Its been six months now from when my stepson past away.Although I never looked at him as a stepson to me he was my son.Philip was thirteen when he passed away on Sept.5 2009 in upstate N.Y. He went to visit his family before going back to school.He was in a car accident with his uncle and cousin.Philip passed away on impact and his uncle and cousin lived.It was ona turn and his uncle lost control of the car and it got air bound and hit a tree which was on Philips side.I was in his life for seven years.He was everything to me.We did so much together whether it was going down to the ball fields and haveing a catch or practicing basketball out in the street on his basketball hoop.My wife worked nights most of the time so Philip and I bonded right away.I remember always helping him with his homework and makeing sure his lunch was ready for school.To bringing him to his karate classes which he acheived an orange belt.He achieved so many things since I knew him he always made me proud.His mother and I seperated three months before he passed and that was a very hard thing for him and his sister to deal with.I will never forget that night when my mother woke me up to tell me that my wife called and Philip was in an accident and hes dead.My jaw hit the floor for Philip and I stayed in contact everyday with each since the seperation.We spent the evening together before left to go to NY.We went bowling to practtice for the league we joined for that sunday coming up.I will remeber our time together giveing high fives to each other.I will never forget our last time together.I thank god that I had Emily that night and she wasnt home with her mom when she found out what happened to Philip.I will never forget how my mother was their for us and all the help she gave us to guide us through those times.She is truley an amazing person.When I my mother told me what had happened I needed to get to my wifes house to go up to NY to the hospital to identify his body.I drove our van up their two and half hours away which I dont know to this day how I did it.I was trying my best to keep her calm and cocentrate on getting their not knowing what to expect.I will never forget when the corner came to bring down to the morgue the way my stomach felt.I will never forget the way he looked in the morgue it something thats burnt into my head.Then the process of makeing arrangements to get him home and the furneral.My mother was such a helkp she picked out the flowers and was their for us every step of the way.She watched our daughter for a few days so we could figure things out. She came with us to the funeral polar to help with all that stuff.My father helped us as well as my sister and can never thank to much for their help.These are truley amazeing people and Philip was truley an amazing boy who I am so honored to be apart of his life for the seven years I was.

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