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A need to talk

I've never had a blog before, but I need to reach out. I need to express myself in this deep abyss of insecurity. I feel it helps me tap whatever strength I can muster.

My husband of 33 and a half years died suddenly I his sleep Feb. 7 2014. He was 62. Cause of death is still unknown.

I am trying to deal with a quiet house, lonely moments and a lonely forecast for the future.

I have lots of friends and I have reached out to them. I like activity and went for a… Continue

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How to Ensure That Your Friends Will Be Notified of Your Death

Q. When a dear friend died several months ago, many of her friends (including me) had no idea what had happened. She lived abroad (alone), but stayed in touch — until she didn’t. It was as if she had vanished. We were left in limbo with so many unanswered questions. We only recently found out the…


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Visiting Your Spouse's Grave

Q. How often do widows visit the cemetery? I go to my husband’s grave, which is a 90 minute drive from my home, only once a year. I wonder whether others in my position visit  more often.


It’s only human to ask, “Am I doing the right thing?” However, frequency of cemetery…


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Patricia Guinn McKool ~~ With You

A short video in honor of my Mother, Patricia Guinn McKool, who passed away suddenly November 5th, 2011. I miss her so much. Words can't even begin to convey the emptiness and pain that has encompasses our heart and souls since her sudden departure.

Until we meet again, Mom. I love you always and forever!


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Grieving 12 Years later...

Its been a struggle coping with this, I came across this site and kept reading... I thought I was alone, but looks like a piece of my family was taken, but granted a new family through those who have experienced a loss such as mine. My heart is open to those who need to talk to someone, I cannot say that I have the answers, but I know how it feels to hold everything in. Dont make the same mistake I did. Here is my story:

I was 15 when I lost My Father,a casual Sunday so I thought. I…


Added by Ruben Arroyo on September 12, 2012 at 7:20pm — 1 Comment

Signs and Messages: Dragonfly

They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies| William Penn

I had originally intended to make tonight’s posting about two books I have been reading — Heaven and Earth by…


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Loving Words to Parents Who Have Lost a Child

Too Often The Sadness


Too often the sadness, that never seems to be far away, returns to steal the brief interludes of happy, that often, yet intermittently presides. It’s a constant and unending battle, a tug of war with a formidable opponent: Death. The inevitability of one’s own demise is supplanted by the torturous agony of mind and space altering thoughts of the untimely and incomprehensible loss of my only child.…


Added by Gina Kibiloski, Esq. on September 7, 2012 at 1:11am — No Comments

My Journey Through This Dark Night

Hello everyone.

This blog and the ones that follow relate my own story of devastating loss and its wrecking ball effect on my rigid belief systems. It is an account of how my own…


Added by Yaz Rooney on August 14, 2012 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

A Little Bit of History

Hello and thanks for stopping by to take a gander at my page. I'm new here, and am excited to be here to offer support to anyone needing it.

Let me begin by saying that losing a child or loved one is never easy. People deal with their own grief at different times and events in their lives. For instance, my son C.J. who was 2 years old in 1996 passed from Congestive Heart Failure. He was born in 1994 with…


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My Mother Mary's Final Drive Home - The Route We All Must Take One Day

"A person who has children does not die." Nigerian proverb

My mother, Mary Parker Brown, passed away in March 2010 at the age of 72 following a nine month battle with leukemia. I do mean battle; she fought with everything she had—grit, will and focused strength. In spite of this disease occupying her body, God had blessed my mother with a sturdy internal and external frame that allowed her to stand against this leveling leukemia for as long as she did.

When I…


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A creative way to honor my son  

 As I grieve the loss of Cody I thought of ways to remember my son and continue to pay it forward just like Cody always did for a lot of people with his kind heart.

I have created a fundraiser in…


Added by Carin~ Cody's Mom on February 17, 2012 at 8:46pm — No Comments

The Shine On Brightly Story

I lost my husband of 29 years in July 2009.  Fifteen months before that, ironically, I had started a company called Shine On Brightly. It's an online gallery for memorial art (cremation urns, memorial portraits, memorial jewelry, etc.). After I experienced the loss of my husband, I really understood the need to honor the life of a loved one. Since I've been passionate about art all my life, I've found art to be an incredibly…


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When Todd was very young, he told John that he wanted to fly in outer space, when it became possible...

When Todd was a little boy, he told his father that he wanted to fly in outer space, as soon as it became possible.  He said that he would be scared, so he'd want John to come with him.  John told him that by the time it became possible to fly in outer space, he (John) would be a very old man and he probably wouldn't want him to go along, as he might be a hindrance.  Todd said, "Don't worry Dad. I'll hold your hand"… Continue

Added by Janet - Todd's Mom on October 26, 2011 at 9:42am — No Comments

Dealing with Guilt

Maybe you feel like something you did or some neglect on your part caused your loved one's death. Guilt, whether real or imagined, is a normal reaction to grief which can be helpful in itself.  Talking about how guilty you feel can provide a much needed release.  No matter how much we love a person we cannot prevent time and unforeseen occurrences from befalling ourselves or those we love.  Not getting one to a…

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The Loss of a Child

My son Jon passed away in 2003 at the age of 20.  The tragedy of losing my child has in turn made me a more spiritual person.  I believe that this is Jon's gift to me.  Following his death I began to experience things that I knew were messages from my son. To share your story please visit  God Bless you, Susan Casadei  

Added by Susan Casadei on December 20, 2010 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

When planning a funeral, don't forget the music!

Hi, my name is Kali Dobson. I am no stranger to grief. I have helped plan several funerals, including my own brother's. Recently, I was priveledged to sing at my boyfriends Step Dad's funeral.

I am a professional singer and have sung at too many funerals to count. I was amazed at this particular funeral at the smiling faces when I was singing. There is nothing like music to soothe the soul.

If you are in the midst of planning a funeral or memorial service and you would like to… Continue

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Alleviating Unnecessary Suffering

My dog Ringo died after being hit by a car when I was fifteen. As I ran to his side, he acknowledged my presence with one last wag of his tail. I was devastated. I blamed myself for his death. I also blamed my mom, who was at work. I believed that, if she'd been home, this never would have happened. I thought Ringo shouldn't have died when he did.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than humans with spirits. This is no small distinction. The opposite of death is… Continue

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My Dad's Eulogy

My dad lived a good 82 yrs of his life on earth. I find it hard to write his eulogy because I feel like he hasn’t left the building.

Every time my brothers and sisters get together with my mom for comfort, strength and support, we wind up laughing and talking about dad and his goofy and unique ways.

Surely we cry in sadness because we miss him already. We know that it might take some time for us to see him again. We cry because we have a strong physical connection with… Continue

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