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why are they so rude? why dont they ever realize they are hurting your feelings and pushing you away? i dont get it? after so many years jus when i think things r gettin better they jus get worse then they were before? i feel as if we dnt talk it out heart to heart we could end our relationship which i kinda think that is wat we need right about now. talkin to your spouse(men) is like talkin to a wall. your words echo but nuthyn talks back jus a clear silence, ino yu prolli sayin well… Continue

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losing sumone special and close to my heart

im so glad my sister told me about this website finally somewhere where i can put all my thoughts instead of buyin notebook after notebook after notebook. well in 96 i lost the greatest person who was always there for me. my father. he passed away from cancer, it still makes me cry to this day when i think about him. theres not one night where i dont watch our family cookout dvd, the onli thing i have left of him is the dvd. i get so depprressed when i think about his passing. ino he is in a… Continue

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