It has now been one month as of January 18, 2010 that I lost my Mom. Mom died from Pancreatic cancer which had metastisized to the liver...the odd thing is that I believe that she knew and just didn't tell my sister and I. Mom called me on the first Thursday of December 2009 and said that she was in the hospital and then called me that Friday to say she was moved to ICU. I booked my flight that Friday and flew up to her on Saturday. It went downhill from there and we lost her December 18, 2009. It has been really hard because for those two weeks I not only had to deal with the fact that we were losing our Mom...but the hospice facility she went to lied and stated her insurance would cover everything, but once they got her in the facility they turned around and stated the room and board was not covered. How sad is that? They knew what kind of insurance she had before she was released from the hospital. Not only that, I fault the social worker at the hospital because they are supposed to give you more than one facility to choose from. Sad isn't it that a hospice facility in Beachwood Ohio would treat hurting family members like dirt. I had them send her home where she died peacefully in her living room with my sister and I there.
All I can say is that I never thought I would experience such extreme pain in the loss of someone so dear to me.
I never thought I would feel like this...but Mom was everything to us... She was Mommy and we loved her and she loved us. Who can ask for anything more than be loved.
Unfortunately, we had the vultures... a girl who grew up with us who wanted her "Delta" (sorority) items. I gave her a magnet... I have some other things, but those will not leave my home. A long time friend of my Moms *while Mom was in the hospital* tried to ask for her record player.*RIGHT!* and when we were there last week, she came over and stated..."there is my piano" Ok, how is the piano that my Mother paid for when we were young (I was 13) and we took piano lessons and theory classes...become her friends to claim? Our Mom told me last summer that she wanted my sister to have the piano...My sister has three children, ages 9, 8 and 3. I had no problem with that because I want her children to experience what taking lessons.
It's been rough, but if I can just stay away from the negative, stressful people I will be able to go through the healing process.
I love my Mom and miss her but I know she would want me to go on and live well.

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