Although I am more in control of my outer emotions, the pain is growing worse because I am starting to realize that I am NEVER going to see my brother again. I am never going to hear his voice again, or drive past his house and see him mowing his lawn, or anything else that I took for granted…


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