When all seem lost,and you've lost all hope.. remember the times that made you laugh.. take a second to remember the happy times..the funniest story's, the crazy outrages things they did to make u smile... hold those close there gifts... Dnt think of the pain..for they feel no pain..And noone really ever remembers pain after its over..none can ever hurt them.. for they are safe.. in a much better place then we are in .. they are free to fly and sore .. to place we only dream of.. dont be sad be envyouse of there eternal freedom...peace..love.. they no longer will ever feel hurt or sadness.. our loved ones are as safe as they can be... There has to be something good to come out of something so horrible..to the human mind..as humanes..we think of negative before positive..and our grief takes over..grief is evil.it destroys lives,familys ,it rips apart.. thats not what heaven is all about..dying is eternal freedom... GRIEF IS EVIL... there is no beauty in somthing that destroys your hole life as you know it... how does that show love and respect to the one who has died.. they know have to cross over feeling like they tore there familys apart/ maby thats why sum soles cant cross over.. maby they feel like they cant till they fix wht they think they destroyd..there familys with grief.. and maby we are the ones holding them back to suffer because we cant come to terms with such a peacfull way of life..lettting go of the anger..remembering the good.. and living for the future..keeping them close to our hearts every day .. how ever we feel fit for each persons situation.. loosing that one life was enuff.. Dont loose sight what really matters .... be stronger then grief.. do it at your own pace....

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