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Fundraiser for the Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder Memorial Fund

Our friend Goldie Bright is making "awareness" ribbons and key chains and selling them for $1 a piece.

Proceeds from the sale of yellow items will go to the Armed Forces Relief Trust; pink items to the Susan G. Komen Foundation; purple to the Twin Towers Fund; orange to the ASPCA; and blue to the "Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder Memorial Fund" for the NCCH Auxiliary Scholarship.

If you would like to order an awareness ribbon or key chain for one of these causes, please contact…


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Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder

While I may keep moving forward, I will NEVER move on. I will not forget you. I will not leave you behind. I believe that my grief over you is the greatest testament of Faith. I WILL hold you again in the Resurrection.

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Sarah's headstone

Just to let you guys know, I went out to the cemetery this evening and found that Sarah's headstone is there now. That hit me like a ton of bricks. The expression "set in stone" has taken on new meaning for us now.

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Holidays are coming soon

It is getting more difficult as the Holidays are approaching. Rex Allen Days in Willcox was really difficult. When the annual event is over, you know that the Holidays are coming soon.  I am reacting with panic attacks and random bouts of crying.  Halloween at the end of the month.  It is so unbelievable that it  was one year ago and you dressed as Alice in Wonderland.  Everyone who saw you told me that you were the perfect…


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Wear blue in memory of Sarah

The Rex Allen Days Committee is dedicating the Rex Allen Days Parade to my little sister, Sarah Broeder. Sarah's favorite color was blue. So, I had this idea that on the day of the parade, people could wear blue to show her that they're thinking about her. It could be something as simple as a blue shirt. But I understand that some people who are in the parade have very strict dress codes, so I have in my possession, beautiful blue ribbons that people marching in the parade can wear on their…


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I am posting this on behalf of Elizabeth Broeder.

I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!! (it's a little late notice) but I thought maybe, because this year's Rex Allen Days is dedicated to Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder, her friends could wear BLUE to the parade...for the ones that won't be in the parade, just wear a blue shirt or sumthin.. but if some of her friends are in the parade, it would look so cool if were little splashes of blue through out the parade lines ... but I understand if some people have really strict dress codes for the parade ... so… Continue

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Rex Allen Days 2011 Dedication -- Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder

(I am posting this especially for our out-of-town family and friends who may not get to see the 2011 Rex Allen Days Program, which was distributed in Willcox this week. Words cannot express our gratitude to the Rex Allen Days, Inc. Board for doing this.)



From "Welcome by Michelle Mullins, RAD President, page 5 of the Rex Allen Days program:

"The Rex Allen Days Inc. Board would like to dedicate Rex Allen Days 2011 to Earl Moser and Sarah Broeder. Throughout…


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After The Burial - by James Rusell Lowell


Yes, faith is a goodly anchor;

When skies are sweet as a psalm,

At the bows it lolls so stalwart,

In bluff, broad-shouldered calm.


And when over breakers to leeward

The tattered surges are hurled,

It may keep our head to the tempest,

With its grip on the base of the world.


But, after the shipwreck, tell me

What help…


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I miss everything about you

It is unbelievable how quickly you were taken from us. One moment you were here, and the next moment you were gone -- leaving us devastated. You were one of the most interesting people I have ever known, or will ever know. You could talk about so many things -- dance, music, books, movies, the Catholic Church, photography, astronomy, history, softball, cheerleading, and yes, even professional wrestling. I miss talking to you. I miss…

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Mother's Song

Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder passed away one month ago today. It is still to unbelievable to us. This is a poem I post today in memory of her. Thanks to the Hirshouers for sharing it with us.



Mother's Song


I've lost my baby daughter,

Though not misplaced.

I feel she's somewhere

Bound by neither time nor space.

Perhaps she sits before the Throne

With radiant…


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 By: Pat Moser,

Bereaved Mother

Ocala, FL


Dear Friends, Co-workers, Church Family, extended family and “General Public,” Our precious child has died. The funeral is over. The many people who filled our life’s

during the first week after our child died doing so many things to help us have all gone

back to their normal life. We as bereaved parents are left with indescribable pain and

grief, in a huge black hole not knowing where to turn or what to do…


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Remember Sarah Rose Catherine Broeder!

By Mary Ulses, Northern Cochise Community Hospital Auxiliary


The Broeder Family has suggested that as a Memorial to their daughter, Sarah, donations be made to the NCCH Auxiliary Scholarship Fund. One of Sarah’s goals for her future was to study to become a labor and delivery nurse. The NCCH Auxiliary Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Willcox students who plan to enter the healthcare field after high school. There is a collection jar in the Gift Shop or checks can be…


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Thank You

Thank you for all the love and support in the last two weeks, and especially in the last three days. Today, we buried our Baby Girl. It was rough -- and that's an understatement. But I think she would have loved the Rosary and the Mass. And she would have really, really appreciated all the love people showed her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Tough Day Today

Tough day today. Really tough day. Went through Sarah's room looking for things to display at her Rosary Sunday night. Found 11 library books that need to be returned, nine of which are books on planning a wedding...

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The Performance

The spotlight brightens,

The music begins

I'm up on my toes

as I twirl and spin

I jump and I leap

From one side to another

feeling just the music

never any other.

I raise up in pointe

then down in plie

performing what I've practiced

for so long every day.

To dance is my dream,

I can't let it…


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