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When a Bereaved Co-worker Returns to the Job

Q. My colleague’s 19-year-old brother died in a freak biking accident. I attended the funeral and sent a condolence note, but worry about what to say and do when the bereaved comes back to work next week. What is your advice?

You’re not alone in your concerns. “Coworkers and managers don’t know…


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Attending a Funeral: What's in It for You?

Q. My elderly aunt just died, and I’m on the fence about attending the funeral. I loved her, but the funeral is far away and will be so depressing. Will it really matter if I don’t go?

The big question is: matter to whom? So many rituals, which bind us together, have fallen by the wayside in our…


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Can You Bury Your Pet With You After You Die? It's Possible

Q. My elderly uncle, who is ailing, wants to be buried with his dog in his cemetery plot. Is this common with pet owners — and is it possible? I thought that animals had to go to pet cemeteries.

Usually, animals are indeed consigned to pet cemeteries, where their owners have long…


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Options When the Deceased Didn't Want a Funeral

Q. My late friend and colleague wished to be cremated and did not want a funeral. He had no close family. I (and others in my professional organization who will miss him) feel very sad. He had a huge impact on our careers, especially when we were starting out. What can we do that honors his wishes, yet also allows us some closure? And…


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Music for Funerals and Memorial Services

Q. When my time comes, I would like to have music played at my funeral. Is music acceptable at services in all religions? Can you suggest some appropriate choices?

Music has played a role in funerals since ancient times when survivors chanted to appease the spirits. Ancient Roman funeral…


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After a Family Rift, Should You Go to the Funeral or Memorial Service?

Q. My aunt just died, and I want to attend the funeral. However, I haven’t spoken to my cousin (her son) for several years after a series of arguments. What should I do? I’m afraid he’ll be annoyed to see me there or even challenge me.

Funerals and memorial services are meant to be healing rituals for survivors that bring us together to share the loss of a loved one. But that doesn’t happen if the bereaved are…


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Who Pays for the Funeral? Defining 'Immediate Family'

Q. A friend of mine has been asked to help pay for the funeral of a cousin she was never close to. Somehow it doesn't seem right, especially when the bereaved are not exactly poor. Whatever happened to families taking responsibility for such costs? And how can my friend handle this situation without feeling…


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Funeral Flowers: What's Too Much ... or Not Enough

Q. My siblings and I are bickering over how much to spend for flowers at our mother's funeral. It's, "What do we need flowers for? They're a waste of money" – all the way to, "Let's fill the chapel." What do other people do?

Which people…


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When a Death Seems a Blessing: What Not To Say

Q. I was recently at a funeral for a relative with Alzheimer’s disease who died in a nursing home. I happened to overhear someone tell the deceased’s son that, “It’s better this way.” The comment seemed inappropriate to me, especially because the speaker was not someone who knew the family well. The son also received some condolence notes that made similar statements. Your thoughts?

Many people think that words…


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Tips for Asking a Stand-in To Deliver a Eulogy You've Written

My father is in hospice, and my family assumes that I will give one of the eulogies at his funeral. I have no trouble writing it. But I'm terrified of delivering it myself. Public speaking is not one of my talents. My dad and I are very close, and I'm sure I'll break down and cry. Is it acceptable to ask someone else to read the eulogy I compose?…


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Why Run an In Memoriam Notice?

Q. I see In Memoriams in the newspaper regularly, but I wonder why people bother to place them. First, they’re expensive. Second, isn’t an obituary enough? 

Many of us never consider an In Memoriam because it isn’t a family custom and funeral costs are hard enough to…


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How To Research Someone Before Delivering His or Her Eulogy

Flickr Creative Commons | Chriso

Q. I've been asked to speak at a memorial service for an employee of my company. I barely knew him, as I only recently started working here. How can I come up with something…


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Family Arguments When a Loved One Dies: The Mediation Option

Flickr Creative Commons | jon collier

Q. My aunt, who had no children, died and left everything (including a condo in Miami) to my cousins and myself. My cousins have almost come to blows over whether to sell…


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Condolence Tips When Writing to a Stranger

Q. I'm struggling to write a condolence note to the wife of a very close colleague of my late husband. I knew the man well and cared about him. He was a genius in his way, but sort of a lost soul who also had serious health problems. I never met his widow. They married after I'd lost touch with him. What can I say that makes sense when I…


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An Update on Mausoleums

Q. I've seen mausoleums in cemeteries and always assumed they are exclusively for the rich and famous. I was recently told that isn't true – that they aren't necessarily hugely expensive. What are the options today, and how much does a mausoleum cost?

My dictionary defines a mausoleum as a large, stately building…


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Donating in Memory of a Deceased Person: Business Situation

Q. I’m debating whether to send flowers to a client whose father died or to make a contribution in memory of the person. In the latter case, how can I be sure the client will be notified of the donation? I’ve never done this before.

Our business and professional lives are about…


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Suggestions for Using a Photograph With an Obituary

Q. I’m preparing an obituary in advance for my elderly father and want to include a photograph. How much extra does a photo cost, and what are the guidelines? Also, what do you think about using a photo from 40 years ago when he was healthy and dashing?

The cost and requirements for an…


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7 Tips to Make It Easier to Talk to the Bereaved

Q. I recently spotted an acquaintance walking down the street and ducked into a store. His wife had died, and I didn't want him to see me because I didn't know what to say. I felt like a coward. Why is it so difficult to talk to someone in this situation?

The fact is the idea of facing any…


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How to Ensure That Your Friends Will Be Notified of Your Death

Q. When a dear friend died several months ago, many of her friends (including me) had no idea what had happened. She lived abroad (alone), but stayed in touch — until she didn’t. It was as if she had vanished. We were left in limbo with so many unanswered questions. We only recently found out the…


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Dress Code Changing for Funeral Services

Q. Do I have to wear a dark suit and tie to my uncle’s funeral?  My significant other says I should, but I want to wear a nice collared shirt and khakis. It seems to me everybody’s more casual these days. What’s your opinion?

I just went to a memorial service held in a church and wore a brown…


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