I sincerely Thank you, Thank you all, god bless all of you....I attended, with my mother and sister, the local POMC meeting on Saturday February 20, 2010 here in Denver, Co. It is such an unfortunate, but absolute necessity, to have a national support group of strong, caring, compassionate, god fearing people whom, people, like myself and family, can go to, to learn and gain their knowledge, wisdom, and fortitude, from their own personal tragedy, and ensuing personal and public experiences. Special thank you, to Joe have guided us to a place where we can only grow...and someday start to heal......
I am still...and always will be...consumed by my son Conrads' murder twenty-four hours a day, and will not, do not want, or wish, to do anything else but try to make sense of, and comprehend every second of that tragic night...of my sons murder. I feel so responsible in so many ways...why wasnt I there to help him....why was he with these people that night, why did his girlfriend take his mobile phone and leave him with these people, why and how did these friends, friends that I did not know until I met them at the hospital that night of this murder, get him to drink so much (I am hearing he was inebriated), why did they go from a place of security, Conrads friends a place that Conrads friend said was ok to go to...
How could these murderers...conspire...conspire to committ take the life of another human being...did they know my son, or were/are they just the type of people that have no concern for life...another humans life, or even their own..... Why else would they lay-in-wait...did they go over exactly what they were going to do to my son before Jovani Muniz put the sword through my sons heart................ to pounce on my son and torture him, they must have hurt my son pretty bad...bad enough to allow for Jovani Muniz to get so close to Conrad (or did they all hold my son down) be able then to stab him in the heart, as if to say...We are your judge and jury Conrad....Jovani Muniz and his friends need to come forward...and be punished...Punished for what they did...Pre-meditated Murder...
My son is not here, anymore, because of a person(s) who does not deserve to be able to breath the air...the air that should be my sons.........EVER....
My son will never be able the god-given LIFE our lord gave TO ALL OF US....not here to talk to his little girl, his daughter, his family, his friends...not here to defend himself against these hoodlums...not here to be able to tell his side, of this horrific crime against him and our family..he will never be able to walk this earth........again...


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