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Thinking of you

Well almost another year has come and gone. I don't understand how life just moves on without the ones you love not being here. I guess it true time stops for no one. I can't believe it will be 2 years on Dec. 21st. I just want to say Happy 20th Birthday(Dec. 21st)to my preciouse boy. You will never be forgotten you are forever in my heart, but i know that you are in good hands now and forever.

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recent death

I just lostmy partnerof 17 years to glioblastoma, brain cancer. I feel extremely depressed and lonely.  Are there any folks out there with a recent loss? How are you dealing with it?  I cry every night.  I want him back.  His death at the end was horrible as he lost walking and speech and memory. I hope you can help.  God bless

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Holidays not easy

My husband & best friend of 24 blessed years passed away suddenly of a stroke 1 month ago. I have my kids, family & friends to comfort me, but not him. I'm trying to maintain a good face in front of everyone, if I'm alone I cry.The holiday season is really rough.Will it get easier?

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Children and Lost Loved Ones?

I haven't wrote on here in a long time.  It's been 2.5 years since my brother's suicide and even after so much time passing it still feels unreal.  I have graduated college without the presence of my brother and had a daughter without Uncle Matt here.  My boyfriend has a friend named Matt and it seriously killed me to call him Uncle Matt to my daughter.  It kind of slipped out of my mouth and hurt so bad after I had said it.  I still miss my brother everyday and wonder where he would have…


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Trying on Wings

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1 year today

today 11/12 is 1 year since i lost my wife my right arm and my true soul mate i still seem to be in some sort of haze i find it hard to make decisions from the outside my freinds and workmates think im happy and in control im not i miss my wife with all my heart

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My brother committed suicide 2 days after my father died

My brother committed suicide November 10, 2011.  This Saturday will be one month.  My father died from lung cancer two days before my brother.  I laid by my father and kissed him and rubbed his hair. He was buried on 11/11/11.  

After dad's funeral, I found my brother dead in his camper. So I laid by my brother and kissed him and rubbed his hair.  I have just recently gotten out of shock and started to talk about it.  I can only remember loving on the cold, hard bodies of the two most…


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Her name was Avelina

My momma passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2011. My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has been my comfort and strength, but at times the pain is unbearable. She was my best friend, my coach in life, my inspiration. This Doesn't seem real nor fair at times, Yet I surrender willingly to this cup of suffering as I join this group of the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. My mommas favorite scripture was psalms 91. We read it everyday, including the day she died. She was soo strong, so smart. She… Continue

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There are No Decorating Police

The Christmas season is here. This cannot be denied. Stores are decked out in their holiday finest. Christmas tunes accost us everywhere we turn. Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph are showing on the television. We can get our yearly fix of It’s a Wonderful Lifeon Turner Classic. Yet somehow we don’t feel in the holiday spirit. We just cannot get…


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Lasting comfort

The huge box in the foyer sparked curiosity and excitement as my daughters made their way in from school. Almost in unison they asked, “What’s in the box?” “It’s our legacy,” I replied as I pushed the box into the living room. I slit the tape and pulled back the flaps, reaching in to pull out an old down quilt. Unimpressed with a faded quilt, the girls went off to find a snack…


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Coping with the Holidays after Loss

There are many people and families around the world celebrating their first holiday season following the death of a loved one. I hesitate to use the word “celebrate” because I know that it doesn’t feel like much of a celebration when someone important isn’t there.


I remember that first holiday season without my sister (and without my maternal grandmother, who died just seven months after Denise) as a time of confusion. All our family traditions were thrown out the window that…


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Who You'd Be Today

Sunny days seem to hurt the most

Wear the pain like a heavy coat

I feel you everywhere I go

I see your smile, I see your face

I hear your laugh' in the rain

I still can't believe you're gone

It ain't fair you died too young

Like a story that had just begun

But death tore the pages all away

God knows how I miss you

All the hell that I've been through

Just knowing, no one could take your place

Sometimes I wonder, who you'd be…


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This happened so fast-no warning-He didn't even say goodbye-We had 53 yrs and I;m so alone and so sad.I don't want to do this-I can't do this-I'm just going through the motions for our children Sally

This happened so fast-no warning-He didn't even say goodbye-We had 53 yrs and I;m so alone and so sad.I don't want to do this-I can't do this-I'm just going through the motions for our children Sally


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A Father-Son Chat July 26, 1995

So I sat on this stool, on July 26, 1995 sometime about 9:30 PM, holding this little human-being as he suckled on the nursing bottle. I told him how his mother and I met, how we came to living together, how much I loved her. I made promises to him that only a daddy can promise.  I told him how he came to be, and what happened some nine months or so before his birth.

Nick Delassandro owned a small diner and was huge part of the Ventnor City community. The whole beach community…


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happy holidays

to those out there I've had the pleasure to meet on this website though under the worst of circumstances with the loss of our children, and to those i have yet to meet, i wish you all happy holidays. i myself cant bring myself to decorate for xmas but will do so for my grand children. this year seems harder than the first year without my daughter nicole and i hope it goes by quickly. anyway enough about me. Merry Christmas to you all and Happy new Year!!

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Wishing You Could Share Good News

Q. My first grandchild was just born – 13 months after my husband died. He desperately wanted a granddaughter, and it hurts that he can’t share my joy at her arrival. How do you cope with this aspect of loss?

Sharing any kind of good news magnifies the pleasure, especially when the other person is just as invested in the event (and feels as deeply about it) as you do. When the happy news involves a new life, continuity, and hope for the future, it’s an…


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Pay Heed to the Queen

Queen Latifah poses in New York on Sept. 26, 2007. (AP Photo - Jim Cooper) I recently read a quote from Queen Latifah that said, “I think the most important thing I've learned from the death of my brother, is to not stop living. As my Aunt Elaine says, 'You never get over it but you get through it.' I know for a fact that my brother would not want me to stay right there, stuck in that misery. If the person who you lost loved you like you loved them, there's…


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Help Me Honor My Mother's Burial Wishes

My Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2003.  I could tell from talking to her on the telephone that she was developing AD.  I had moved from Georgia to the Memphis, TN, area with my husband.  He passed in 2002.  When I realized that Mother was developing AD I decided right away that it was time for me to go back to Georgia to help my brother who had already moved in with her to take care of her but that was before the Alzheimer's set in.  I knew he would not be able to go alone…


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Grief never takes a holiday

So many of our holiday traditions are family-centered, making it painful to face the holidays after a loved one dies. Despite the pain, some people find it comforting to continue the old traditions that they've enjoyed. Since grief in itself is exhausting, it can be too overwhelming to try and build new traditions when mourning a loved one.

How you choose to handle…


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