It seems lately it is harder to get up in the morning. It takes everything to get up and go wake up the kids and then I go lay back down. I don't get up until I absolutely have to. When I finally got up this morning I was trying to find something to wear and when it came to finding my boots, they were my sisters, I couldn't find the other one. I searched my bedroom and I had my kids looking for them. I didn't want to wear another pair i wanted those ones. I ended up taking too long and made us late and crying because its all my fault that my kids are late to school agan. I did change my shoes but I couldn't go to work. My day is ruined and I couldn't stop crying after I droped the kids off. My bucket was overflowing. My daughter is so sweet she is only 10 and when I started to cry she left the room and called my best friend and brought me the phone. I was so touched by that, she told me she thought I needed to talk to her. I did, I'm lonely without my sister and we didn't even talk on the phone that much when she was alive. I just miss her so much. I took myself over to my Dad's and talked to him. I remember when my Uncle Bobby died and how hard he took it, we were so young, under 5, but I remember that. I remember how he felt. I needed a hug from my Dad. From someone who knows how it feels to loose a sibling.

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Comment by Maria Arellano on April 26, 2010 at 1:38pm
I know excetly how u feel! I lost my brother last year and I miss him more than ever! I have 4 sisters and they are my life I can't imagen how u are feeling lossing a sis! Me too after my brother passed all I did was sleep and sleep!!! I was a mess last year I felt like I wanted to die!! But that is not an option! I'm coping day with day with the loss of my brother and trying to be stronger for myself, my children, and my husband! God Bless you and remeber all the good times!!!!!

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