Tom, you entered this world on July 10, 1989 and left us on March 10, 2007. The talk we had two days before the accident seems like yesterday. I often wonder what was going through your mind on the morning of the accident. You were so quiet before you left the house. You told me you didn't think you would live a long life several times...I wonder how you knew? I wonder if you knew that day would be your last? I can't help thinking about the accident and what really went on. I know you would never have purposely gone through water that deep if you had known it was there. The only one who really knows what happened is the person who was behind you...I remember how we talked about him two nights before you died...and how I was so worried because I knew something was going to happen. I told you about my intuition and you listened. You knew that person would not be someone who would consider what was best for you...but we knew your other friend WOULD have watched out for your safety. How I wish I could have known where you were going that morning. I would have talked you out of it. What I know now about those people, I know that you were beginning to see for yourself that they never had your best interest at heart...all they ever think about are themselves, but you thought of others all the time and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. You were so giving, so generous. I can't help but think of how unfair it is that you are gone. I love you with all my heart and miss you so much. My heart breaks every day...You would have been a great dad. Your love of children was one of your best traits. The person who knows what happened when you died has thrown away two other lives with abandon...So you, and two little lives that never had a chance are that person's legacy. You would have been done with him if you knew about how little he cared about his own two unborn children. He threw away their lives, too. It is hard for me not to be bitter when I think of those people and how little they care for life and how he most likely had a hand in distracting you and causing you to lose control of the car. Then, they took down your memorial at the site. I am so angry and so disgusted with those uncaring people. You had so much to live for. I feel your presence with me often. I can almost feel your hands on my face when you would look me in the eye with your beautiful smile and green eyes and tell me not to worry about you. I still worry...I hope you where ever your spirit resides, in the sky, in our hearts, your spirit is enjoying being free and you are at peace. Love you so much...Mom

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