My son Jeremy was killed on June 7, 2008 by a big rig truck driver. Jeremy was on a motorcycle. He had just been at a big motorcycle stunt show and was on his way home for his oldest daughters 13th birthday party. He had called me 10 minutes before the accident so excited because he had just won me and his dad tickets to the Nascar races the next weekend (he knew we watched them every weekend and had gone a couple times) His last words to me were "Mom I gotta go, we're getting ready to leave, I love you" and mine were "I love you too, be careful". As he was coming down the road the truck driver, who stated in the police report that he saw the two motorcycles coming and that he thought they were speeding, decided to turn his truck with the trailer attached in front of them. Jeremy was in front of the other motorcycle and was unable to stop in time. He hit the cab of the truck right in front of the rear tires. The driver in the police report says he felt the impact of Jeremy hitting his truck but proceeded to drive for over 200 feet to get his truck out of the intersection dragging my baby under his wheels. At first I tried not to be angry with this driver saying it was an accident, he didn't do it on purpose but after reading the police report the things that keep going through my head is if you saw them and you thought they were speeding why did you pull out there knowing you have this long truck to get out of the way and then when feeling the impact, why didn't you stop??? In our hearts we truly believe that if he would have stopped that Jeremy would still be here with us today. Jeremy died about 3 1/2 hours later in the hospital during surgery. His main aeorta was torn too bad and he lost too much blood. Now his 3 daughters are without a father and their mother is without her partner. His oldest daughter has to live with the joy of having a birthday but with the sadness of it also being the day her dad died. This has been the hardest year and a half of my life. Things will never be the same. I miss my son so much. EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY! I miss hearing his voice everyday. We talked daily, sometimes several times a day. I miss that. One more hug, one more kiss, one more I love you......

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