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Thanksgiving Letter To Liz

Dear Liz,


The entire morning was taken up by cooking my very first Thanksgiving dinner ever!  There was really no time to mourn or grieve.


I saw the flowers I have for well as the pictures...but I focused on making the dinner, and having a special Thanksgiving with my husband and my kids.


Afterward I took one of the Thanksgiving pictures I made and took it and my Kindle to my room.  I read some on my Kindle...I touched the picture...I…


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Week In Review Date July 23rd, 2012

NOTE:  Even though it is the 23rd...I am writing this about the 15th through the 21st

How has the past week been for you?  okay


What was the worst thing that happened?  I watched the movie "Rango"


What was the best thing that happened?   I ordered a charm with Liz's name on it from someone on Etsy with a little bit of my birthday money.  And my daughter gave me a locket on my birthday that I'm going to put a picture of Liz in…


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Letter to Liz dated November 10th, 2012 Part 2

Dear Liz,
Well I fell asleep earlier last night than I expected.  It was about 11:00.  However...I woke up about 1:00 am!  And I haven't been asleep again since!

I've been on the computer most of the day!  I shared that this is your 9th monthaversary in all the appropriate groups.  And also shared your Memorial Service event in a lot of places.  I posted a lot in the group you share with Tim.  I talked to an online friend on the phone.  I…

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My First Liz Story

It's not finished yet...but this story is about what I imagine Liz's experience might have been after she died. Even just the small part that I have written does bring me some comfort and peace. :)

She had done it...she had died. She looked around for Damian...but didn't see him. But instead of searching for him more...she went through the tunnel that she had heard about. And she was met on the other side first by her Grandma Shively. Even though she had never met her...she instantly…


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Letter To Liz dated November 10th, 2012

Dear Liz,

It has now been exactly 9 months since I lost you.  :(

This past month has been very busy with the Book Fair...Dad's birthday...Pioneer Days...Halloween...driving my adopted baby sister's kids home from school...your online Memorial Service...your FB Page...Joshua's tutoring...Katelyn being in Chorus...Joshua and Katelyn being in a club after school...and Volunteering in the school library.


Not to mention being ignored by my husband for a week, and…


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Letter to Liz dated June 5th, 2012

Dear Liz,
I grieved pretty intensely for you for the first three months.

Then I felt like I had come up for air...and it was a little easier.
This went on until Memorial Day.  I don't know quite why...but that was a tough day for me.  And I seemed to lose what little progress I had gained.
So then I pretty intensely grieved for you once again.  Until I just had enough...and needed to focus on…

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Letter to Liz dated June 10th, 2012

Dear Liz,
It's been 4 months today since you died. 
In some ways it feels like others it feels like forever.
Boy do I hope that you did not realize how much pain your death would cause your family.  If you must have absolutely hated us!

There are no words that can possibly describe the amount and depth of the pain we feel at…

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