August 17, 2009
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I'm not sure if there is a quick antidote to grief or short & quick cuts to closure so to speak. After a trauma experience of suddenly or slowly losing that loved one there are many, many thoughts and questions of......... would of / could of / and should of's that cloud and fill our mind.
Many of grief's emotions that weigh heavenly upon one's heart and mind is the emotions of............anger, confusion, hurt, loneliness, bitterness, processing what has happened, holding on, letting go, moving on or standing still or regressing.
I believe there comes a fork in the road we have to make a choice and deal with each and every of all the emotions above and move on w/ life. Grief is a journey, a lonely journey but it can be a healing journey.
As a child my mother died when I was five years of age, I then went into foster care to live with a retired Aunt and Uncle..... my Aunt then died when I was 13, my father remarried and divorced ..........he then died when I was 23..........death is not a stranger in my life.

But I can say absolutely without any reservations that all I had to cling to was God and his word. What else can be done for those deceased? Nothing..........God's Grace has taught me this one thing......which is .....when our special loved one has passed on and we know we have done everything possible for them on this side of eternity...........what's left??? There is nothing more for us to do for them, they are no longer with us and I so believe that we need do focus on the living and help those around us with their hurts and their problems.

I truly believe the greatest therapy to healing a broken heart is to find someone else who's heart is at the point of no return and reach out of your pain and go into theirs.


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Comment by Joe on August 13, 2009 at 9:12pm
It is remakable how different every soul is, ut it also so unique to know how uniform and wonderful God has made each of us. Death has t be a blessing sometimes, because there are somethings wrse than dying. I've seen the process far to many times. Joe
Comment by Mary on August 13, 2009 at 4:39pm
Am trying to add you as friend, you might want to check your settings....:)
Comment by Mary on August 13, 2009 at 3:19pm
Awesome!...Susan!.....Sometimes it's hard to learn...but once learned...:)'s easier to pass on to others in a way, that is kind, gentle, loving, and....truthful!.....without hurting them in the process.......and as you reach the other person, you are able to use, what has happen to you with them...therefore...letting go little bit by little bit of the pain....:)

:) Mary

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