My Mother's Day without my son:

I was thinking of you my son today,

And how painful this mother's day is without you,

To have lived through the death of my child my son YOU

When that was never the way I saw any of my mother's day to be without you
my son.

On this Special day when children honor their mother…

Though you are not here to tell me Happy Mother's Day MOM,

I look at cards from Mother's day passed from you my son and my heart aches,

I am always your mother, forever I will be.

For though you my son have gone before me,

So painful you can’t imagine.

My son you will live on within me forever,

And to all who know me well know that my hurt runs deep for my son,

And this Mother's day was the hardest in my life,

But there will be an eternal light that shines in my heart for you my son,

And you my son return to touch my heart in ways a Mother can only feel;

And in a quiet voice, I hear a whisper from my son "I love you MOM Happy Mother's

day". And a tear rolls down my face with heartache.

This is not a mother’s day I ever imagined.

The sorrow and loss, I feel is sometimes unbearable

I think of all the mother's on this day and I respect and feel for all who have lost a child,

Words cannot say enough to you on this mother's day.

My thoughts and prayers are with you on this day

For sadness and memories is all we mother have to hold on to on this Mother's day.,

This was the hardest day ever to be without one of my children I miss him so much I cried most of the night and day but my girls made it a little bit easier for me I love them with all my heart and my grandchildren...This is a poem I wrote and it’s hard for me to express or show my writing but it really helps me. I miss my son so much I hurt and nothing will ever make it better. Holidays are the hardest ever I found out you try and avoid them but they just seem to keep coming so I try to get through them with a is hard. I know we will meet again my son and I and on that day it will be a happy day we will be together again and my heart will be whole once more.
I love you my son I love you

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