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Many people are not religious and have no idea they have choices when it comes to Memorial Services.  As a Celebrant I have presided over traditional and non traditional ceremonies.

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Ask For Help

At times we feel strange asking for help, especially when we are typically independent.  When feeling vulnerable those around you feel useful when you ask for help.  It's okay to sit back and allow others to do for you.  Be kind to yourself.

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A Celebrant is defined as a person "who celebrates something."  Today more people are moving towards a Celebrant style Memorial Service and Anniversary Service for a departed loved one.  Celebrants can work with families and create Services that have no religious, or spiritual elements whatsoever.  A Celebrant can also add religious elements if some family members practice a…


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Celebrant Memorial Service

Just as in writing wedding vows, there are no limits to honoring a loved one either.  You can mix elements of a certain religion or faith, or leave faith out of a service all together.  If you want to involve people in the ceremony, pick two or three people to do a reading.  A reading can be poetry, a biblical passage or an original writing about the deceased (encourage a…


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Deepest of Sorrows

When my daughter (now 30) was 17 years old, her dear friend was hit by a train and killed.  Her entire youth was spent playing sports with this girl.  They were truly the home town heroes in every sport they ever played.  There was not a week when their names were not in the local paper.
Now the shock wave hit our home town.  Stunned by a…

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To Move Through Grief Don't Resist It

One can feel overwhelmed and even fearful of their own grief.  The best way to move through it is to allow it and know that it is a process.  In the leaning into grief without resistance we honor ourselves and begin to heal.

There is no one who does not experience sorrow and you will get to the other side as did others before you.  Often times the one…


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Eulogy Worksheet

Eulogy Worksheet

Eulogy Worksheet

A Eulogy is a "word picture" of a diseased Soul's life here on Earth.  A Eulogy can be written and given by one person or it can be a "shared Eulogy" between two people. In a shared Eulogy two people can work together to cover different aspects of the…

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Grief and Resurrection

When we are in pain and anguish it is helpful to remember our resurrection is coming and then to be gentle with ourselves.

When grieving it is especially important to not expect ourselves to feel any differently and to know that it will indeed pass.
Grieving however does not pass all of a sudden.  Grieving comes and goes, it is a healing process.…

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